Why do some people want to make out that you're a 'lazy' mum just because you miss being able to have a full nights sleep??? I've seen a few posts saying that mums shouldn't be...

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The Name Game!

What are your thoughts on names, do you share them with people or do you wait untill the little one is here to reveal? And if your willing to share, how did you come up with...

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In the Closet Republican

Have you ever felt because of your beliefs like an outcast from society, family and friends? I have noticed on the Obama Mama thread that even family can make you feel like a...


Boyfriend/daughter issues

My boyfriend and I have been together now for 2 years. I have a 6 year old daughter, he has no kids. My daughters father and I were divorced 3 years ago. Her father and I...


Labor question?

As my due date approaches I am getting nervous. Beyond the obvious "you will know" answer. What does it feel like in the early stages of labor. Can you describe how you knew...


Ahead of her time. Busy baby!!!

Who elses baby is doing things that most other babies @ that age arent? All i hear on here is what they r not doing. My little fireball (shes a redhead) started crawling @...


Sorry.. it's a longish rant. =)

I'm glad this group was started! My in-laws are definitely crazy! Well to start with MIL is an alcoholic, has been since my hubby was a small kid, my FIL is a psycho but is on...


2 yr old attacked by dog after being left alone

http://www.wltx.com/news/article/137768/... Ok here is what I am actually asking. On the facebook feed on this story we had the people who are pit bull lovers and saying that...

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