I am totally wierded out about this!!!

We have been using a monitor for our girls since they were born and now that they are 21 months we are still using it becauase it makes me feel better knowing I can hear what's...

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Inspiration to "get past the puke"

My household/family has been plagued by the worst stomach virus ever. My grandmother, uncle, cousins, friends, mom, husband, son, and I have all either had it, are still getting...

Started by Cori on 04/06/2010 in Christian Mommies

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How do u know if ur child has autism?

How do you tell if ur 20 month old has sighs of autism? As my son doesnt talk to people, lives in his own world from the moment his awake to the moment his asleep, he never...

Started by Dana on 02/11/2012 in Toddlers

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My child cursed me and my Husband

Just because we've said no to her sleeping over a friend, she said she hated us and wanted us dead. Me and my husband raise my 19 yo niece ever since she was 5, her parents are...


Stinky wipes

I have our cloth wipes in a dex wipe warmer with just some water and sometimes they smell just foul. I'm trying to figure out the cause and a solution. Wondering if maybe I'm...



my son has been told he his border line autistic and thats all but smens to be getting worsse any help any one


below average head circumference

My son was 13 weeks early. He is now 5 months, 2 months corrected. He had an appointment with his pediatrician the other day and she measure his head circumference and said he...

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an overweight child

my daughter is 2 years old. she's weighing 27K. She was advised by her pedia to lose weight but I don't know how to start it coz she always beg for food esp.at night. any...

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How to deal with hitting...

My 15 month old son has started hitting us in the face. He is usually a very loving, and happy boy...but just likes to test us from time to time when we hold him close....


Trouble at the hair salon..

My 2 and a half yr old daughter womt let me or anyone touch her head to plait her hair..i rily want her to hve this lon hair style.,I think she looks vry beautiful bt i love her...

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Saving ideas for a big family?

Hey everyone i am a 20 year old mother of 3 children under the age of 6 and a wife to my loving husband... Im trying to find ideas and tips to save money. we are currently next...

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