marital bliss or mess?

Ever since having our second child (we have a 21 month old and now a 3 week old) we have been fighting all the time and just not doing good. He's addicted to watching baseball,...


My Story

Hi everyone. I was in search for a support group to try and get through this time in my life. My husband has been awsome through this whole thing, but he cant really relate to...



My daughter will be 9 months on the 25th. Im a stay at home mom and I rarely get out so me and my daughter are alone together ALL the time. Lately she been getting to the point...


Coliky or spoiled?

My 7 month old is insanely clingy to me! She was coliky when she was younger and seemed to have gotten better until recently. Shes always one that loves to be held but lately...


A decision to homeschool

Can I have some advice on when to start home schooling, please? I have four kids, three girls and one boy. My husband and I have already decided we would start home schooling...

Started by Kathleen on 03/21/2013 in Christian Moms

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How do I get him to be a parent?

I work full time in marketing and print communications, I go to school full time online, I take care of my child full time. Like many of you I have my days full. However.......

Started by Lauren on 10/02/2012 in Working Moms

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Going through a defiant stage

Help!! My once well behaved 17 month old now objects to anything where he has to be immobile. Changing a diaper/getting dressed takes forever, washing his face is impossible and...


Bouncy toys?

Anyone know of a good toy that little ones can bounce on? NOT a trampoline (as I don't have a yard for the time being.) Something that can be used inside and doesn't take up a...


I am at the end of my rope!

I have had it! My husband thinks that because he works full time, he doesn't have to lift a finger to do anything around the house. I totally supported him for several...

Started by Amber on 09/20/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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How do I prevent a nervous break down

I need some encouragement. I am a single mom of 2 year old b/g twins. I live with my parents who are a great help, but they have raised there children and dont want to do...

Started by Ebony on 04/26/2011 in Twins

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Am I in the wrong?

After responding to a few of the women here, I started to realize that most of these women already have children and are now running into issues TTC another child. This...

Started by Imani-Rashaunn on 08/31/2009 in Trying To Conceive

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