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i have just started writing a blog about my experiences as a young mum with 2 kids, would love to know what you think... http://damnmykids.blogspot.com/

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6 week growth spurt

Anyone else's babies getting to a growth spurt? Fierna is nursing about every hour these days! Lol last nighti barely slept because she was eating all night.....I hope she puts...

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How Can I Introduce the Bottle?

Hello. I am a 28 yr old SAHM (for the time being) and I have a 6 1/2 month old baby girl who is exclusively breastfed. I am attempting to introduce the bottle to her (with...

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Ear Piercing?

I haven't quite decided what to do. I want to pierce her ears so she can look cute for her Christmas photos, but I feel bad mutilating her poor little ears (even though I lived...


Hello-my story

Just wanted to say hi! This is my story- my husband (i should start saying ex, but its not easy) been cheating on me off n on for the past 3.5 years while I was expecting our...

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Is it hard to date when you have kids

Hello everyone I wanted to know do any mom think its hard to date when you have kids im 22 years old and im scared to move on from my baby father even though we don't have an...


Crying, every day crying.

My daughter of 4 years old is crying for anything she wants, if i say no.Drives me crazy, I am powerless.An example:She has her meals time which i try to keep up.When i call her...


Separation Anxiety?

My 3 month old little one seems to only want me. I want him to get used to his grandparents, aunts & uncles. My husband & I are trying to go out for at least an hour...


How far should parenting really go?

I am a mother of a 17 year old male and an 8 year old female. Obama being elected President has brought about a new hope in America for many African American's as well as other...

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"Need Advice" VBAC

I have a one year old and 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. The first baby, after pushing with no pain meds (because they turned my epidural off) for 2 1/2 hrs I had to have a...

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Feeling Totally Alienated

I am having a problem recently with my 8 year old step-daughter and step-son. We are actually very close and I love them as much as if I had had them myself. I feel like their...

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can i sleep with my newborn?

I know the dangers. But I'm a very light sleeper and I have a very big king size bed. I noticed that at nearly 2weeks old when I put him in his crib he does not sleep as well....



my son is almost 2 (27th of this month), anyway since he was about 16 months old he gets very mad if his daddy and I hug or even touch hands. He is our only child at this time....

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Three more months???

Almost three months ago husband decided to go active and he got the conditional release to his unit and his unit was so happy and bargained it would be abt 2-3 mths b4 it would...


How accurate HPT

I am currently 6 days late for my period. I took the Walgreens brand HPT (blue ink) at 2 days late and I took another at 5 days, both came back negative. I noticed the day...


My Story

Hi, i'm Brittany. When I was 6 mths prego i stared to have pain in my lower back and in my bladder.It turned out that within two weeks i had gotten two differnt kidney...