my name is heather and i am 19 years old.I have been married to my high school sweetheart for a little over a year now and we have two beautiful little girls. Anileigha was born...

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Nursing Issues at 4 months

Hi I am having the hardest time nursing my 4 month old daughter! We have overcome the use of a nippleshield , thrush, colds, nursing strike, complete drop in milk supply, and...

Started by Ashley on 03/29/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Breast Feeding

I'm currently breast feeding my 18 day old baby. The problem is she falls asleep half way through the feeding and no matter what I do she does not wake up. I'm afraid that she...

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Healthy Foods for 10 Month Old...

My 10 month old no longer seems to want baby food from the jar and now wants 'people' food. I want too start him off right and with healthy foods but it seems all i know to...

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How much to feed?

Hey, I was just wondering out of curiosity how much other mums feed their little ones? I know every child is different but wanted to see what other mums were feeding. I have a...



i am a little over 16 weeks and im just wondering how far along you have to be to feel movement...this is my first time with twins and i am very concerned that im doing...

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Feeling depressed!

Hi..I have a three month baby and I'am going back to work soon. Feeling depressed knowing that I have to leave her. I wish I could be a stay home mom but, I this moment I can't....


Going crazy!

I live in Michigan now Moved from Los Angeles a year ago This is my first winter in snow...no car...no job...stay at home mom while dad goes out and works all day...I am not...



Anybody only breastfeeding that is ready to feed your child cereal? I am dying to move forward because I don't think she is getting enough. She is growing well, but NEVER naps!...


pee pee problem

My three year old has a hard time making it to the potty. he has to changed two sometimes three times a day because he pees. He pees the bed too, not everynight but atleast 4-5...

Started by Chandra on 10/29/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Exercise after C-Section

I gained a ton of weight due to complications and massive bed rest during my pregnancy. I had a C-section on the 5th of Dec. I was shocked that it wasn't as painful and horrid...

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Milk Sharing Failure????

I thought I posted this earlier and my computer had a brain freeze... go figure. My SIL (hubby's sister) went back to work, and is having trouble keeping up with baby with...

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Anyone having trouble with single friends?

I have a single friend who recently broke up with a long term boyfriend and relocated back to be close to her friends. She kind of dropped off the face of the earth for five...

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Hi everyone :) I'm a stay at home mommy to a 1 year old, wonderful little girl. I love staying at home with her - that is such a blessing to be able to spend lots of time with...

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My 5yr old daughter is being treated for ADHD. My parents are completely against her being medicated because they don't want to change who she is. Does anyone have any...