3 years 2 months...won't go poopy on the potty

My son turned three in January and he finally starting cooperating with potty training. He pees on the potty (always at day care and sometimes at home). He refuses to poop on it...

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Home and Lost

Hello, I am a stay at home mom of three wonderful little ones and at first being at home seemed more of a privilege, because not many people have the support needed to be home...


Father wants full custody

I currently have a 10 month old and is 3 months pregnant by the same father. I recently just left him about a month ago from a abusive (physically and mentally ) we tried...


October Is A Very Important Month

October is National Anti-Bullying Month. This has always been a major issue and will continue to be one. So how do you teach your kids not to be a bully? Or what to do if...

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So I've seen wool covers mentioned in a few of the posts. Is it itchy? How do you wash them? Can you share your experiences? Do you only use as a cover? I have a heavy wetter...


"Parents fury over breastfeeding doll"

The toy market is constantly innovating when it comes to baby dolls. But a new product designed to simulate breastfeeding has sparked widespread anger among parents. Makers of...

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please tell me im not a bad person

OK first i need to disclaim I AM NOT CRAZY OR WILL *EVER* HUR MY SD BM!!!! but has any other step mom here had these day dreams where the BM gets killed or kidnapped or just...

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Sleeping through of a night

Hey i have a 7 month old baby girl healthy happy etc but still waking around 3 to 4 times a night just wondering if anyone else's bundle of joys is still waking at this age????

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Cesarean VS Natural Birth. I have HPV...

Ok, so going to Doc for my monthly sonar this week and need to decide weatheror not to have natural birth or a cesarean. I have HPV which means the baby have a risk of getting...

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So many questions...

My boyfriend and I have been together for seven months, and he has a beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter. (Her mother is not in her life, so no problems with the ex.) I love...

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hasnt been around throughout pregnancy

Hi everyone my due date is getting closer. I am now 32 weeks and expecting another boy :) My ex and I have been broken up for a while. we were dating for a few years. He knows...

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Why are people so judgemental?

Why do people judge others, whether its from parenting to lifestyles to race to size to orgin. Does it make you feel good inside to judge other people for how they live. Why...

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phone calls

I have a problem. My husband and I have been legally separated for 11 months. He chooses not to visit with our daughter due to his girlfriend not being allowed by courts to have...

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