Should I be worry

My son will be two tomorrow and he knows all his body parts and when he want to used the toilet he used it as I do, he don't have a male figure I asked his daddy to show him wat...

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Need mom feedback

No review is better than first hand accounts from other moms. Our new little one is due June 12. My first is already 7 and a lot has changed since he was a baby. I need...


Teething and appetite

I think my 4 month old is teething. I can see her gums are swollen and shes been rather cranky lately. The one thing I did notice is she has a loss of appetite, which is unheard...

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I have Grandparent Blues

So my ex husband moved us about 6 hours from our home town right after our son was born and then we divorced after a bunch of stuff happened... He will suport my son fianually...

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So hurt that I've shut down.

I feel bad for saying this, or even feeling it. My 14 year old SS is such a nightmare. Steals, lies, refuses to do homework or chores. It got so bad that he was even refusing to...

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Weight Loss

When I first got pregnant with my daughter i weighed 180 lbs, in the first 3 or 4 months i lost 20 pounds and ended up at 160. I then gained all the weight back plus another 40,...


They Move and they are getting into everything!

I was just fine with my almost eight month old twin boys moving at their own rate.... it was nice, one moved the other didn't. Now they both move and they seem to have a...

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Excellent Wife?!

Is it possible to be an "Excellent Wife" ? Women today are torn in so many different directions. I know we are not to be conformed to this world according to the Bible, but...


Will my period stay regular?

I have a 3 month old and I just got my period 2 days ago. He sleeps through the night, always have, so my period has returned early. Will my period go away if I start feeding...


looking forward to feedback. :)

Hi my son has a dairy allergy and has been on soy formula for the past 8 months. he is at the age were he should be trasitioned into whole milk, but my doctor said that i could...


Potty Training

Hi, I am trying to potty train my January 07 baby and she is not cooperating!!!. She either goes on the floor next to the toilet or where ever she can get her diaper off. And...


I am a 42 year old Mom of 18 yr and 4 yr old

Hi, I am preparing to send my first born son to college in Chicago this September. I stay home with my 4 yr old son. My husband and I are hoping to conceive one more time,...

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Hi, I am starting this group for mom of children who are blind. My own son, now 17, is blind. He is also gifted in the performing arts. I am hoping we can just share our joys,...


Daddy's heart

Calvin G. Byer...with his son
Greggson B. Byer
both born on 3/23
Greggson passed on 3/23/09 later on that morning..at the...


What are you paying for daycare?

My daughter is never with anyone but my husband and I or my sister BUT I have one semester left of school and that includes some community service hours. My husband and sister...

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Birthday ideas

I want his first birthday to be cool. and hes turning 1 in november. we did his room in winnie the pooh. But idk a cute theam and games.. like what kind of games can a one year...


Diaper Rash?

My son pooped, kinda thin, he is teething, within thirty minutes he pooped again, this time his bottom and genitials were red and raw. touched him with a wipe even patting, he...


1st Son is VI - When to try for #2

My son who just turned 1 is visually impaired and is receiving vision therapy twice a week. Once he begins walking (well) he will also have orientation and mobility twice a...