teensy tiny vent, not a debate..

Arggggg...... My mom is visiting, I see her once a week normally for about 15 minutes, I love my mom to death but after about 12 hours, I'm done. She's been here for 24...

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all alone when it going to get easy

i have six kids 14 down to 7 weeks when i was 2 months pregnant my boyfriend committed suicde. I have 4 older kids to ex boyfriend and a 15month and 7 week girl to my deceased...

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Teaching my9 year old to read

I am having trouble teaching my 9 year old son to read. He is very smart, he does very good writing and he sounds his words out but he seems to have no interest in reading. I...


need some advice

my next door is family living there there kids spoke to me so I spoke back there dad had ago at me and i went in and told my hubby who went out his grandson had ago I phoned the...

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October 1st birthdays

I am starting to plan my daughter Brianna's 1st birthday. She was born oct 23rd 2009 and it just so happens this year her birthday is a saturday. Its going to be a baby minnie...


husband will be deployed

Hey girls! My Husband will be deployed in 4 months and i feel like we are just waiting for dooms day. He is thinking that the worst will happen here at home while he is away. Do...


am truly thinking of divorce

i feel i am living with a stranger and i am not happy at all, nor my husband is, i am truly thinking of getting a divorce, it is so hard but i am considering it as an option. we...


Personality or manipulation?

My son will be 13 mos on the 1st & we are really starting to see some of his personality! He recently started daycare & we are seeing all kinds of new behavior- some good, some...


Where's my daddy?

"Where's my daddy?" is the question I have been hearing from my two year old A LOT lately. I know he picked the word up from daycare. His father is currently in jail, he is NOT...

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Seperated with upcoming c-section

My husband and I are separated a month now and new baby is scheduled for C-section in 7 weeks. Although I am trying to remain on best terms possible for the sake of our 3 year...

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my son is almost 3 and wont potty in the potty!

my son will be 3 at the end of feb. and i have tryed pot t y training sense he turned 2. i would back off because he just didnt seem interested in it at all. But hes going to...

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When NO is not a good enough answer!

My daughter will argue until she is blue in the face as to why our "no" reasons are not good enough. She is only pleasant when we say yes! She rants and raves and has recently...

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Need advice ASAP...17 yr old daughter

My 17 yr old daughter is beginning to get outta control! she is going along w/ the emo lifestyle right now so i recently found out she's been cutting herself...not deep or a...

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