is it normal??

hi there, my husband goes out of country once a month and some times twice for a week or more then that.my hubby most of the time comes late from office and i have to take care...


unaccompanied stateside tours?

My husband and I just purchased a home near Long Beach, CA. He is stationed nearby. He can only stay on this tour for 3 years, leaving almost 2 left. Our kids started school...


Baby is here! Birth story...

I had a doctor's appointment Friday morning. Everything looked good, but I sheduled an induction for Wednesday because my dr didn't want me going past 41 weeks. Well at about...

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ugh the frustration over the ex!

my sd is 5 and hates goin to her moms house. she screams and cries everytime she has to go. and now we see why. she f*^&$# ditches her every day she can. "al of a sudden having...

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Tubal ligation - The Permanent Snip!

I'm thinking of making the permanent snip! I'm on my 3rd pregnancy, and am looking into getting my tubes cut, and so is the hubby! We want to make sure there are no more...

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sorry......just needed to have a little scream LOL!!!!! why oh why do some kids think they know more/feel more/ need more/ than anyone else!!????? my oldest is nearly twelve,...


How do I do it???

My 5 year old is doing this thing where she is throwing a fit all the time, it is none stop. She has never been like this, it just started a couple months ago. She doesn't...

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video EEG

Hi. My son is going to get a 3 day video EEG done in the hospital in April because one of the past ones have came back abnormal and another one normal. He has been diagnosed...


21month old and sleep

My daughter who will be 21 months next month(4-5) is runnin us ragged at night...For the past month we have been fightin with her at bedtime...it takes us a few hours to get her...

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screaming newborn

My 2 week old fights with me during feeding time. I am breastfeeding and she wants feed every hour and is ravenous and screaming. She eats so fast and aggressively that she...


doing it alone with 3 kids

I'm 30yrs old, I have 3 children. 11yr old, 8yr old and 7yr old. My husband is fixing to be shipped off to the federal pen for a while. So you can imagine my life getting...


Where to go from here?

My little girl is almost 22 months old. We started sitting on the potty before bathtime around age one (without any real expectation of her going, just to get used to it)....


Women vs. Men leaving the army

Ok, Im a active duty solider (female). I have decided to leave the military. Today, my CSM ask me if I wanted to go to the promotion board, I said no because I want to finish...