3yr old step son holding food

my 3 yr old stepson is holding food in his mouth and he wont swallow it he will just chew it and hold it there and he holds it there for so long that saliva comes out of his...

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Creating Space + Time

Do you have some space for yourself to create, how do you create, where, when??? Could you make it into a business? FYI, if you become freelance you can add it to your hours...


when did you stop???

when did you stop the whole "napping when they nap" thing? my son is 13 months and only takes 1 nap per day and i always say i want to get dishes or house work done but i end up...


Cot rail - on or off?

This weekend were moving our 16 month old son from his current rediculously steamy room to a cooler room with aircon option, since we have to dismantle the cot to get it out of...

Started by Anastasia on 03/04/2010 in Debating Mums!

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stay at home mommy!?!?!

I am a stay at home wife and mother, I was wondering if and one else has experienced there "friends" disagree with you (andHubbys) decision for you to stay at home with your...

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6 going on 16

My six yr old son is extreemly gifted but he uses his skills to manipulate his surroundings when he was 4 he decited he didnt like school so he focused his energy to making the...


Should I give my husband a chance?

This may be a bit long but I need advice bad. I left my husband on less than stellar terms. He had a construction job that kept him away a lot, and when he would be home he was...


Way behind grade level

Hi, I'm new to COM and I'm also new at being a stepmom. I have 3 adorable stepkids and I have been a full time stepmom for only 1.5 year. While all is going very well for most...



My little guy was born five weeks early, just wondering how other premies are or have developed? He is now two months old...just wondering if should expect him to hit...

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not talking......should I be worried??????

hello, my son is 9 months old and still is not saying anything. He does babble sometimes but not a real lot. also, is it normal for a baby to bounce when he is sitting? I am...


Acting very lathargic

My son is 19 months old and has had his VP shunt for 5 months now. For the past week he's been acting very lathargic, lying around the house not wanting to play and not eating...


Potty Training

CAn someone give me some good advice on how to potty train my daughter! I tell u...it's very hard!!!