Please help.

My daughter is 17 months and about 6 months ago she broke routine she is now up till 5am in the morning im not even joking. she wakes up at 2pm i try everything to revers her...

Started by Ali on 01/24/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Bedtime routine

Any advice on how /when both twins will be able to be read to before going to bed? They are 13 mos. old. (born early at 32 wks gestation). I really want to read a book to them...


When your toddler is scared....

Hey everyone. I am a stay at home mom of two and I also take care of two other kids. I love my kids and would do anything for them and when I can't think of a specific...

Started by Stephanie on 08/13/2009 in Christian Mommies

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please help before i go crazy

my daughter has screaming fits over just about everything. her new favorite word is no, espcecially when i ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. she bullies her...


cows milk before 12 months???

I breastfed for 9 months but am finding it very demanding to keep up with. My daughter (9months) wakes up twice every night and will not settle unless she has a feed, This also...


Flying with a 12 month old

My daughter turns 1 year in March. In April we will be flying from Calgary AB to Phoenix AZ (About a 3 hour flight). Any suggestions on how to make this go smoothly? This is...


Growth spurt?

My three week old, for the last three days, has been acting very hungry all the time. Like I'll be stuck on my couch/bed for hours at a time. Before this he ate every 2 hours...


how could i take both my kids out of my bed???

i got my 2 year old nd my 3 month old sleepin in my room i wanna put my daughter in her own room nd my son in his crib but im scared to have him in his crib because he is tooo...

Started by Lourdes on 09/30/2010 in Mamis Latinas

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my son won't take naps anymore..

He just crawls around falling over and rubbing his face on anything soft and then jumps up when he realizes what he's doing..he'll do this for hours and hours...sometimes all...


potty training

I know this is a common topic, but i would like to hear from other moms the best way to Potty train twin boys. My boys will be two in december and i haven't tried yet, but I'm...

Started by Kim on 12/01/2011 in Twins

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gas pain remedies?

my daughter has pretty frequent bouts of gas. they are not unbearable, but she arches her back and cries and it clearly bothers her. she's 4 months, when "colic" is supposed to...


Stay at home mom

I'm a stay at home mom and I feel like I'm going crazy. I have no friends, just a husband who is either working, sleeping or stuck in the tv watching movies or playing video...


How much should I be feeding my son?

Hello, I recently went back to work, my mother in law watches my son. I have a 14 week old. I have been feeding him 4oz. Eric is getting at least 32oz per day every 3 to 21/2...


flat head?

My daughter is 3 months and 3 weeks old. she seams to have a flat spot on the back of her head, I will be talking to the Dr. about it on her 4 month check up, but is it normal...


Baby Sling VS Car Seat/Carrier

I want to use a baby sling to tote my baby around instead of a heavy back breaking carrier. Has anyone used them and do you have any recomendations on a good one that is not to...

Started by Julie on 02/11/2010 in Expecting

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