Due Date Dilemma?

Hello everyone! I am a first time mother and so would like some feedback from veteran moms. When I had my first apt with my midwife I guessed that my last period was around...

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introducing foods to 10 month old

Hi! I'm kind of a paranoid new mom and I'm nervous about introducing more solid foods to my daughters diet. Ever since she choked on a teething cookie. Totally freaked me out....


BF and the full time working mother

HI! I'm having my first child and plan to BF. Currently serving in the military and have to return to work after my 6 week convalescence leave...I was wondering if any working...


Best way to wein

I will be weining my daughter off the breast when she turns 1 n july i need some helpful hints and ideals



Hi mommies, So, my mommy is here for the week (thank goodness!) so I haven't completely made the transition back to work in that sense. In any case, my mom thinks he is ready...


the birth

hello, im kylie i had my baby at 23. it wasn't easy either. it seemed like it went on forever. i had a beautiful girl born at 16.07pm on the 21st, 9 pound 3, 4.1 kg. in the end...


4 week old troubles

My son will be four weeks old tomorrow 12/5 and I'm having troubles with his sleeping. Yesterday he slept through the entire day, I would wake him to feed him and he would just...



I'm pregnant with my second child, due dec. 14. My sons pretty active but pretty laid back, he's pretty good at playing on his own when i need him to(except when i go into the...


Weaning from bottle

Hello everyone, At our daughter's 1 yr. check up the doc and nurse said we can start weaning from the bottle and formula. Well, we completely weaned her off formula and were...

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Feeding times !

I'm at my wits end, i'm a FTM with a 4 month old son, who, until 2 weeks ago was a fantastic feeder....would take each and every bottle without fuss, and would drink it all up...



I am so frustrated with my little girl atm! I have been trying for a while to talk to her and explain things to her about what we are doing or if she has been naughty but she...