My daughter is scared of everything!!

My daughter was NEVER EVER scared of anything. She laughed if someone scared her lol and she was only really shy with her uncle that she didn't get to see often. In the past...

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Too young for a cell phone?

So I'm talking to my BF the other day and she tells me that her ex has bought their son a cell phone. Thier son is only 4. The ex's resoning is that he thinks the son will...

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Me and my 13 month old daughter just moved in with my boyfriend and his 3 and 4 year old daughters. We used to live with my parents. At times everything is great and she plays...

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How do you deal with lying at the age of 4/5?

My son has been lying a lot lately. I think he found out that if he lies, he doesn't get punished because I would believe him and think that he "didn't do it." It is sometimes...

Started by Kathy on 01/12/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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My 4 yr old is biting her nails

My daughter started biting her nails a few months ago. I have talked to her about germs being under her nails. I have also tried painting her nails and special things like that....

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h1n1 shot?

Hi, I am on the fence about getting my son the H1n1 shot. His pediatrician has almost convinced me to, although I'm worried because it so new with potential side effects....

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Breaking point

I am at my breaking point. Im pregnant with our 4th child. I throw up all day with everything i eat. My husband dont help me at all. When i talk to him about just finishing our...

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Loss of baby's daddy

we got together in February of 2009 and were very happy in October of 2009 we found out we were pregnant and we were very happy, we were engaged and wanted to be a family.I had...



my daughter chloe is brilliant at school and never gets into trouble the teachers carn't praise her enough, but at home its a different story when it comes to her homework ,shes...

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Stomach Acid and Gas

My little munchkin is so uncomfortable and crying all the time from Gas and Stomach Acids; he is 5 weeks old and strictly breastfed. I am using Ovol, however I find that it's...

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my daughter will not latch so there for i am having to pump but how often should i be pumping?

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How do you get a 15 month old to listen?

Ok, I can tell my 15 month old no until I am blue in the face and it is not working. I have tried time outs, taking things away, yelling, ta[[ing her hand....nothing. Hey father...

Started by Erica on 11/27/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Answering the hard questions

My son is only two months old but, I am already stressing about how to answer the questions about his father and his family. How am I going to explain that his father was in...

Started by Hannah on 03/06/2011 in Single Moms

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Afraid of closed doors?

please help me with my son. He has aspergers diagnosed 18 months ago. He has started having a new fear of doors being closed, it was mild and is getting worse. I have explained...

Started by Pamela on 04/06/2011 in Aspergers Kids RULE

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