teen conflict

My 16 yr old Daughter says she no longer believe s in God and says she wants to be bad... she started talking back and stealing from everyone in our family, she says she's not...

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Your parents' parenting

What parts of the way your parents raised you do you plan to emulate and what things do you think (or hope) you'll do differently? I was raised by two wonderful parents....

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Controlling Husband

My husband and I have been fighting alot lately, over facebook. He hates that Im not on it soo much. But Im only on it when he is a work all day. Once he is home its about us....

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looking for at home JOB!

not wanting to have an at home business, but a job, such as data entry or something similar. I dont have money to INVEST in a job.... dont think it should work like that either,...


2nd time around, what would you do?

I am 4 months pregnant with baby number 2. With my 1st pregnancy I was dead set on an all natural delivery, my husband and I attended lamaze, researched relaxtion techniques and...

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13 month old with leg weakness

My son was a 30 weeker, 3 lbs 8 oz, and was in the NICU for 6 weeks. When he was about 3 months old, his doc sent him to physical therapy for torticolis (stiff muscles in the...

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Intentions or agenda when communicating with others

I have been in a position to evaluate a few different situations in my life and create a "why". No not the kind of why that asks in passing judgment on others the "why" that...

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My 15 month old & his screaming fits?

My son has been having uncontrolable screaming fits for about the last three weeks. These are not what I would consider a tantrum. There is seemingly no reason for these...

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my babys father trying to get full custody

so 8 months ago my ex partner sucked me in to flying to NZ to see him with our baby girl... we had been together for 4 1/2 yrs but recently broke up so thats why he was in NZ.....

Started by Simone on 04/08/2010 in Single Moms

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Coping Strategies

My son passed away on Jan 08 '09. I still have some very difficult days though since his funernal in April (due to snow) they have lessened some. Other than deep breathing and...