Depressed teen daughter?

Hi there! I am new to this site. I have a 14 year old daughter having pretty severe problems being successful in school and in all that she does. Her main complaints are that...


Pumping question

I'm wondering if the amount I'm getting at one time is normal. My son is now 7 months old. At 6:30, I nurse on one side, pump the other. I get around 3 oz. At my only lunch...


My daughter is failing 1st grade!

Okay here's the backstory. My 7 year old stepdaughter was taken from her mother by DCS last February. Her mom had gotten her on ADHD medicine, but we had her rediagnosed and her...


Out of control 14 month old??

Hi everyone! I am not a mom yet. My husband and I are trying with no success. But, I am currently a full time nanny while finishing my Graduate Degree. I have been with this...

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Constipation Issues & Cures

Hi there! So I have some questions. My lil' man, Isaac (4m as of 7Oct), had normal BM's since birth till about 3 months old. While he was going up to 3 times a day, usually...

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Mid week Lent services

I'm debating whether to take my 9mo old to the mid week Lent services. The soup suppers are at 6pm, then service is at 7pm. That is usually Jack's bedtime, and I'm not sure if...

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Is it normal for your baby to get a high fever of 103 or even 104 when teething? She already has two teeth in and I believe she is getting two more in on the top. She is very...


Will i be able to cope?

My partner and I have a 12 and a half month old little girl, We are starting to try for another baby. If I get pregnant this month our daughter will be 22 months when its born....


Am feedimg my daughter enough?

Am I feeding my daughter.enough? She has a 7oz bottlee when she wakes up at 7.30/8 Weetabix/porridge/fruit ect around 11 Then she will go to sleep around12 till 1.30 and will...


how can i stop bedtime takin hours

im having trouble gettin my 21 month son off to sleep at bedtime, i start at 7:30 he has a drink of water and then i pick him up hold him in my arms with his bedtime blanky and...


Claritin, Benadryl, and Hydrocortizone

I have a 2yo with mystery allergies/intolerances (waiting on results from blood test). His symptoms are not life-threatening but they cause the entire family a lot of grief and...


Dealing with a 4yo who is lying

My 4 year old has started lying and I don't know how to get him to stop. He lies about little things but want to stop it before it snowballs into something serious. One example...


should I let my in laws see my son?

I don't even know where begin... I've had an on and off relationship with my MIL and SIL for the past 9 years. They are all about the drama, he said she said, high school crap,...

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my daughter is 3 in August and up until 4 weeks ago would only settle to sleep in her pram. i am happy to say now she is taking herself off to bed. However there is 1 thing that...


Terrible Twos!!!!!

Hello Mothers!!! I have a little girl named Jaleah! She is my world. I swear she is the sweetest baby ever but here lately I have started to notice that she is starting to have...


Preemie girl refuses to..

My daughter born 4 weeks early due to Gastroschisis. I am asking this question beacuse she will sit for a very short time and she will roll from belly to back from time to...