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Is your baby rolling over yet?

I just wanted to see where everyone was at with this. Are any of your little ones rolling over yet? If so which way, from back to front or front to back? My little one hates...


How do you put your baby to bed?

Now that my son is 1 I want to hear how you all put your little ones to bed. We currently still stick with what works - bath, massage, sippy cup of milk and then he falls...


Does your baby refuse the pacifier?

My son is 2 months 1 week and I cant get him to take a pacifier... im not concered with him having one just wondering how many moms have the same issue and if this is common?...

Started by Rachel on 11/23/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 03/09/2010 by Michelle


Introduce You and your trach Baby

Hello! My name is Tonya and I am the mother of a beautiful little girl named Elly. She is 20 months old and has had a tracheostomy since 3 weeks of age. Elly was born 4...


How many words is your baby saying?

my daughter was 15 months yesterday and she doesn't say anything at all the only thing she does do is point to something and say "adat" but she's been doing that for months but...

Started by Theresa on 07/22/2010 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 08/11/2010 by Amy


How do you put your baby to sleep?

How many times does he/she wake up at night? And how do you comfort your baby back to sleep. My baby boy is 5 months now, over 19lb and EBF. I nurse him to sleep and since a...


Does your baby talk?

I am just wondering if your babies have started talking like saying momma and dada? My son trys to say momma but he still hasnt said it and he hasnt said dada either! He is just...


What new things are your babies doing?

I always like to see where other little ones are in there progression? So tell me how your babies are doing............... 1. Baby's name, age and gender 2. What new things are...

Started by Dominique on 11/10/2010 in April 2010 Babies!

Last update on 12/05/2010 by Cheyenne



maybe a bit premature but wanted to start a conversation where everyone can post when their baby comes. I know it can get really hectic after bub arrives but be sure to some...


What's your April baby doing?

My little Madison is a very BUSY girl. She hasn't started crawling yet which I know alot of the April babies have, but I am enjoying the last few moments of calm. Even without...

Started by Marnie on 12/28/2009 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 01/26/2010 by Ruth


When did your baby's first teeth come in?

My son is 9 months old & still no teeth? I'm not worried at all but would like to see when other baby's teeth were coming in to see if I should be expecting any asap! :)

Started by Lisa on 04/23/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 05/08/2010 by Christena

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