getting judged

in 36 hours I am having a repeat c-section. This was not by my own choosing, medically it was recomended for multiple reasons. 1. I had a C with my first, 2. I have a...

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Having Trouble Completing a Project

Hi Everyone: I believe in the power of prayer, so I'm asking for your prayers to help me focus. My husband and I do video production and we've decided to focus on...

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Healthcare Debacle continues to get worse......

http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_147... While most of the purported benefits of health-care insurance reform are years away, it took only a few days for a serious,...

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think of the kids before you speak!

I have been reading through a few comments tonight and I am getting sick of the "teenagers are crap parents" attitude! the number of times I have been told I look too young to...

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Am I asking too much?

My husband and I got married in October of 2014. I have a son from a previous marriage that has just turned 4. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is an independent...


Congenital Lyme and or breastfeeding

Did any of you have Lyme while pregnant or breastfeeding? Or know somone who has? I am curious to see if you "knew/felt" that you passed Lyme to the child or if you have had the...

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My 2-year-old is a NIGHTMARE!

My 2-year-old is driving me crazy. She cries at the drop of the hat. She cries because you don't answer her on the first try. She'll cry if she is playing with something and it...



Thanks for the invite. I'm a 45 yo mom with 7 yr old and 4 yr old boys. I waited to have children. The "baby bug" didn't bite me until I was 37. LOL

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My little girl thinks she is a dog

My daughter is almost 20 months old and I catch her eating the dog food, and drinking out of the dog's water bowl like they do. Now she wants me to give her water in a bowl so...

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Still going through PPD?

So today I had one of those days that were just so bad it makes you really breakdown, I mean like a nervous breakdown type of breakdown.. Ever since I got up this morning it has...



my son is aspergers but i think he may be ocd also because he is so messy and he wont get rid of anything he likes toys or cardboard or wrapers and if we do it he gets so means...


clucky for 2nd bub

I had a caesarian with my first( who is 16 mths old) child.I had alot of issues and was 4 days over due.I had a caesarian (the epidural didnt work so had to be knocked out...

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Bussy 2 year old...

My daughter is a very bussy young lady and never wants to leave her mom's side when I'm home... It's funny how she somehow knows when I am on a mission to clean the house,...

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So getting hit on and flirting are universal…lol What are some crazy, weird, odd, or actually clever pick-up lines you have heard or had said to you? ~oh and If I say...

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Baby shampoo/bodywash

My son is 17m. When did you switch from the baby shampoo/bodywash(like Johnson&JOhnson) to the kids shampoo/bodywash??? What kind do you use if you did switch? My son's hair is...


Update requests

Hey ladies, How are you all doing? Hope all is well since I haven't heard anything from you in a while. Been pretty busy here. Got all the chicks processed and in the bag in my...


What do you think about sage cleansing

We recently bought a house and I want to do sage cleansing to remove any negative energies that may remain in the house. The house we moved from felt heavy and I also don't want...

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