used to be such a good sleeper!

Our little girl will be 8 months on Feb 7th and used to sleep excellent at night....8pm-8am. The last few weeks its been like having a newborn again, she wont go to bed until...


Premature babies

Hey all! First of all i would like to introduce myself....my names Jenny and my son Jack is 19 weeks...born on 27th December nearly 8 weeks prem. Im wondering if there are any...



I have a 14 year old step-son who is diagnosed as PDD-NOS with asperger tendencies. He is extremely high functioning. He is currently in the eighth grade and is in an...



IM a 24yr old single mum of a 28mnth old boy. atm he is teething molars n NOT sleeping through the nite-in the last 12wks i hv managed 2 get him out of my bed in2 his cot nxt 2...


Nap time issues for my two year old HELP!

My daughter is a little over two years old. Lately she has decided not to nap. But by five she is falling asleep or really cranky. I am very consistent with keeping her in her...


Being intimate with your spouse

Hi ladies. We have a 6 mo and for some reason I just can't seem to get interested in being intimate with my hubby. I've spoke with my DR and she put me on Celexa, been on it for...



Hi! My daughter just turned 8 month yesterday. She has 2 bottom teeth and now her top teeth are ready to come out. She never had teething pain with the first two teeth. But now...


Potty Training

Has anyone else had any problems getting their child to sit on the toilet? I started potty training my son b/c he has shown all of the signs of being ready. So we decided to...


Longterm boyfriend conflict?

Wow where do I start? I have been in a relationship with a man for 3 1/2 years. Within a month of dating he insisted on meeting my family including my son. To make a long story...

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bad/crazy dreams??

So i am 22 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and i have been having the worst dreams. they mainly have to do with snakes and dead men. with the other kids i had some nightmares...

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Just don't want to be TOUCHED!!

So, Need advice!! Lately I'm at the point where I'm totally exhausted from my 7month old daughter NOT sleeping through the night, she is up about every 2-3hours, sometimes she...

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Bottle suggestions?

Sorry if it's been posted before, but I have no idea how to search within the forum. I'm planning on breastfeeding when I deliver in ~10weeks. In trying to get ready for baby,...

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Anyone else tired of being unappreciated?!

I am a SAHM.....AND I have a full time night job too! I do all the dishes, laundry, cleaning, anything he ask for or needs I get it for him. I work a 9 hour shift 5 days a week...

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When is enough, enough?

My son is going to be 4. His "dad" has been in and out of his life and contributes VERY little. He will get into one of his "depressed moods" and disappear anywhere from a...

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okay so on another group they had a page asking how do you deal with family of diffrent Faith and as one of the few chirstians that come from an athiest home. The converstation...

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Addicted husband. What to do?

I have been with my fiancé for 5 years. We have a 15 month old daughter. Before we had her I had noticed he would do coke here and there but it wasn't a problem. It would...

Started by Erika on 02/23/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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