Nap Schedule

My daughter will be 3 months on the 30th and I need some help trying to make a nap schedule. She can stay up for like 3 or 4 hrs but she might catnap for 20-30 mins within those...


Cant get child support

I just recieved a letter form the WI child support agency that I will never recieve child support from the father of my first 2 girls because he is on SSI. I dont understand how...

Started by Elizabeth on 02/06/2011 in Want To Vent?

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Could I still be pregnant?

My husband and I are ttc with baby #2,we've been trying for 6 months now ( it took us a year 8 months before we got pregnant with our son) and I am currently 6 days late with 3...

Started by User on 03/11/2012 in Trying To Conceive

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barely 20 and terrible father

I had my son when i was 19 and 3 days later i turned 20. I live with my grandparents and work a minum wage job. I barely have money coming in. When i was 5 months pregnant the...



Hi all! I am always looking for ways to save money. In the area of employment my husband is in there are constant lay offs. The last lay offs went through all of our savings...

Started by Bev on 10/30/2008 in Money Saving Tips

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Sidewalk cracks!! What a pain.

My hubby goes bonkers when he sees sidewalk cracks and he is pushing the baby in the stroller. It's kind of cute that he tries to protect the baby from every little bump. But...

Started by Melanie on 06/17/2010 in April 2010 Babies!

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Scared of the car!

My three month old screams every time we put her in the car. She normally doesn't stop until she either stops for a few minutes and begins to enjoy the ride, or falls asleep....


Loves my hair

My 6 month old is obsessed with my hair. I have to wear it up all of the time or she will grab on to it and put it in her mouth. She wraps it up in her fingers then puts her...

Started by Nicole on 02/10/2010 in July 2009

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How early can you start potty training?

My first son I started him very early and by age 2 he was completely potty trained but it was a long proccess. Now the second time arround my baby just turned 1yrs old and I...


Is crying when eating normal

My 4 month old screams everytime she has a bottle. She eats then screams then eats and it never ends. Sometimes tears roll down her face but the doctor says its nothing. It...


When do I get to go out?

My boyfriend thinks he deserves to go out with the guys all the time, but when is it my turn? He acts as if he should be able to continue on as usual. Did he pack a baby...


How can i correct bad behavoir with my nephew?

Ok so this is how it is plain and simple, my nephews are out of control! They are always taking toys from my children, the oldest who is 4 (the same age as my son) is mean, he...

Started by Brittany on 01/27/2012 in Toddler Moms

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