pre-teen daughter.

I am 46 and have been married for 27 years. We have a 26 yr old son, 21 yr old son, and a 11 year old daughter. My two boys are in the Marine Corp and away over seas. My...

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How do I get my son to sleep?

HELP! M son wont sleep at night! he used to be a decent sleeper and give me 4-5hrs at a time.. now if im lucky i get 2 and last night he was up the majority of the night. My...

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Easy crockpot recipes

It's easier for me to put something in the crockpot the night before then let it cook all day, rather than running around trying to throw something together, and watching my 3...


Overcoming Postpartum

I had severe postpartum depression but when I had overcome it I realized all of the joys I missed when I brought him home and the first couple months. Has anyone else...

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How can i over come a misscarage???

Hi am 26 and i have 2 boys of the age 7 and 5. I just had a misscarage last december and it had been really hard for me to get over it . Talking to family and friends only some...

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I feel old

Since I had my wonderful son, I have lost tons of energy, many said it would come back he is almost a yr how long does it take? I also lost friends, has anyone else experienced...

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My son Ryan has autisum. And had a family party for his 8th birthday nothing big just the grandparents . So,my grandma told me that my mom thinks we shouldnt give Ryan any...


How do u potty train a child that doesnt talk?

My 16 month old doesn't talk yet, she still just says mama and dada and babbles the rest of the time with every now and then saying another word. She keeps taking her diaper...

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Feeling taken advantage of..am i overreacting??

I have been helping out a friend of a friend for about 2 months now. She hasn't worked in over 2 years and recently went back to work so they wanted a sitter they could trust...

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Overwhelmed with anxiety

My daughter was my little miracle. Before I got pregnant, I was a heavy drinker, smoker, and occassional recreational drug user. She has turned my entire life around and made me...