My son got his 4 month shots

Hi, my son got his 4 month shots a week ago tomorrow, and he's been very irritable since like, 2 days after he got the shots. I have read that it takes up to 14 days for the...


Expressing Problems

My little one will be 6 weeks on thursday. Last week i started to express milk to be frozen ready for that time when i will have to eventually be away from her. The thing is...


Clingy 4 month old

okay so hers the deal! i have a 4 almost 5 month old daughter that always wants me! I went to visit my family recently and when they went to hold her she started screaming! and...

Started by Stephanie on 12/05/2009 in Babies And Infants

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Starting Solids

My boys are 4 months old. They were premies born at 34 weeks and 2 days. At our 4 month doctor visit the doctor mentioned that this was a time to start thinking about solid...

Started by Christina on 01/15/2011 in Twins

Last update on 01/16/2011 by Jessica


My problem....

My problem is breaking Mersadies from the bottle. I made the mistake of giving her a bottle when she goes to bed. For more information, I started that cuz she woudln't go to...

Started by Jillian on 06/26/2010 in Single Moms

Last update on 07/02/2010 by Tara


Lack of energy!

Ever since i had my son i have been staying home. I used to be a very active person in my job and was able to manage my weight. I am 5ft 4 and weight 172, i used to be pretty...

Started by Tabitha on 07/23/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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She won't take a bottle...

My daughter almost 5 months and she started daycare last week and she won't take a bottle. It is really weird because since she was like 8 weeks old I would pump and give her a...

Started by Shenea on 01/23/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Problems with violent outbursts

My son is 4 yrs old and has Autism. He isn't very verbal and sometimes has outbursts for no apparent reason ans without warning. One moment he can be happy and smiling ans the...


how do i?

how do i get everything done around house spend time with my kids (IN A GOOD MOOD NOT STRESSED) and work to be able to have them have everything they need?????

Started by Erica on 12/03/2008 in Working Moms

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Tummy problems?

I think my baby is having major gas problems. In the night she grunts for hours. Generally, she looks asleep when she's making the noises but I feel so bad for her. Does...