How do you manage time for yourself and still parent?

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Hi my little girl is almost 13 months n still doesnt sleep through the night.. I have tried the tough love approach, like a few people said worked for them. But i have not...

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Potty Training

My daughter is Two and I am trying to potty train her.She was doing really well at first until my son was born.When her baby brother arrived it seems like she just gave up.What...

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Sleep Remadies

Hi. Has anyone used over the counter sleep remadies?? I am a very light sleeper and will quite often spend hours staring at the roof trying to sleep. I wake up feeling more...


taking a vacation

Hi Everybody I have a two and a half year old daughter at home and I work full time. My friends want me to take a girls trip with them, but I feel guilty for even being away...

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Having Twins

Im due on june 12th i was just wondering how long your pregnancy lasted i know each woman is different but i was just curious!! Thanks :)

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Hi All

Hi all My name is Terri, i am a proud mother of Riley Thomas who was born the Oct 3rd 09. Im currently a stay at home mum i enjoy socialising with other mums with bubs, i...


Daily Schedules & Activities.

I started working at night about 8 months ago so I could be home with my daughter during the day. She is 3 years old and up until that time she had been to a sitter while I...

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I am 54 and my husband is 60. We are the parents of 3 kids (son,36; daughter, 28; daughter,25) My son had a daughter with a young girl in 1998. They could not adequately take...


Not What You Imagined...

Hey! Did any of you ladies have a dream of how your pregnancy and delivery would go? We plan our nurseries, paint the walls, set our crib up (I didn't get to but I had a scheme...


8 week old who wont sleep

i have an 8 week old bubby boy and he is my 1st baby, he only sleeps about 4 hours a nite betwene 6 am and 10 am the rest of the day and nite he is ither wide awake or screaming...

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Balance for the Type A SAHM

This is something I really need help with... I mean above most everything else. How do you manage the home without going crazy!? I only have one child (13 mos) and I feel...

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Help! Night time waking!

My baby turned 8 months recently and has started to crawl and stand herself up. She used to sleep through the night, now she is waking up 2-3 times per night and staying up for...