still on breast milk

hi to all the mums with jan 2008 cuties...i have a question in mind , my baby girl is still on breast milk , she uses it as a comforter for sleeping time only , and if she...


discipline for an 18 month old

my son is 18 going on 19 months old. he is at that stage where he gets into everything he isnt supposed to, no matter what you do. ie: litter box, cat food, drawers, etc. i have...

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Devoloping fears

I expected my baby to be scared of the vacuum and the blender but he's scared of some of his toys, certain sounds, and certain people. I know the people thing could be stranger...



I hope i will get some help from u.My child just turned 5months on the 10th&she is beginning to know faces of people around her.What makes me worried is that she does not live...

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Bad sleeper!!!

I am so frustrated!! My son has been a terrible sleeper since day 1. My son is 17 months old and is still not sleeping thru the night, most nights! I am exahusted and so is...

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I am having trouble getting my daughter to take decent naps lately. In the afternoon if she falls asleep after I feed her, when I go to put her down in her crib so I can be...

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how do I deal with favoritism?

I have 20 month old twin girls. They each have picked a favorite parent - Mia clings to me, and Kaylie is Daddy's girl. Kaylie will cry a little bit if her father leaves the...

Started by Amanda on 09/27/2010 in Twins

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Coping with going back to work?

For those of you who have already gone back to work how did you cope? I have to go back in three weeks and every time I think about it I start to cry. I know my baby will be...



The father of my son and I were dating off and on for 4 years. Our son is a year and a Half. (Aiden) From the first day i found out i was pregnant we had issues. First he...

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Barely drinking night time bottle....

My little guy will be 11 months on the 6th of November. He eats baby food.He as formula when he wakes up (8 oz.), than I give him some in the afternoon, most times he drinks...


Solids and changing diapers?

Hi ladies, I've been using cd's since my twins were 2 months old, but just recently stopped and I want to get back in the game. My twins are 7 months old now and they now poop...


8 month old with twins on the way at 20

My daughter will be 8 months on the 14th, and I will be 21 in August. I just found out I'm 8weeks pregnant with twins. I asked the doctor to check again several times! I'm just...

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Getting Over an Argument

I'm very angry with my husband right now, and I need to get over it quick because I don't have time to waste on this. Here is what happened. I'm stressed out. I've had a rough...

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Hello everyone My son is 19mths old and for about a month he has been waking up screaming. I use to think it was teething and tried to allow him to cry it out, but now their is...

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