I have a few friends right now that are going through divorces and although I feel extremely sorry for them and I hope that they make it through this hard time, I can't help but...


Planned Obsolesence

Is planned obsolesence ethical? Is it an acceptable way, by you, to do business? http://www.uow.edu.au/~sharonb/columns/engcol8.html In the 1930s an enterprising engineer...

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behaviour problems in 5year old boys

i have a 5 year old boy who has always been extremly head strong! always wanted things his own way other little things were he cant bare been in a crowed example b-day parties...

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Freaking out..

So, I am 21 and pregnant with my first child (a girl!) and me and my husband are really happy about having a baby but I am really freaking out. My husband is in the Army and is...

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Hello everybody! In December, my fiance, my son who will be 7 months old by then, and I will be flying to Florida from Washington state... I was just wondering if you guys had...


Twins first word?

I have twin 10 month, identical boys. They talk, a lot, but I haven't heard a specific word yet; like mama or dada or anything. I have a lot of friends who have one baby around...

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Playdate question

My son who is in kindergarten recently had a playdate that I went along on and now it's time to reciprocate. I'm more than happy to have the mom over , but would it be rude to...


Trying not to give up!!!

I am separated and a mother to a 11 month old baby girl. I don't have many friends, mostly just family members. I have isolated myself from the world. I know that I need to get...


Bad eaters

My two girls ages 4 and 2 are not so good at eating their food. I can usually get my 4 year old to eat her food. It takes her a while. My two year old however, I have a heck...


Screeching child!

One of my closest friends has a little boy who is a few weeks younger than my son (mine born in May 2009, hers born in June). We've always been able to talk about everything,...

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Scared and needing strength

Well, my husband of almost two years has decided that after a child that is 9 months old and a child on the way, he is not ready to be a daddy or a husband. He has 3 kids by two...


i want another baby

so my daughter is 4 months old today, i was super depressed and sick while pregnant with her so i missed out on alot, i didnt even have a baby shower. a few of my friends are...


Rolling over in the crib at night

Hi everyone, My 6th month old Alexis is rollling over like crazy during the day. She has just recently been rolling over and sleeping on her belly in the middle of the night....