Need mum support and advice!

My husband and I have been TTC now for about 11 months, although it feels like forever. Both early twenties, try to eat healthy, exercise, no alcohol or cigarettes, even gave up...

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I'm "Their" Mom.

I am a young mom of 25, and I have two beautiful boys. Judah is almost three, and Zachary is about five months now. I have loved being a stay at home mom for my Son Judah,...


Naughty 10yo HELP!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! My 10 year old step daughter has been behaving REALLY naughty for nearly a year now and we don't know what to do anymore. We have taken everything out of her bedroom...

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Separation Anxiety

My 8 month daughter wants me and only me right now. My husband doesn't get to see her a lot as he leaves for work before she wakes up and by the time he gets home he only sees...

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Would you lie to your child?

Re-post from Strollerderby I recently told my child if she ate her broccoli it would make her smart and beautiful. The minute the words fell out of my mouth, I was overcome...

Started by Katherine on 03/29/2012 in Bitchin Ladies

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ADHD meds

I have been trying different things to avoid doing the medication thing. My son is 5 and is just too hard to handle. He's constantly talking, repeats himself, talks to...


So tired...

My son will be 3 months old next week. At his 2 month check-up he weight 14 lbs and I'm sure he weights more now.. He is still nursing every 3 hours and sometims longer at...


When can you start giving water to baby?

My daughter is 2 months old and i was wondering if it is okay to give her some water yet? She only gets breastmilk right now and i'm wondering if her tummy is hurting because...

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How to get things done??

Hi I am a mother of 2 and can never seem to get anything done. I have a 1 and a half month old daughter and a 4 year old son. I am always doing something with either of the...

Started by Ashley on 07/02/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Mine, his, an ours....

My boyfriend an I have been together for over a year now, both of us have children from previous relationships an we are expecting a baby next month. My oldest is almost 7 an...


Ex wife just wont let up on me.

I have been with this man almost 5 years, we have been married, and his ex wife has managed to turn the kids against me and they distroyed our marriage. We still love each...


Blending Families

Please tell me if I'm over reacting. My daughter had the cutest most adorable love bird that became the family pet not long after she brought it home. If you've never had a...