How to Start..?

So my daughter is seven months (my first) and I would like to start sign with her but Im not quite sure how to do it. I read a lot and was hoping someone could point me in the...


Upset- Venting

Sorry in advance for the long post... mostly me ranting and giving background info Why is it if I would have a baby who is fat, chubby, or a little on the high end of the...

Started by Stacy on 09/11/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Can I still fix a low milk supply?

My baby is 5 months old now. I had to supplement in the beginning because he was losing wait. I'm now nursing every other feeding and formula for the others. I would like to...


weaning and drinking from a cup

So my son is 14 months old and I finally weaned him completely, which was a very emotional and difficult decision for me but I have been off several medication since trying to...


picky eater?

she wont eat! morning i give her a bottle i waith about 15 minutes and then ill try feeding her pureed fruit or veggies and baby oatmeal she wont eat! shell rather play maybe i...


egg allergy

My son, who is 1 year and half (will be 2 on May 9) has a mild allergy to eggs… we found out a few weeks ago. My question is does any one know of any good finger foods that I...

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I am suffering from Anxiety which i dont really understand myself and find it hard to explain how i feel,i am under going help from councellors for it and talking things...

Started by Kat on 08/14/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Overprotective Moms DRIVE ME CRAZY!

I need to rant! It's good to be a cautious mother, but some Moms drive me mad! No 16mos old baby should still be on baby food just because you're afraid he will choke. That's...


Hives, and more hives

My 20 month old baby has had hives since she was 14 months. She not allergic to any foods, soaps, pets, etc. We cannot get a handle on this, and ths doctors dont know what to do...


weaning help

How much milk sholud my 5 month baby boy be having been weaning about 4 weeks please help?


Not drinking milk

My 9mth old has decided not to take any milk! Everytime he sees the bottle he gags, kicks, wails! When I do manage to get the bottle in his mouth he just spits it out. This has...


Need help feeding my 7mo. old

She's eating solids now. Rice cereal for breakfast. single ingredient Fruit for lunch. single ingredient Vegetable for dinner. breastfeed right after meals to get her full and...

Started by Theresa on 12/12/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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No weight gain

My girl is now 5 and weighs the same as my 17month old. Every meal of every day is a major battle between me and my girl. I have tried everything from reward charts to blackmail...