Cereal at 4 months old

Dear mothers, is it advisable to introduce cereals at 4 months old? My girl seems not okay with formular + breast milk. Do you have any one in mind for that tender digestive...

Started by Toyin on 07/01/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Potty training

Just a quick question when is the best time to start potty training??

Started by Lucy on 11/26/2009 in April 2007 Babies

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Still Plodding Along

Just got done with another meeting with the school, requesting them to append a behavior protocol to my son's IEP, so that they won't respond to various issues by taking away...



How are/have you, going to teach your children about drugs? It's pretty scary that drugs are working there way into schools earlier and earlier, how do we protect our children...



My son is 5 months old. He's still waking up and night and when he does, he's wide awake. I feed him and then he's ready to play. It's been this way since he was born. I'm...


Dropping feedings after 9 month check-up

I just took my DD to her 9 month checkup and the Pediatrician said I should drop her feedings to 4 or 5 a day. She said she only needed about 24oz of milk a day now. I have...

Started by Brooke on 09/22/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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parents who are divourced

I just came from picking up my boys. Ex wanted to know if it was ok to invite my new partner and myself to a family dinner night. How do other mums think? Is this a good I idea...

Started by Michelle on 01/23/2011 in Divorced Moms

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Playing in the Neighborhood Unattended-What Age?

Over the past few weeks, I've loosened the umbilical cord. I've allowed my son to play with his friends who live in a cul-de-sac (dead end) diagonally across the street alone....

Started by Sapphire on 01/30/2011 in Hot Topics

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My ex has the custody and lets him watch..

I have just come to know that my ex lets my 6 yr old son watch Pirates of The Caribean. I am Norwegian citizen and we have age limit for that 11 yrs pluss. How do I deal in...

Started by Janne Helen on 05/25/2011 in Divorced Moms

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16 month old speech

My daughter just turned 16 months and she says "mama, daddy, hi, hey, oh, baba, whoa, this"...how can I encourage her to speak? When she gets up from her nap and after I change...

Started by **Jackie** on 04/11/2012 in Hot Topics

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