Should I leave my LAZY husband?

I'm 22 years old. My husband is 28. I currently have dropped out of the University with only 5 classes left to receive my degree to provide for our family. I have been working...

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My story..

Well we certainly are a small group aren't we? I started this community because when I searched for a group about Crohn's Disease nothing came up. I have been dealing with this...



My husband is not saved and I have raised my children in church. Now the 16 year old refuses to go because she has been hurt and then her youth pastor left. My 13 year old...

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Change of medication

I feel at my wits end some days. Ethan is having a medication change for the first time in 4 years. He has come off the old and is on the new. I feel bad because he was...


dealing with arguments after baby is born..

i gave birth almost a month ago, and i'm so happy with my little girl. she's so sweet and is always making me smile. but my relationship is kinda on the rocks. it's been so...

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I need help on how to deal w a 13 yr old. It is my step daughter. She is lazy and all she wants to do is sit in front of the tv, i pod or computer. She is made to do other...

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should i say something??

here's my issue, my mum lives about an hour away from me, she rarely visits me, and when she does it's only for like 2hrs max, about once every 2 months. my mum's mum lives by...


I want to stop night time nursing HELP!!!!

I really want to stop night time nursing. My daughter just turned 1 so im ready to stop it. Some nights she sleeps all night but most of the time she'll get up 1 or 2 times to...


restless sleep

My daughter used to sleep through the night beautifully (7pm-6am), but the past couple months she has been waking up on average 3 times a night sometimes more. She does not...

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Hello, I am a full time working mom with a 7 month old son. I only took the minimal 6 weeks of maternity leave after I had my baby, who is my first child. Since returning to...

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1 at home and 1 on the way... any help???

Hello fellow moms, My names Tara. My son is 23 months. He will be 2 March 31st. I am also expecting my second child, a daughter, on June 8th. I amvery excited about this new...

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