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Daytime Naps

Hello, My 17 month old son is taking later and later naps during the day. I cannot seem to get him down before 4:00 or 4#0 pm. Has anyone else eliminated the afternoon nap?


sleeping for your 13 month old?

Just wanting to know the sleep hours and times of your child born in dec 2009.My daughter was sleeping about 11-12 hrs at night getting up at 5, then napping for an hour and a...


Sleeping throught the night

Hello, My son was born on 9-3 and he goes to bed at 9pm every night. He wakes up between 2 and three, however, he just started only taking one to two oz at that feeding. He then...


Daytime naps

my 3yr old still has a nap durin the day an sometimes i have problems puttin him to bed at 8 n e ideas on how to cut the nap out i've tried but he gets ratty an bad tempered x

Started by Roxana on 03/31/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 03/31/2009 by Rachel


breastfed babies and sleeping

Are there any breastfed babies out there that are sleeping through the night yet? My son was born on the 15th and is still nursing every 1.5-2 hours.

Started by Jennifer on 01/26/2009 in October 2008 Babies

Last update on 02/04/2009 by Теодора


sleep related epilepsy

My 5 year old daughter has epilepsy but she only has fits in her sleep or not long after waking. Just wondering if anyone else's child is similar and what medication they take?...


Should a 9 month old be sleeping all night?

My son just turned 9 months but has been waking up every single night for the past few months.How do i get him to sleep through the night?I have 2 other kids and its so...

Started by Christina on 02/18/2010 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 03/19/2010 by Melissa


Co-sleeping/bed sharing

I co-sleep with my 5 month old, IMO our bed is the most natural and safe place for her. it also makes it much easier to nurse through the night, especially in the earlier weeks...

Started by Erin on 06/04/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 06/07/2010 by Christina Marie


Where does your Child Sleep?

with you or in the crib ? A lot of people would say its an issue topic because it raises alot of questions ... So where dose your child sleep and is it such a big deal .? my...

Started by Julie on 09/12/2010 in March 2009 Babies

Last update on 08/09/2011 by Jenni


can a baby have to much sleep?

my daughter born 22/09 has been sleeping alot lately she sleeps 12 hours durring the night and is only up for 2 hours at a time then is asleep again durring the day. Is this...

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