The Good Ol Days

What things did your parents say/do growing up that you hated as a kid that you would NEVER do to your kids? Lets get creative here and NOT write about spanking. Thanks My...

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warming up to adopted children

our oldest son and his wife just adopted three children from an orphanage in Colombia. The oldest child 9 is demonstrative and seems to be adjusting the best, which is to be...



i think i have the pickiest eater ever --- either that or he just doesn't like to eat much. i dropped his formula amount to about 16-17 oz/day since he eats so little, but i...

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anyone had problems with father 2b not preparing?

my partner seems to not want to give up any of the extra curiculum activities he is doing now. anyone got anything similar? when we talk abotu it he gets angry and says he...

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going in for induction tomorrow (8/19)

I have tried EVERYTHING to start labor! I even had my friend of mine do acupressure on me and that didn't even do anything. I was really hoping for a natural (no-meds) delivery...

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My 1 year old son only wants to breastfeed

I'm so confused as what to do with my son who doesn't want to eat. He mainly just wants to breastfeed. I try everything to get him to eat. Any suggestions? I welcome them all.

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Getting ready, First time

Soon I will be giving birth to triplets and I plan to breastfeed them. What do I need to do it and how do I get ready for it.


C Section tummy and recovery

Hi, I am 24 yr old mum... had a c section and my baby is 8 months now... my tummy is projecting out a lot and i feel very uncomfortable about it... i need to know if c...

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He don't pay attention to me anymore!!!

Well, My husband and I had the most beautiful relationship, He made me laugh, always spend time together, stayed up all night watching movies, We have 2 kids together married...

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Very concerned for her...

My 5 yr old step daughter has been vomitting and not eating for a week the mother says shes taken her to the doc. and its just a virus, well late last night she called sayin she...