Lazy Eye Surgery

My daughter is 3 years old. She wears glasses and has a lazy eye. At first the doctor said he thought the glasses may correct it. It didn't so we tried patch therapy. My...

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Therapy / Intervention Advice

Hello. I'd like some takes on my situation. My lovely son is 29 months old. He has one diagnose of PDD-NOS. He does not talk, though he has picked up words in the last week....


grocery shopping w/ screaming kid

I went grocery shopping earlier this morning, but had to leave because my son was throwing a screaming fit. I felt bad having to ditch the cart (full of groceries) but I really...

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.Our daughter was born with a cleft of the soft palate on March 12, she was 6.13lbs today at almost 3 months she only weighs 8.3lbs. I am pumping and giving her my milk but it...



My son is 11 yrs old is has pdd an has always been considered mild. i also have two daughters 9,6. he has always hit an picked on the oldest daughter hardly ever the youngest.he...


What do we do?

My son will be 3 on Jan 7th. He is potty trained. Should we go to preschool, day-care or a park disrict program for socialization and learning? Which is best?


Children with OCD

I was wondering if anyone has a child or knows a child that has been diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) I have read a bit about it on the internet, and my son Ty...


i need sleep!!!!

my son was born on the 12th and has been sleeping through the night since about late december early january, it was to the point that he was going to bed at 7:30/8:00 and...


Testing my son for delays...

SO my name is Lori and my 3 1/2 year old son has been showing delays for a coule of years. He is very smart and knows a lot of thing children his age don't. But with some things...


i am truly doing this alone any suggestions

so i am 22 and getting ready to become a parent however i have no one to turn to and no one to help me prepare for the baby. i work full time and i am currently trying to get...

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My daughter just turned 8 yrs. old last month. Ever since she was 5 she has told me on numerous occasions that she wants a baby brother or sister. Grants she has a brother and...

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