Bedtime lol

This is really for my sister an nephew who is 2 that I ask lol.She has a hard time getting my nephew to sleep.He basically goes to bed when they go to bed which I think is...


Anyone else?

Ever since I had my daughter almost 6 months ago, I can't remember anything! At home, I constantly leave the caps off of things (my husband is about to kill me), at work I...

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Things I wish I knew!

Alright ladies, here's a fun one: What are some things you wish you knew before you got pregnant/had kids? I wish I knew that the "typical" labor and delivery videos from the...



I am planning on weaning my 10 month old when he reaches a year and wondered if any mom's that have weaned have advice for a smooth transition. Thanks!

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Excellent sleeper gone bad...?

My son started sleeping 7hrs through the night at about a month old. He then started to sleep 9-12hrs through out the night at about 3 months old. He is now a little over 4...


twinsboys getting dependent on each other

i everyone my name is rebecca and i have twin 4.5yr boys. I have just luvd watching them grow up together It has been an amazing experience to c them do everything and develop...

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Ok- so after reading a post on our other private forum CoM friends, I had to check out a few things. I almost keeled over laughing when I read this. Yep a little immature that...

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potty training through the night

My boy has just turned three and whilst he was potty trained by the age of two during the day, he just can't seem to get the nights sorted. I tried keeping a nappy on and...


Potty traing, where to start?

I want to start potty training my 2 year old. I have bought the undies and the potty ( the one that sits on the toilet seat). She has used the potty a few time only peeing twice...

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Bedtime/Morning routine

Just wondering what everyone does for their bedtime routine with your 8-month-old. We're thinking about switching ours up a little as she's getting older and seems to be not as...


It gets lonely.

I am 20 years old with a six month old son and 21 year old fiance. He works most of the time so I'm just dying to talk to someone who understands what it's like to be a 24/7...

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teaching words

what is normal in language development? and what are some helpful hints on how to get your child interested in trying new words? my one year old seemed to really learn the words...



My little guy was born five weeks early, just wondering how other premies are or have developed? He is now two months old...just wondering if should expect him to hit...

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Too Much Love

I didn't know where to turn w/this question so here I am.. Please don't judge me or not help me because you think this is stupid or just NOT important..Here goes, I've been...