Talk to your kids about gang rape

I'm not kidding... http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/10/28/california.gang.rape.bystander/index.html All those people stood around and did nothing. I actually know this first...

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Tricks to occupy a toddler on the airplane

HeY I am traveling with my 19 month old on my lap for a pretty long trip. The total travel time is 8 hours but the longest flight is 5 hours. I am wondering if anyone has any...

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need advice.....

Hi I am a stay at home mother of 2 toddler girls (3,2) and expecting a baby in september. But I just didnt know if others felt this way or if its just my emotions. Ok so after...


Bedtime Routine

I have been starting to work on a bedtime routine, but I am struggling to figure out the best time to start. I have been trying to give him a bath between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. -...


Why I created this circle

I created this circle becuase i have realized that most people know nothing about what goes on for a military family, or what happens overseas. The hard part during those times...


Foremilk/Hindmilk question

I've been doing some research online and I'm concerned that too much foremilk might be contributing to my son's reflux/excessive spitting up. I was reading how it can sometimes...

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when to start feeding solids

my son was born on the 12th feb i breast fed him when he was born untill he was about 7 weeks i had to stop because he wanted more all the time and it was just not satisifi him...


Car sickness?

So i have an almost 9 month old son who after abuot 20 minutes in the car will start screaming his head off, food won't stop it, soother or toys don't help, I try singing...


Restless Sleeping 15 month old...

My son rolls, crawls, talks and sings in his sleep. The problem is he wakes up because of it and is hard to get back to sleep. Sometimes it's every hour. He shares his room with...


Need a little support

Most of the time I know going to school will only better my family. However today I am stressing out. The semester starts in just a few short weeks, and I feel like I am going...

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not feeling like a hot mama =(

i have a 3 year old daughter and a one year old son. i dont feel sexually attractive to my husband anymore. when the kids are put to bed he automatically turns on the ps3 and is...


baby blues

Hi there Feb baby moms! My princess has been falling sick non stop since 8 months.. It seems like the flu keeps coming on every two weeks. Is this normal?