Are You Kidding? Not again!?!?!

Okay my lovely daughter is 6 1/2 months old...no teeth...and full time nurser, when we're together....I work, and since the like 2nd week of work she's been on just formula and...

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Pumping Exclusively/ Palatal Obturators

Hey Everyone, I am new to this "community" and am so happy to have found mamas with little ones that i can relate with. My little one Owen was born (June 23rd 2010) with a wide...


Does your baby still drink from a bottle?

My little guy, Nicholas has not wanted to drink from his bottle since he was 8 months and 1 week. I nurse him when I get home from work , once in the middle of the night and...



My son will be 12 weeks tomorrow and he sleeps about 85 percent of the day. During the day he may be awake for a total of four hours, if that. He usually just wakes every two...


Addicted to Xbox...advice please!

My 5 yr old son is addicted to Xbox. What can I do? I tell him no, and won't let him play it as much. It's like thats all he thinks about. I need help out there from some...

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Repeat Kindergarten? I need advice!

My son's birthday is in September and he started Kindergarten this year. He did 2 years of preschool and we felt that he was more than ready and he has ready enjoyed going to...


i think i might be pregnant again HELP

i had sex when my baby was 3 weeks old had no portion at all and now i feel sick and i cant eat at all becuz of it i dont want my family to know i am till i start to showe and...

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I had the greatest pregnancy, till I hit 31 weeks. I went to my Dr. and had my ultrasound done and he told my my daughter was "alittle" small. He wanted me to go have an...


Don't mind me...just need to vent

I am so, so tired of all of the hassle of this divorce. Just because I left him doesn't give him the right to treat me like a piece of garbage. It also doesn't give him the...


Interesting Birth stories!

Hello Ladies! I posted this in another group and didn't get any responses so I figured I would try this group. I am trying to give us mom's some fun stuff to write about, so I...

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Toilet Training = ARUGH!!!

Okay so my son is 4 in 3 weeks and is still in nappies. I bought him a star chart personalised with Peppa Pig which he adores and new 'big boy pants'. I'm toilet training him as...

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almost an adult!

I really need a teenager manual if anyone has one please share with me, the chapter about boys that are aggresive and verbally abuse towards mothers that are trying to help and...