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im having trouble with my 7 year old and cursing iv tried a lot of thing and nothing seems to be working any advice


Breastfeeding Question

I just had my 3rd child, my daughter was born on 12/14. I am exclusively breastfeeding but she isn't gaining enough weight. Matter of fact, she weighed 6 pounds 1.2 ounces at...


Toddlers refusing to eat!

Hello Moms, My younger twin daughter has been refusing to eat quite a bit lately. Although she's teething, she only wants to eat snacks. How can I entice her to eat something...

Started by Jessica on 04/01/2011 in Twins

Last update on 05/21/2011 by Cassandra-lee


My 1 year old won't eat!

I need help from some been-there moms. My daughter breastfed exclusively til about 5 months, when we introduced baby food. She hated everything we gave her: fruits, veggies,...


Easy menu ideas for picky 15 month old.

My son is 15 months old and I am having a difficult time finding meals that he will eat. He used to love veggies, but now tosses them on the floor. He loves fruit, but that...

Started by Ashley on 07/06/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 07/06/2010 by Jacqueline



Anyone else having problems going to "normal" veggies. My DD will eat main dish finger foods like crazy (chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Hot Dogs, etc) but when it comes to...


Going back to work, and low milk supply

Does anyone have any advice to increase my supply?Its unfortunate that Ive had to supplement with formula bc of my low milk supply. I feed him from me constantly but alot of the...


Is America turning into a 3rd world country?

http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/09/14/third-world-america/print/ Danny Wilcox Frazier/Redux/ Robert Galbraith/Reuters/ Shannon Stapleton/Reuters In February, the board of...

Started by Jenny on 09/26/2010 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 09/28/2010 by Sara



My husband and i have a son who is going to be 5 years old in April.. We got pregnant 2 years ago and unfortunately it ended in miscarriage. The Dr. said we were fine to start...

Started by Ashley on 03/29/2010 in Trying To Conceive

Last update on 09/15/2014 by Britney


on the verge of giving up....

I have an 19 month old who i take care of...im a stay at home mom and my husband works 12-14 hour days at times, We are struggling to find our own place right now and that puts...


scared about breastfeeding!

Iam going to have my first child and would like to try and breast feed, I know its healthier for the baby but I feel very weird with my body and scared Im going to mess up! What...

Started by Anastashia on 08/13/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 08/18/2010 by Monica


Why do I hate my 5 year old daughter???

i hate to say this and i dont know what to do anymore. a mother should not feel this way about their children but..... i do :(. i have raised my child all by myself since she...

Started by Brittney on 08/22/2013 in Working Moms

Last update on 08/20/2014 by Marie



Ok so three weeks ago I found out that I have GD. since then they have put me on a diet and exercise and I monitor my blood. Well I was already haveing trouble putting on...

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