My 8 yr old

My youngest daughter, Caroline who is 8 just started a new school earlier this year and is feeling "stupid". Her older, sister, my 11 year old daughter is a model student and is...

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New Member here!!

HI All! I am 39 this year and I have 4 teenagers now...17b,16b, and twin 14g. Life is never boring in our household!! People ask me how I manage to keep my sanity... I think...

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Hi out there, Any mums got any great tips to building confidence up in an 8 year old girl, i've just had her school report and i think a lot of it comes down to not having any...

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What's the best form of punishment for a 6 yr old boy?

My 6 yr old son got sent to the office twice this week for kicking and pushing. The first time was in retaliation to older kids picking in him but due to school policy he also...

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My sons was just recently diagnosed with adhd so my husband and I decided to give meds a try due to the fact our son was having a very hard time at school. Our pediatrician...


My son's teacher is driving me nuts.

I have a 5 y/o with a language delay. He is doing great. He's talking. He understands you. In a crowded situation he can get lost. Well, she keeps telling me that he's not on...

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15 year old stepdaughter HELP

I am writing to see if anyone has any advice for me and my husband. My 15 year old step daughter came to live with us full time 2 years ago as she doesn't have a good...

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Soon to be SAHM needs advice!

So my entire life I have done the whole college experience, the whole work my butt off from the bottom of the work chain to the top dog! I have LOVED it. It has been so much...