The Looks We Get!

I have 5 children which seems so minimal compared to so many others in this group ;) but I was wondering if anyone else notices the looks and stares from people when you have...


Family trouble

Heres wats happening my partners parents and sisters have been very rude and nasty to me since i have had our daughter. many times they have tried to take over and say that...

Started by Danielle on 01/28/2010 in Moms Under 30

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husband does not believe

What do i do when my husband does not believe in our sons diagnoses of aspergers he is 14 now,and he thinks he just needs harder discipline,we fight all the time as i try to...


i need help, please.

i am driving myself insane. let me give you some background. my sister wasn't diagnosed with autism/asperger's until she was 12 and it took a mental break down and the death of...


Significant Others/Spouses

Ok, so as you all know I have lost a significant amount of weight over the last 9 months or so. I'm at the point where I'm really into the lifestyle change too, I exercise very...

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How do you deal with the occasional guilt? It seems like I'm always saying "No". My 17 - almost 18 year old has been a problem kid for a while. He's not going to school as much...

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Intro, dog, diet, and meds...

Hi everyone I am new here. New the disorder too...kind of. My oldest daughter B was FINALLY diagnosed with high functioning Autism a week ago. Everyone asks us how we are...


How far is too far?

What are your opinions on Genetically Modified Organisms? When has it gone too far? Forcing foods on people with out their consent or acknowledgement that what they are eating...

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Fisher Price recall

For those who don't know. --------------------------------------------- Fisher-Price Recall: 10M Trikes, High Chairs and Toys Are Dangerous Published: September 30th,...

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picky eaters

Is anyone else dealing with an insanly picky eater? My 19 mo old, Brody, only wants the same few food items over and over and over..... And when I won't make him mac'n'cheese or...

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Is it more difficult to breastfeed if you have large breast rather than small to average?

Started by Amanda on 09/16/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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