Hello! My name is Emily, I am a stay at home mommy to my almost 9 month old little girl. Just looking for some convo's with other stay at home moms. Does anyone work from home...

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Christine! How is Christopher?!

I need an update! When are they thinking he gets to come home? Any new pictures? What does he weigh? How are you doing as far as preparing for him to be home? :o) Please keep me...


Does my hubby care?

Ok so I have a 18 month old step daughter and her father and I have been togther since she was 4 months old first we only had her on the weekends and paid 300.00 a month in...

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With everything you see on the news and published in regards to immunizaitons these days, how do you decide wether or not immunize your new baby? My 2 year old had a...


Advice on how to handle phone calls and sons behavior.

It is court ordered that my SD gets phone calls from her BM on Mon and Wed at 6:30pm. She had to shuffle time and dates around her new work schedule which seems fair, until we...

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My 5 year old daughter always seems to be scared. She won't go to the bathroom unless someone is standing outside the door. She has peed her pants at Kindergarten. This happened...

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My 20y/o just wont step up.....

MY darling daughter, has a darling daughter of her own who will be 4 in july. They have lived with us all of my grandbabys life, except for 6 months when mom decided she wasnt...


Does god forgive?

I been having problems with my mother in law not so long ago my husband and I had a big fight and I told him to leave the house I understand that maybe it wasent the best choise...

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I'm at my whits end!

My son is just about to turn 6. I've been having so many issues with him lying, torturing our cat, no interest in his school work, destroying things, and now wetting his pants...

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The neighborhood restaurant

Our house seems to be the go to place for 5 kids in the neighborhood. I like it this way. We have some fun things to do and usually have some fun/healthy snacks. Usually they...


16 & 17 year old daughters..

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years is raising his almost adult 2 children. Ages 17 (girl) and age 20 (boy). No help nor support from their mother. I have 3 children myself 25 (boy)...

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Family Law advice wanted!!!!!

Our daughter is 5 and we agreed in the MSA that we would redistribute custody at that time based on the child's best interest. Mom has flexible work schedule Dad works away from...


hello i hve son age 11,

his at this pont where he isnt putting no effort into his work at school,he really cant be bothered,i have tryed everything and so has the school,any ideas?


Relocating to San Antonio, Texas

Hi, My name is Katie, I'm a married mother of a 5 yr old girl and we currently live in Richmond Virginia. HOWEVER! My husband has recently accepted a job based in San Antonio...

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Being a mother of seven children I have to take time for myself or I would crack. I love togo out to lunch while my kids are at school or I sometimes would cook them dinner...


Behavior issues

So Ashton has decided to start being a Jerk again. We have all worked hard in trying to be patient with him. He is ADHD and is going thruogh a really tough time right now. I...