Issues with teacher....

My son is three and in head start. At the beginning of the school year things were great. He is the youngest in his class ( the only three year old). In the middle of the year...



My name is Tikatia and I have 5 amazing kids. I often sign up for these social networking groups and see things like 2000 Moms, Due in April, Moms with Toddlers, etc. Well,...

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Can someone help shed a little light on this?

I was reading another post on would you date this person? And I guess I just need to vent or maybe something. I am the woman that gets blamed for him not having a relatinship...

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Formula feeding... why ?!?

now i know some people do mix it up and so both formula and breastmilk... i know i girl who does both because her milk dried up with both her sons at 6 months. she got me...

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Home Water Birth - any advice?

I'm 37 weeks along and planning a home water birth with an experienced midwife. I'm getting pretty excited! I'd love to hear from other moms out there who have had a home...


do i take this seriously?

some may know my story so far but for those who dont :- been with hubby for almost 4yrs. he has 9yr old daughter from previous relationship. we have 3yr old together. SD told me...

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Sex is a lot like LEGOs?!?!

I'm a private person & don't talk about my sex life very often; but I saw this today and had to laugh. It's a good reminder on why not to give up because it applies to more then...

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Any Diabetics??

I was diagnosed with Diabetes a few weeks ago (a little early because I had all the symptoms) and am now insulin-dependent. The docs are unsure if it's just gestational or if...

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Ok, I was just watching "WWII in HD" on the History channel, philosophizing about just how far and wide the implications of wars are to so many people around the world for a...


To the point of not caring

I have a friend that is currently living with my husband son and myself. We invited her to move in because she found out she was pregnant and was kicked out of where she was...

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