No sympathy for SAHMs?

So, basically I just wanted to rant and get the word out, in case you didn't already know. If you are a young stay at home mom, you might want to consider getting a "paying"...

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Denying a Disability

I've posted this story once with little feedback.... Please know this is a cry for help, I'm scared for this child's future. This is destroying our relationship and ultimately...


And so it begins.....

http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_14788028 While most of the purported benefits of health-care insurance reform are years away, it took only a few days for a serious,...



Hi, I have four children in total but only two of them have kiddies of their own. I often get accused of showing favouritism towards one or the other!! I really don't think I do...


I'm scared. :(

Right now I am the primary caregiver of my 18 month daughter. I have to go to court, because my ex and I can't agree on the time he gets with her. He lives 5 hours away from us....


Baby Shower

I'm pregnant with our second baby, our first is 2 years old. My sister is preggo also, so I don't really want a shower for me because this is my sister's first and i don't want...

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Tired of the BM telling the children bad things!

I feel like I should bring it up to the BM about what Im hearing. But she is going to flip out like she usually does. She needs to know though ( i believe) My SKs come back...

Started by Megan on 05/10/2011 in Step Moms

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Potty Training a 2 yr old...major probelm!!

Me and my husband are attempting to potty train our 2yr old daughter, we are having a very very hard time with this, everytime we take her to "potty" all she is concerned with...

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Step moms can be best moms

I'm a step mom who loves our son as though he were my flesh and blood. But, because he has a biological mom that he visits on weekends, it is often hard for him to see me as the...


Tired of a lot (rant)

Sorry ladies I seem to rant a lot these days but I do it here because if I did it on something hubby could see I would probably piss him off more. Between him and my mom I feel...


Dealing with a rather difficult BM

BM calls once every so often a week. Would love it if she didn't but thats not the case. She pulls stunts all the time when she does see them. She always has to cause a scene...