Georgia People

Ok. So im a young mother. Im out of work right now and when I go back I will only be working 2 days a week. My husband is a workaholic...and works 50 plus hours a week. I am in...

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Home Birth experience

I am 20 years old and living with my boyfriend. We just shared the experience of the birth of our son. We decided to have a home birth with a midwife and it was amazing! In the...

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Sleeping in the bed.

I know that having your baby sleep in the bed with you is a big no-no, but when my daughter was only a month old she had RSV. She was hospitalized for 3 weeks for it b/c she...

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Dyslexia Diagnosis

I think that my 11yr old son may be dyslexic as he still cannot even write his name consistently (OFTEN REVERSING LETTERS OR WRITING THEM THE WRONG WAY ROUND), he hates reading...


Potty Training

I have two babies. A boy and girl. They are both 2. My daughter was showing interest to the potty when she was 1, so their father and I both decided it would be good to at...

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Potty Regression!!

My 3 year old recently started preschool twice a week. She has been fully potty trained for 5 months. For the past 2 weeks she has started peeing in her pants. She never does...


Baby sitter expectations

Ok...my daughter is two. She's active and LOVES to play. I'm in school sometimes so a friend of mine babysits. I gave her a gift of 300 dollars for on hour a day, three days a...

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Homeschooling a child with SPD

My daughter is 4 and I am starting some prek-k lessons with her starting Monday. (Wish me luck because this is my first time) She has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and I'm...


Custody and rights question?

Ok well I had a newborn 7 days ago. I already have an 18month old daughter. About 2 weeks ago I had a huge fight with their father infront of my toddler. Which is bad. I didnt...

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crib sleeping

Hi my name is Donna I have 3 children jacob 9, jason 6, and adriana 11 months.. how is everyone doing??? I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get your...