Hello, i am 26 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and as we speak i am n a little pain with some leaking. It doesn't look like urine and my lil nuggets r moving. i can barely...

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Does my bf hate my 6 year old son?

I have 3 children, My 6 1/2 year old is from a previous relationship his father was never in his life my 2 younger children 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 is from him the one who i feel hates...


Teacher Denying Students Food

Ok. First, I must confess, I am a father. And I'm sure that any site for father's Rareare focusing on sports, hunting, fishing and beer. None of which interests me. So, with...


Caught my boyfriend of almost 5 yrs cheating!

Hello Ladies, Im so sorry that this post might be too long but I could really use your advice. If you dont mind, Pls read and give me your honest opinons. Well, My ex and I...

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hello im new to the group

hiya, i have a daughter who is 8 mths old who has a vsd. surgery was planned for last monday but got a call 2 days before sayin they wanted to leave it for a while to see if the...


Big Boy Bed

My son is almost 18 months old. Should I be in any hurry to move him into a big boy bed? Right now, my husband & I are planning to move him into the big boy bed (a twin bed...

Started by Jessica on 02/24/2009 in Toddler Moms

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4 1/2 and still sleeps in diapers...

Keira will be 5 in July and sleeps through anything. Therefore, she wets herself almost every night. I love her dearly and want her to learn to sleep in underwear, but the few...



I have an 8 month old baby girl and I am worried that she has not reached some important milestones yet. She can not sit up on her own yet, but if I sit her up she stays there...


Baby Gas

My son is currently about a month and a week old. It seems he is having difficulty eating. He crys on my boobthen I take him off only to realize he has gas. This occurs many...

Started by Christina on 05/05/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Baby with colic

Any suggestions? I have tried gripe water, wind drops, and removing all sorts of items from my diet (cruciferous vegetables/ excess dairy/ garlic/ onions/ beans) and have toned...



Our son turned 2 in april @ his check up his Ped. said he should have a 50 word vocabulary and maybe he needs speech. I don't want to pressure him with speech just yet or even @...

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2 month old crys when aint being held

i know that it is my fault becausee when she born she was my little miracle because the dr.s told me i couldnt have children so everytime she started to whine i was there to...


Breastfeeding and Bitting... ouch..

My son is 8 months old and breastfeed. He started getting teeth at 5 months old and its just been resent that he has started bitting me when I feed him. I dont know if that is a...


Need help

My 3 month old daughter hasn't been feeling well lately and so she's been feeding every two hours again like she's a newborn. I feel like my breasts aren't able to keep up with...

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