Modified Bedrest?!

Hi Im 27 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with subchorionic bleed at 8 weeks on bed rest 7 weeks on and off. Then after that had healed (18 weeks). I went into early labor at 20...

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Party Ideas

Hello, My soon to be 8 yr old son has just started a new school of which I don't know any of the parents. I am stuck for ideas of how to celebrate my son's 8th birthday as he...



How did you go about weening your child from their pacifier, at what age, and how long did it take?


adhd and hospitalization

my ex want's to stick my son in a hospital, to see if that will help with his adhd, and his anger issues, i am set against this. has anybody done this and has it helped at all....


When do toddlers stop napping?

My son is 28 months old and usually naps in the afternoon, I was just wondering when do nap times end? For the past few days he has been refusing to nap, but then he's so...


Bad dreams at night

my daughter was born the 27th of september and she was doing fine with her sleeping habits till about a month ago. she will fall asleep just fine but sometimes usually once per...


How do i get my 19 month old

I can't seem to get mt 19month old daughter to go to sleep on her own or sleep in her own bed we share a room bc i am a single mom and we are living with my parents because...

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3 month growth spurt?

My daughter was sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch before she hit her 6 week growth spurt and then she woke up every three hours at night. So, now she is almost 9 weeks old and is back...



My due date is in 4 more weeks....Can I handle this??? I feel like its taking forever....and its so uncomfortable


No nap???

My daughter is almost 17 months and has recently started skipping naps during the day while she is with gma and gpa and I'm at work. Granted, she is not a great napper to begin...


Sudden increase in libido?

First off, I'm definitely not complaining about this. My LO is 12 weeks and I've had a sudden increase in libido. Since she's been born I've had NO sex drive until the past 2...

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I'm new and need some support....

....aside from my husband. I study via the Open University in UK - distance learning - BA Degree in Business. I choose distance learning because we travel quite a lot around...

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Mammogram ??

Hi All, I have three children 7yrs, 21 mths and 3 mths, I had a breast reduction 6 yrs ago for medical reasons, never had any problems since i had my last baby, my nipple is...

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