So my fiancee, myself, and his little sister have the house to ourselves this weekend and we are sittin in the livingroom playin videogames, and it's midnight and the phone...

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Daughter's first Birthday stress

OK so I spent all day getting ready for this big party to celebrate my daughter's 1st birthday. Every thing goes great and then right when my brother comes in w/ his kids my mom...

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18 y.o. lying and hiding things

My husband and I have an 18 y.o. daughter who is a senior in high school. To say the last few years were rough is an understatement. When she turned 18, we told her that if...



Hi! My name is Amy and I believe my son has ADHD. My husband suffers from the condition and is convinced that our son has it too. I find it difficult to keep his attention on...


lingy like crazy!

My daughter, Ava, is now 23 weeks. She has more recently become very clingy... She will barely even go to my husband. When I put her down she screams bloody murder. I can't find...


2 yr old...ahhhhhh

I have a 2 year old boy and he is pushing me beyond my limits. He kicks , hits, throws, yells , slaps, talks back... keep in mind he is only 28 months. I dont know what to do...


average day of a homemaker

hi there. Due to some recent serious medical issues my husband and I decided it would be best if I were to cease working at least for the rest of this calendar year and focus on...


mother in law troubles

My feince is from africa and right before my daughter was born we went throw the paper work of bringing his mother to america. At first she was nice. Me and her got in to it a...


My 5yr olds a quitter... HELP!!!

My 5yr old saw a picture of his brother playing t-ball at his age and begged to join a team. We registered him, for $75 bucks BTW, and got all the gear for another $80. My hubby...

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I dont know what to do....

I am married to and have 2 year old son. We moved here to Colorado back in March because we thought it would be a great place to start over. Which in most cases it has been...


i dont like him! :(

my son is 8 yearsa old and has ADHD. he was diagnosed a couple of months ago but i have known since he was a baby that he as different and since he was 3 i have known he has...


advice please.

what would you do in this situation.. i know this couple who has a baby and the stuff they do with the baby is rediculous yet harmful. when the baby was only 9 months old...


Potty Training Help!

My son turned 3 the end of May. He is being very difficult about going. I have tried ALL the tricks. He will go on the potty, but I have to force him to get on it. He even...

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My 3 yr old won't go poo in the potty

My son started potty training off fine. My husband and I are separated and I think that has something to do with it. I have my approach and he has his. It has now gotten to the...