Just got done crying

I am a mother of a former 12 week preemie. My son spent 3 months in the hospital in the beginning only to return 19 days later for a stay because he was septic due to late...

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school and kids

hi i was wondering if any one could tell me what it us like to be in school and have a child i was wanting to get back into school to finish year twelve but i was to scared...

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Hi all, I am in my 3rd semester in college and i am 40yrs old. I have 4 children at home and a full time job, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and i want to quit school,...

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Feel like a bad mom...

Lately I've felt like a terrible mom/wife. For the last 2 years I went to school (and worked part time also for a year). I am now trying to build my photography career, and been...

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What am I to do when ther

My daughter Rheinne has lately been pushing her limits to see what she is going to get away with. At 14 mos. I know that it is not time to get into the discipline, but being a...


Vyvanse and Intuniv

I would like to know if any one's child is on Vyvanse and Intuniv? I honeslty see my daughter acting so mean and violently towards me and her brother and others since we added...


At a lost... don't know what to do.

Hi everyone. I have a one year old and I have been a stay-at-home mom since she I was pregnant. Her dad works but comes home late constantly disregarding the schedule that we...

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MP wife......getting out of the AF

My husband is getting out of the AF in a few months and trying to be a real life cop. I am really nervous about getting out of the service. The idea of giving up our paycheck....


Do pictures help or hinder?

My husband has been gone since the middle of April. We saw him a few times before he left for overseas the beginning of June. At first our daughter screamed every night for...


How did you know?

How did you know that your husband was the right person for you to marry? Aside from being in love what were the signs?

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Please pray for me

I really need to have a "let go and let God" moment, but I am having a lot of trouble getting there. My husband is in the military and his base is closing, our state is not...

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Low sex drive.

Is wondering is their any other mums out there that have a low sex drive? After give birth to my son 10months ago ive got a low sex drive.. And how can this be changed!! Because...