I'm I reasonable

I have a 10 month old daughter and run a home day care in my house I have a parent who drops here child off Wednesday-Friday at 4:45am! I charge her $7 more per day than an...

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breastfeeding and ovulation

My daughter is 10 months old. I haven't had a period since I had her. I am wondering how likely it is that I am ovulating. I want to have another baby soon, so I need to know...

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3 toddlers under the age of 3

I'm new to this website so I might not be posting where im suppose to be posting! So sorry if I am! I have a 3 and a half old daughter, a 2 and half year old son and a 1 and...


My almost 5 y/o still has regular accidents.

My daughter turns 5 in a few weeks and she still has 1 to 2 accidents a day. On a rare good day she is dry all day but on a bad one she can go through 4 changes of clothes. I've...

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confused and lazy!!

I bought reusable nappies whilst pregnant, my son is 4 months now and i still haven't used one yet. I have been using the disposables and i'm finding it hard to replace them...



Hello all, OKay i have a werid stranger question for you all!! have any of you ever had an episiotomy? i need some answers, bc its been 10 months since ive had mine done, and i...


potty training help!

we bought our daughter a potty at about 15 months for her to start getting used to it. no push--just looked at it and talked about it. we started sitting on it and peeing pretty...


need advice

my daughter is 9 and a half months old i nursed my son for a year but i think im gonna go longer with this one problem is my husband and mother in law and just about every one...


what age should u get rid of binky??

My daughte is 15months and I would like to know when it would be a good age to start trying to get rid of it. I know a lot of people that wait until they are like 3 but I don't...

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Adjusting in Child Care

My one year four month old baby girl is finding difficulties in adjusting in child care. She misses home and cries off and on. This is worrying me. Today was her third day, I...


Traveling with a 1yr old

My hubby and i are currently planning a trip to georgia from arkansas. I have a few things to bring in the car to entertain our daughter but am very open to any tips or advice....


help scared momma here!

Well my son will be having surgery and I'm totally freaked! We took are lil guy in to see the Urologist the other day and was told that he has a Hydrocele which if ur wonder...