To get married or not???

I'm am a single mother in the military my daughters father is also in the military. Our daughter was planned we both decided we wanted a baby together so when I got pregnant and...


Anxiety in children

Hi im Michelle and my 9 year old daughter has anxiety disorder. When my daughter was diagnosed i felt so alone and i don't want anyone to feel like i did. I have been dealing...



My 5 year old twins seem to have trouble being grateful or appreciative for the things they have or receive. How do I teach them this concept. I try talking to them about it,...


What do I do

My 17 month old has been diagnosed with developmental delays. He has been qualified for the early intervention program. I feel so lost, what do I do now? Do I get a hearing test...


food ideas for 15 month old

hello moms! i need ideas for good healthy food ideas to feed my 15 month old. He has only 2 bottom teeth. any ideas or recipes would be wonderful or websites to check out.


abused child

hi i am a mum of 2 and i have a step son his name is blake..ill tel u some of his story he is 3 and he got abused by his mums bf he had a broken nose bruises head to toe split...


Need to rant...

It is SO annoying when other moms (never the dads) see me in the grocery store or at the doctor's office or wherever and their kids are misbehaving (tantrums, crying, fighting...


What the heck would possess BM to do this?

As most you probably know, my SS lives with me and my hubby and goes to BM's every other weekend. My SD lives with BM and comes here every other weekend. Well, BM was to get my...

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I respect PETA's message and I respect all of what they are doing for animals but, what about people? Where is PETP? When I had...

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