hi..until now i stil breast feed my son..i want to teach him bottle feed (breast milk o milk formula)..but he always dnt like it..next year i want to continue my study..i feel...

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Hello - potty training

I think my son is about ready to start.....anyone else trying this early? He's doing several things that other moms say is a sign he is ready. I don't want to bang my head...

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Getting Rid of Bottle

What is the best way to get my son off the bottle. My husband and I have started to give him his bottle at nap time and bed time. But, he seems to still to want his bottle at...

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Help - teething has us up all night!

My daughter has been sleeping thru the night since about 10 weeks, but recently she has been waking up several times a night. She is showing all the signs of teething and I...


Too many languages?

Hi! I was very glad to find and join this group:-) I am a Czech mum talking to my two years old kid in Czech. My husband is a Spanish native speaker, so our son talks to him in...


Breaking the rock.

Need to see if you or anyone you all know have any suggestions or "tips" Natalie was sleeping all night (9 hours) from 9 weeks to about 17-18 weeks. then at 4+ months she...


Appropriate punishment for a 1 year old???

I have an adorable little girl who just turned a year old... problem is she acts like she is 2!! She is the size of a two year old and has just as much attitude. I try...

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2 yeard old w/ADHD

So, i took my son who has a seizuRe d/o to the neurologist today for a follow up appt. and he was diagnosed w/ADHD, just like that. I was given a prescription for Methylin Oral...


Hello from Durand WI

Hello All. I'm from Durand Wi - small town south of Eau Claire. Just wanted to say hello and meet some other Wisconsin mom's!


hello everyone

So, I just joined circle of moms and my oldest was born nov. of 08 and she runs all around the house but she tends to put most of her weight on her heels, and this is a little...


Need help

I'm a mom of three I had my tubes tied a year nd five months ago now I'm scared I might be pregnant of the fact for the last two months my period had been late and my boobs have...


I'm losing the battle of keeping the diaper on

My 22 month old son keeps taking off his pants and diaper when I lay him down for a nap. He is also able to unsnap onesies and even unzip pajamas - I've tried both of these...

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