20 with a 7 month old and positive. ..

I took a pregnancy test about two hours ago, and its still positive I'M SCARED. I'll be 21 in August, but two under 2 is scaring me. My daughter just turned 7 months, got her...


attachment disorder

Hello Everyone! I work in the field of International adoptions. I am a mom of 2 adopted daughters, Our most recent adoption is that of our 11 year old. We adopted her when she...


Just want to say hello to everyone!

I'm happy to find a group on here for women who work in emergency services to chat with and share concerns! My name is Amber I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I work as and...


Only Child???

I'm wondering if having an only child is so bad. I have a 14mth old and I love her to bits but the thought of having another baby makes me anxious. My little girl doesn't sleep...



so i actually dont co-sleep.....*gasp*. unfortunately my son does sleep in a "cage" but i am learning alot about cosleeping and i have an open mind to try it with future...

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Kids are kids

Although my children are all grown up I still and will always see them as my babies.The first day of school has always been the hardest on me as a parent.I throughly loved...



My baby is 6 months old and has been sleeping with us since she was about 3 days old, and we love it and have no intent on moving her to her own bed till she is ready, but we...

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My Son, also a May 2007 baby screams and throws things when he does not get his way. He does this at home and now he also does this when we are out. Does anyone have any...

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spiting and throwing up

Hey I wanted to know if there are any other moms having this problem still. My daughter turned 18 weeks on Tuesday and is still spiting up about a tablespoon to throwing up...


How do I get my toddler out of our bed?

My son has slept with my husband and I since he was around 9 months old. He has a big boy bed, but he very rarely sleeps in it, and if he does, im usually in it with him. My...

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