Each child is different. I have went through the teen years of one daughter and it wasn't easy, but we made it. Nevertheless, with my second and middle child, it seems I am...

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My mom is having surgery on aug 4th and I would like to be there. we need to be at the hospital 2 hrs early and her surgery will last 3 hrs and then you have an hr of recovery...

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pros and cons of circumcision?

My son now is 3 years old, He was born at 28 weeks gestation and only weighed 3lbs, 0ozs. When he left the hospital he was well under 6lbs and they would not perform a...

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Teen daughter is distant and hateful

I adopted her and her sister when they were 6 and 7 years old. I am the only mother they have ever known. She was always a sweet, happy girl who always found the best in...

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Hello, I'm new....

I just found this group through FB. I've been struggling & am hoping to find and lend support. I'm a SAHM.... homeschooling my two remaining children, two girls ages 17 &...


Night Terrors

My three year old had night terrors but they are so random I don't know what to do. She won't wake up she just screams herself back to sleep. I'm scared to leave her alone so I...

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scared 2 go bed

my son is 2 half he has never adjusted 2 sleeping in his own room n wakes several times during the night he has 2 sleep with the light on , we moved house wen he was about a...

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Favoritism between kids?

We have 2 girls at home with us, his 12 year old and my 5 year old, he also has another daughter with his ex-wife who is 4 and then he has also been raising HER 2 year old...


Falling asleep

My son is 17 Months and since he was born he falls asleep with me in the lounge then straight after he falls asleep I put him in his bed (single bed) he sleeps well then at...

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Getting rid of BB (Binky)

I am a mother of a 26 month old. I need help getting rid of his Binky. I tried it once and I barely got any sleep. Is there any easy way to do this? HELP!!!

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Anyone got some cool teething tricks???

My daughter is teething and when her teeth start to cut, they give her hell... which means that I don't get much sleep at night. Please let me know of anything that you may do...

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how do you help a 3 year old deal with a legal seperation between her parents that is about to happen?

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Potty Training!

I have a 3 1/2 yr old, he is fine during the day going potty but every night he has an accident! We cut him off with drinking past a certain time and dont know what else to...

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I read everyone's milk supply tips, and I can't stomach the Mother's Milk tea for some reason. I'm not getting much milk, when I pump, and before I'd been getting 4 oz... is it...