what should i do

Me and my sons father broke up when i was pregnant, and he is getting married this weekend to his ex who he was cheating on me with the whole time we were together and wants my...

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3 year old picky eater

My daughter has always been somewhat of a picky eater but its been pretty manageable up until the last few weeks. She's almost 3, and it seems to be getting much worse. She's...


14 just gave birth to twins

I'm 14 years old and on September 7 my birthday I just gave birth to twin girls Lada and Marianna They are both healthy Lada 5lbs 6oz and Marianna 5lbs 4oz which the doctor...


Another newbie

Hi there, I am another newbie who just discovered this group. My 3yr old daughter Malia (05/05) was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma (very rare liver cancer) in July. She had...


Schedule Help!!!

In my former life I was a teacher and a coach. I lived and died by my day-planner and schedule. I would make monthly lesson plans, meal plans, date night, etc. It was the...


work and potty training

I have just started a new job and work every other day.My three and half year son is still not pottied train and I have tried everything. I have bought dvds, books, toys, and...


Teacher & Homeschooler

I am a teacher by trade but have homeschooled my children since my oldest was in Kindergarten. with my oldest headed to college next fall and my 2nd starting high school, I am...

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breastfed baby starting on juice

My baby is ONLY breatfed. My baby's doctor said I can start him on Juice at the end of the month, and at the end of next month I can start the rice cereal. He's a fairly big...



Hello mummys! i have created this conversation for people to introduce themselves and tell there story. Im Beth. i had pre eclampsia and was induced at 40+6 weeks. after 38...