Need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all I have been working with my daughter she is 15 months old and I got her on a good routine for eating and sleeping the problem I am having is my husband works overnights...

Started by Aicha on 01/30/2011 in Toddlers

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Breaking point

I am at my breaking point. Im pregnant with our 4th child. I throw up all day with everything i eat. My husband dont help me at all. When i talk to him about just finishing our...

Started by Jamie on 02/04/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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contact during deployment

im just curious about how much you got to hear from your spouse during their deployment?! via emails, calls, etc... i rarely get to hear from my hubby and i understand hes...


temper tantrums

My 2 1/2 year old son throws the worst tantrums. He is smart, and throws them in public, at parties, everywhere. Often where we are in public I am lost with a postive...

Started by Venessa on 06/28/2010 in Working Moms

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Hives, and more hives

My 20 month old baby has had hives since she was 14 months. She not allergic to any foods, soaps, pets, etc. We cannot get a handle on this, and ths doctors dont know what to do...


Picky Eater, dinner especially...

My almost 2 and a half year daughter is such a picky eater lately. Her line to me is 'Not right now' when I serve dinner and later after not eating much of anything, she decides...

Started by Christa on 03/16/2011 in Toddler Moms

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MY 3 year old and going in his pants

My husband and I finally got him to go potty like big boy standing up an by himself. But we don't know how to get him to poop in the potty an not his pants. We've tried...

Started by Amanda on 05/26/2014 in Potty Training

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trying to conceive

we have been trying now for nearly 2 yrs, my husband had a varsectomy done 4 yrs ago(before i met him) had it reversed a yr after having it done. we have both been checked out...



I am so nervous to let my 2 month old son spend the night over his grandmothers, aunts, or uncles house I so scared that something is going to happen to him and I trust my...

Started by Sade on 10/21/2009 in First Time Mom's

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Absentee Babysitter

I watch my friends kids at least 4 times a month if not more. I had to be at work on my normal day off, so I had my friend watch my kids for a few hours before my husband came...


Please Help !!!!

So I have a 2yr. old little girl. Her Father and I are going thru a divorce, but we still see her it's joint custody and all that. Well here for the past couple of weeks she's...

Started by Melody on 03/11/2010 in Divorced Moms

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She's drinking what?!?

My little angel just started daycare yesterday. She's 4 months and she's at daycare from 6 am till 5 or 5:30. I did a milk intake calculator and it said she would take at most...

Started by Myetta on 09/08/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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