Ways to keep your child humble

With only having one, my son tends to be somewhat spoiled. He does realize that he's very forunate. What ways do you teach your child how to be humble? We take our son to...



I am looking to make some extra money by doing some childcare, I have tried word of mouth and ads onine and so far no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

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Well I am a stay at home mom of three young children, Alyxzander- 3 Amaiyiah-2 Abigail-1month My Fiancee travels the united states working for an electric company and is only...


Sharing toys.

I am a Mom to 1 child. I'm having a problem getting her to share her toys when we have play dates. I've asked her teacher at play school if she's noticed this problem and she...

Started by Penny on 01/14/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Meeting other moms

I am fairly new to the area. I have'nt met many people yet, especially moms with kids. We moved here with my husband business, and other then the people at his business and...



My 4 year old does not eat enough, she also gets bored with her food very quickly. She is in a pre school and they have never said she has a problem eating but what i see at...

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4 year old cries all the time

my son cries when ever he doesn't get his way. If someone takes his toy or I tell him he can't have candy until after dinner he has a fit. He had a full blown temper tantrum...



my son had the operation last year on his spine and his doing really well now, but up to him knowing he had scoliosis we had never heard of it, and its such a big op that you...


Money Jars

Withdrawl CASH. Set you budget of groceries, gas, personal spending, household spending...everything and withdrawl the cash at the beginning of the month. Go to the dollar...

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Hello everyone!

Hi there! My name is Missy. My husband Mike is a CO at Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, New York. Auburn is a Maximum Security Prison, and is roughly 180 years old. It...


Help with night time

My four year old boy will not go to the bathroom at night with out coming in telling us. Or he cries till he goes back to bed. He does not wet him self he just cries from his...


young mom wants to start educating myself

i need to find an onlie way to get my grade 12 i liv in a rural lil town and i wanna be able to support my kids with everything that they need but i know i cant do that with a...


i wish I could spend more time with my baby :(

being a working mom is so hard!! My mother takes care of my baby while i work and i feel as if i am losing control of what she eats, she is also acquiring habits that are a...

Started by Jennifer on 05/18/2009 in Working Moms

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How long...

How long did everyone take for maternity leave? Have you returned to work? How has it affected your relationship with your baby? Who watches the baby if you go to work? Just...

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First time in daycare...help!

My daughter will be 18 mo. in September and this will be her first time in daycare (she stayed home with dad last year). What is your advice on finding quality care, especially...