Who here is nesting? I understand now what it means lol. i can't stop myself...i feel exhausted, but i just can't stop... i've cleaned my house so many darn times, i constantly...

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PLEASE READ>>> I know it's long, I need help Ok...so I have two children. A six year old boy and a one year old daughter. They are GREAT together. The perfect match, and...


Feel upset .....what should I do

Hie, I am mother of 3.3 months old baby and this is my first child. We have love cum arranged marriage, we are more of a friends than a husband wife. I love my child, she is my...


things I knew before I have baby

I'm well prepared parent I raise my two brothers when I was 11 yrs old. I took over as mom and dad because they work and did not want to take care of their children. I gave them...


Way behind grade level

Hi, I'm new to COM and I'm also new at being a stepmom. I have 3 adorable stepkids and I have been a full time stepmom for only 1.5 year. While all is going very well for most...

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Adjusting to a new city. Help!

I moved to chico when my daughter was two months old. She was a sick baby so i kept her inside a lot, probly just a new mom thing, but now she is a healthy, strong baby. I think...

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bedwetting everynight!

3 yrs old, i try to control his fluids and make him potty before bed and he still ends up waking up in the middle of the night or even from a nap wet. i want to believe it's...


Maternity Clothes???

Is it just me or are maternity clothes just way too big or am I just way too small?? I am due July 2010, which makes me almost 7 months pregnant and I still wear my normal...

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MIL Vent

So my MIL wouldn't change my sons diaper for the first 2 months of his life. She had done this for her first grand son. So you can understand my hesitation when she wanted to...


What have you heard?

I am getting my tubes tied on the 12th. I have 2 wonderful children, 4 yr old boy and a 3 month old girl...I am done having children. I was curious if anyone has gotten...


Looking for advice,ideas,or oppions

Well This is my second child,and my last child.I wanted to due a baby shower but with how my first one turned out I chose not to.But What do you think if I did a welcome to the...