Mom of 1

I am a mom of a 4 year old boy. He is delayed in his developmental milestones... all of them the last assessment we had about a year ago said he was with in the 6months to 1...


1 yr old NOT sleeping all nite

My son will be a year old soon and I'm wondering if his night feedings aren't just something of a habit rather than a necessity. I love nursing him. But he's been waking every...


healthy lunch with no fruit?

I am going to be packing lunches for my children this year and we're trying to go completely healthy. While packing for my daughter is easy packing for my son, not so much..He's...


Need tips and advice!!!

I just recently started watching my 21/2 yr old nephew and my 7 month old nephew...on top of my 14 month old daughter...so I have a load! I am in desperate need of ways I can...


Not sure what to do....(sorry little long)

I usually just creep on here & answer or give advice when I can. But when it comes to my current situation, I'm at my wits end. My SD is 12 & my husband & I have joint custody....

Started by Fallon on 01/01/2011 in Step Moms

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Hi Everyone, I am Catholic. I was raised Catholic, went to Sunday School, even taught it for awhile etc. However certain things have me confused. I am on birth control, I know...

Started by Sarah on 03/11/2011 in Catholic Mothers

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Have you ever had horrible neighbors?

The ppl who used to live next to us were what most ppl would call trailer trash. (even tho they lived in a house) Their kids were always doing stuff to our dogs. Once I even saw...

Started by Gabrielle on 03/08/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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Relocating with step-children?

I was previously married and had a son with my ex-husband. His father has been in his life the entire time (we have lived in the same community since our divorce). Now, I am...


My 3 year old son is too stubborn to potty, help!

Ok so my son is 3 and 1 month old, and back when he was 2 1/2 I actually had him going potty, and ALMOST pooping in the potty as well, then all of a sudden he just stopped going...

Started by Jessica on 10/20/2009 in Toddlers

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Need your honest opinion!!!!

Okay......I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this please. When a female is still in the vomiting stage of her pregnancy, has been at it all day long and feeling very...


Someone please help me...

Hello I am new to this site and group. I am a stay at home mom of 2. My daughter who is 2 and a half was breastfed and never took a bottle (she refused). My son who is now 5 and...


Help- Getting twins to sleep on time at night..

Hi, I have 9 month twin boys.... getting them to sleep at night is a major challenge, they drink their milk go to sleep by 10 pm, and then are awake crying by 11 pm, by the time...

Started by Nitya on 05/03/2010 in Toddlers

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weaning/over producing

My body has always over produced milk. Even when I didn't eat for about a month (long story painful break up) I still was able to sustain my daughter and exclusively breast...


child is 1 and wont leave the breast!

My child just turned 1 and she has been breast feed since she was born. I am having a hard time with stopping she doesnt want a sippy cup and she never sucked a pacifier she...