court, frustrated, rescheduled

My Husband and I filed papers two weeks ago charging bm with contempt. She hadn't had an overnight in 14 months, and last visit (daytime) was 9 months ago. She tried to get...

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sudden behavior changes at the age of 4

My son just turned 4 and for the last few weeks he has quit listening to his teachers, he is doing things he knows is wrong, like kicking, throwing things...... I have talked...

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Hi, Ive been a member for awhile but Ive never posted before. So here it goes my soon to be 4 year old caleb is in the middle of ieps and testings for autism/aspergers I'm...


Catholic Baptism advice!

I am a not really practicing Catholic (since my son was born 3 years ago) however I am baptised as his my son's father. I want to get my son baptised in the next couple months...


somebody help give me advice

How do I deal with stress when my kids father got 24 years in prison?im Single mom working part time job try pay bills without a fulltime babysitter im so stressed somebody...


6 yr. old step daughter hitting our younger daughter

My 6 year old daughter is getting out of control. She is my step daughter but I have never thought of her that way. I have always thought of her as mine. Now in the last few...

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i don't want to become my mom!! :(

my mother was a SAHM, she did EVERYTHING! she cooked, cleaned, picked us up from school to take us to swimming every day, and by bus!! she is a good mom. she did all that, and...

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Remember Newton's Third Law

The thing is, you love your kids desperately. So it's incredibly hard to watch them making mistakes that you think will come back to bite them later on. Over the years you've...


bed wetting 3 1/2 yr old.. help please

my 3 1/2 yr old daughter keeps wetting the bed sounds simple right put a nappy on well she's wetting the bed threw a nappy and it's not just a little she wakes up and some days...

Started by Georgina on 09/29/2011 in April 2008 Babies

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Say Excuse Me!

I just wanted to vent about a huge pet peeve I have of people letting their children walk right in front of you and they don't even care! The child doesn't say excuse me and...

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How to you find the time to scrapbook????

I have always made scrapbooks of everything. I have one of my husband and I, our wedding and have even made them for my brother and sisters of their children fro Christmas...


desperately need advice

my mother died a year ago and i am now playing mommy to my 10 year old little sister, she has neurofibromatosis, can anyone please help me to find a way to help her, she is...


Can my ex keep our child?

Can my ex husband not give my daughter back after visitation? We live in different states and have Joint custody but she has physically lived with me for a year. The divorce...


get my 2/2year old to sleep

Ok last week we put our 26th month old in his big bed. hes fine sleeping in his bed its getting him to go to sleep. he lays there some times and strats to nod off but wakes back...

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