Infant tummy trouble.

For about 3 weeks now, it seems like my 8 month old son is having tummy trouble. I breastfeed, and he hasn't had any juice. I took him to his ped. about 2 weeks ago, and he...

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Need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all I have been working with my daughter she is 15 months old and I got her on a good routine for eating and sleeping the problem I am having is my husband works overnights...

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step mom of a one year old

Is there anyone else out there with a step daughter that young. would love to see if you have some of the same issues I am having with the bio mom as I am.... Met my husband...

Started by Carol on 07/21/2009 in Step Parenting

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I need help!!

K, so he is 4.5 months old and has been sleeping through the night since like 10 weeks or something. Well a few weeks ago, I posted a lot worried about this difficult phase he...

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Baby has really bad gas

My son is almost 4 weeks old and he's having horrible gas issues, and fusses a lot because of it. He was breast fed until about 2 weeks when I had to switch him to just formula....


Where do you find balance?

When I respond to overwhelmed moms, I often have written you must look after yourself. I just got out of the hospital, five days, with pneumonia. I was so reluctant to leave...


I think I'm experiencing postpartum depression.

I gave birth a little less than 3 months ago to a beautiful baby boy. I'm a graduate student, and I went right back to school since I was afraid that if I didn't go back right...

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milestones & changes in naptime

My 8 month old son just hit two milestones....crawling & pulling himself up. And since then naptimes & bedtime has been horrible. Rather than sleep he will pull himself up in...


when is it to much??

How do you all feel about your teens and their cellphone usage? Texting imparticular. My daughter turns her phone on when she gets up to go to work in the morning 4:45AM and...

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I am a 25yr old mother of a 4yr old, 2yr old and a 3month hold. I don't normally get out of the house and hubby works 6 days a week and usually 12 hrs a day. Some ideas for...

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Behavior Problems?

My 4yo stepdaughter has been having some major behavior problems recently, and I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this (because I certainly did not go through...

Started by Leslie on 06/16/2011 in Children Of 2006

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