Best friends for 20 years....

I just wanted to share with everyone my little story. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby (6th pregnancy- 1st one that is looking good =D) and I am 22 years old. I have had...

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Baby sitter expectations

Ok...my daughter is two. She's active and LOVES to play. I'm in school sometimes so a friend of mine babysits. I gave her a gift of 300 dollars for on hour a day, three days a...

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Encouragement for a Gimp?

I have two beautiful children, Avalon and Raven (girl and boy), ages 20 months and 4 months, close, I know. I was just beginning to feel like I had things *sort of* under...

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'pulling my hair out' rant

BM is being very greedy! She sells the house and keeps the proceeds, demands £500 a visit, claims full benefits and is now asking for more money through the CSA! WHAT MORE DOES...

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New Mom New 2 Lexington

My name is Megan, I'm 24, and I live in Lexington. I just recently had a baby girl in December and she is my first. I have yet to make any friends here and could really use some...

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I am sssoooooooooooooooooooo over it right now.

Ok n the last few weeks my whole life is going absolutly crazy. First I had to get my brother's 3 teenagers because he is an asshole. Don't regret taking them at all and I will...

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Boys that best friends are girls

My son 10 two best friends are two very sweet girls 11 and 10 that live down the steet from us. They are always together ride bikes doing home work or in back yard or As husband...

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Two under Two.....

Hey Everyone.... I am new to Circle of Moms, but it looks like a great website. I came here for help because I just found out today that I am expecting my second child. I have a...


A lying 5 year old

My 5 year old is starting to tell lies and when I ask him why he tells me it's because he feels like it or he doesn't know. I have explained to him that lying is bad, I've tried...

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what should i do ?

ive sent my son to an early learning program hes turning 4 in january and it seems that he has trouble coping with having other kids around since hes an only child and never...

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