Hi my name is Nicole

My daughter is 2 and she won't fall asleep by herself we have her in her own room now, but we still have to lay with her. She also doesn't sleep through the night either. Any...

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Selena at 2 months! Feeding

My name is Joy Lopez. I live in Seattle and I am amazed my daughter Selena is already 2 months and growing! Selena was born on December 4th 2008 and was 7lbs 9.5 ounces, 22.5...



Hi there! Just hoping to find a place to share with other moms who are cross-nursing. I am currently pregnant with my third baby, and because I had a breast reduction in...

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Social Status

Hello everyone! How are you all able to balance a social life with being a mother?

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What Age Gap Worked For You

I have an 11 month old daughter, and I've wanted another baby since she was 3 months old. She loves other babies and doesn't get jealous when I hold or play with other...

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Suddenly hates bottles

Hi everyone! I have a 3 and half month old who breastfeeds mostly but will get the occasional bottle if I step out for a couple hours. Two weeks ago, he decided that he...


Diaper Free?

Natural Infant Hygiene? Elimination Communication? Does anyone out there subscribe to and practice this? I'm getting ready to give it a go and wanted to find support from other...

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Anybody struggle with pcos? I'm young and having trouble getting #2 lined up. Any suggestions on helping my fertility?


New Here

Hi Ladies. Im new to this group but have been on circle of moms for a while. This is my 7th pregnancy and I have 5 angel babies. I had a late miscarriage in July last year and...

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triplets due july 29 2015

Hi i hope someone can help me i have been to 2 hospitals and 2 obs and3 times to the helth department no one will look at my 1 st ultra at 8 weeks you can see that there are 3...


sunscreen for sensitive skin

My son is 6 1/2 months old and has eczema. His skin is very sensitive; we have to use Tide free laundry detergent, and try to keep him as dry as possible (hard with all the...

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any one else?

any one else notice when you have kids who you thought was friends seem to go away. ?. we hardly get talked to we hardly get invited any where.. its like because we have kids...

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fussy eater

Hi my Daugther is nearly 13mths old she has two bottom teeth the problem is I don't know what to give her for lunch she would sometime have cercel and yogurt for breakfast then...


Toy taking

My 19 month old nephew keeps taking any and all toys that my 8 month old son is playing with.Which of course leads to tears. I know this is something most kids would do at some...


Rollerskating age

I was just wondering how old everyones child/ children were when they first started to rollerskate. My daughter is 18 months and we took her to a birthday party at a skating...

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