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Induced with VBAC?

My doctor told me that because i was induced with my daughter and had the hormones to "speed up" Labour with my son who ended up being a C-section, I would probably need it...

Started by Melissa on 10/10/2009 in VBAC

Last update on 11/09/2009 by Jayna


Induce Naturally

My husband is coming home on leave from the military next week and ill be 38 weeks. We want the baby to come in the beginning of his leave since he is only home for 2 weeks. the...


being induced?

hello, i am due july 29 with my first baby a girl and the doc says that if i am still preggers by thursday he is going to induce me within the weekend. i have had contractions (...

Started by Laura on 07/24/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 07/28/2010 by Samantha


Going to be induced

I am going to be induced in a few days. I have heard that your contractions are much worse when being induced. Just wondering what some other moms experiences were.


To induce or not?

I hesistated to ask this question but then I thought maybe someone's been in this situation or something similar. Sorry, might be a bit long. I'm due with my third on Wed...


being induced

my doc is talkin of inducin me at 38 weeks which is only 7 and half weeks away. never been induced and i am a little worried my daughter was late and over 8 lb and the doc says...


Sex and Labor

Hey kind of a silly question just because I'm curious, but have any of you personally experienced going into labor during or shortly after having sex? I know doctors typically...

Started by Robin on 05/09/2009 in Expecting

Last update on 07/05/2009 by Candice


Forced Labor

Women wanting to have their child early for no reason but to have the child early. (I can understand for medical reasons to have the child early) what are your thoughts?...

Started by ♏*PHOENIX*♏ on 07/07/2011 in Just Debates

Last update on 07/09/2011 by Rachel


Starting Labor

Since we are all getting close to full term I thought I would ask what everyones ideas are on starting labor... of course my doc says none of them work, but it might be fun to...

Started by Melissa on 07/25/2011 in August 2011 Babies

Last update on 08/07/2011 by Jessica


Causing labor

I am 37 almost 38 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I have been having contractions for a couple days. There is a problem however, I can't seem to dilate past one and my...

Started by Alisha on 07/16/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 07/17/2011 by Anne


labor stories?

Im 17 and just had my little girl on august 19th, I went in at 6:30 a.m. to get induced (i was due august 24 but the dr was concerned about the baby getting larger- she expected...



I was induced with my first child at 39 weeks. My doctors thought he was going to be a big baby. After 12 hours of labor and I never got past 4 cm I ended up having a c-section....


Labor and Delivery

So....what is everyones favorite form of pain meds during delivery and why? I am due Jan 17th with my first and I am scared to do the epidural (pretty much everyones fav right?)...

Started by Tracy on 11/26/2008 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 01/08/2009 by Samantha


Signs of Labor?

Ok so i have 2 questions for everyone. First of all I was induced with my son so i am not sure what to look for. my first question is menstural like cramps a sign of labor? and...



Hi everyone. I am 32 weeks and 1 day today and I am diabetic and on bed rest due to pre-clampsia. My OB has told me that I have to make it 4 more weeks and they would definatly...

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