Sleep training ...

Help!! After waiting for nature to take it's course (and giving up, after 8,5 months) I've decided to start sleep-training my baby. Basically he wakes up 3 to 4 times a night,...

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I just found out my toddler is allergic to milk egss and peanut butter is there anyone out there whose child or children have these allergies and if so what do you do to help...


Breast feeding

I have a 5 week old that I'm breast feeding and giving formula to also but I'm only giving her formula when I feel like I'm not producing enough milk. I want to be able to only...


New community "Custody Issues"

There is a new community here on Circle of Moms called "Custody Issues". It is meant to be helpful to anyone who is, has, or will be going through any process involving child...


Stepson's Emotional Age/Behavior

This is my first post, I just joined today because I am so frustrated. My stepson lives us 100% of the time and his bio-mom is not in his life. I took him on a bike ride today...

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Babyblues or PPD

I have read information about the difference between baby blues and PPD, but I am still unsure on which one, if either I am having problems with. I just had my baby on the 6th...


Toddler Diarrhea (Loose Stools)

My 23 month old has had loose stools for a really long time. Has anyone else had the same problem? If so, what was your child's diagnosis and how was it treated? I'm at a...


my teenaged daugher lies constantly

My 12 year-old daughter lies to me constantly. I'm at the point I can't believe anything she tells me. On top of the lies, I just found she is forging my signature on her...

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TWO ~ Proverbs 1:20-33

Bless your for your patience. We are studying Proverbs 1:20-33 today. This passage talks about how Godly wisdom calls out to us and warns us against rejecting the loving...


going back to work?

my maternity leave ends in july nd i really dnt no wt to do! i dnt no weva to go back full part time or go bak at all, plz help!