has any of you flown with your baby? was he/she good? what did you do? My son is 3 months and we're flying this sunday to move back home to Hawaii. I've flown with my little...


Potty Training boys

My four year old son will NOT go poop on the potty. His twin sister has been going on the potty for two years. He will go pee but absolutley not poop, weve tried everything...


Wish they would get along!

I seriously dread the weekends. I wish my SK can get along with my child! Its so sad they don't , they will get along for a minute then go right back to arguing. when does it...


need info on getting a child back

ok this is my problem i had my son and my daughter there dads were out of the picter. i did not keep my house clean and my daughter past from an unknow reson. they tink it might...

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Thinking of becoming a surro

I am 21 have had a successful natural full term healthy pregnancy and am thinking of being a surrogate mother. I just want to know how do people coup with the giving up of the...

Started by Alexandra on 05/31/2013 in Surro Moms

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My daughter is 10 and was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 2 years. She for the most part was able to maintain an healthy and fun childhood, once school began we were able to see how...


Why my 5 month old screams?

My 5 month old daughter screams like she is in pain every time she sees her grandparents on both sides and her uncle and aunt, she will kick her feet and her face will turn beat...


Non working mom and child support

I got out of a domestic violence relationship, we have share custody of our 6 year old but he got residential since I have a 9 yr old(not his kid) with ADHD, ODDX SEPARATION...


When to start riding

Hello all, I am a standardbred horse person. So I don't actually ride, but I do drive horses. So my question is.... I want to get my daughter started on riding, but I'm not...

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sick of it......

Ok, so my husband and I have been married for almost five years. Since the beginning of our marriage I have been the one to take care of all the finances and paperwork. We have...

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My daughters' father...

My daughters' father and i split up November '09 due to domestic violence, I have since moved on and recently started dating a guy who has been there for me for a long time....

Started by Jersey on 05/22/2010 in Single Moms

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Ok, here I go...First of all I know this is the "breastfeeding" group...Secondly I breastfed with my first child and am planning on breastfeeding my second as long as I can. I...

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Does anyone else have this problem?

So, my wonderful nine month old daughter is such a blessing. I love every minute with her, but my most difficult time of day is feeding time. She could live off of sweet...

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shaken baby syndrome-

im carrie im 19 my daughter haley is 15 months old and has suffered from shaken baby syndrome she suffered head trauma bleeding and broken ribs i wont go into great detail...


shoes... Crawling... food...

My daughter is 10 months old she's not crawling yet... she rolls every where she wants to go she's healthy 21 lbs and 291/2in happy but not moving. We live in Ohio and it's...

Started by Erica on 03/08/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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