1st or 2nd grade math curriculum

I started teaching my son in Kindergarten using the Abeka curriculum. We are now in the 1st grade and I love the Phonics, reading, & extras, but I find that the Arithmetic does...


Random Chat 85

I was hoping for Thurs to be our first Weekly Chit Chat Night. Due to the hour differences it could start as early as 4 in afternoon California, USA time. and go from there. I...

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Homeschool mix up.....

Hi- I am Amanda- I am new here. Just wondering what everyone uses for homeschool. I have a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old. I use Abeka, Math u see, and nurture minds. Kindof create...

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What curriculum do you use? Why?

I find this is a common question moms ask each other. Certainly we all want what's best and are looking for new ideas. I use AOE LifePac for everytining this year. I will...



I see there are quite a few new members, so I thought I'd create a spot for us to introduce ourselves. My husband and I live in Illinois with our four kids. I will be 30 at...

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Looking for Pen pals for my kids

I have been looking for pen pals for our kids. I want them to experience having a pen pal as I remember how much fun it was growing up. I looked on a couple other sites, but got...

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Curriculm used?

I was wondering if any of you homeschooling/unschooling moms could let me know what you have used, what works, etc. My one son is more "structure"- centered, and my other son...


How do you feel about homeschooling?

Just wondering how other Chrisitan mothers feel about homeschooling your kids with all that is going on in schools and in the world today. Do you feel comfortable with your kids...

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Hi my name is Kim and This was my first year homeschooling my 4th grader, I'll have one in kindergarten and in 5th grade next year and I'm looking into using the Bob Jones...


Picking a Christian curriculum

I'm wanting to start homeschooling my 2 children. Daughter is in 5th grade on 7th and 8th grade levels and my Son is in 1st struggling in spelling but has brough his grade up...


Schools for Highly Gifted

I have 3 children, 2 attend a school for the highly gifted. Just curious as to what other schools SPECIFICALLY for highly gifted are out there. I know of 3 public schools 1 in...


Curriculem for first years

This will be my second year homeschooling. My son will be in the first. Any opinions on whether or not to have a set curriculem during the first years...or just have varieties...


How do I motivate my gifted teen?

My 13 yr old son was tested in 2nd grade & identified as gifted with an IQ of 155. School work has always been easy for him and he makes no effort to do anything other than...


Mum over 40 with younger children

I am a 44 year old Mom of a 6 year old daughter and a 2 year 10 month old daughter. Are there any more Mums over 40 with children of all ages??? Let's chat...

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If at a teenage age (15-16) your child decides he/she doesn't want to do a compulsory school topic what would you say/do about it? i hated physcal education and religous...