My baby still breastfeed at night. Is she to old and how do I get her off. She also drinks 2 bottles and eat 2 meals at night. She weights 16.5 kgs. Should I be corncern.

Started by Bianza on 09/17/2009 in June 2007 Babies

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my 17 month old son doesnt talk...

My son does not talk. He says mama/mom and that is about it. I sit and have conversations with him and read him books. He tries really hard with some thing like thank you or...

Started by Stephanie on 02/01/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Need Advice.

I know that I never had children. So I don't know How it feels when You have children or to recover from a C-Section. But I just had a Hysterectomy and I have the same kind of...

Started by Shannon on 06/21/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Making a Mommy Friend?

Exactly how do you become friends with another mom? I'm a SAHM of four children - 12, 5. 4, and 1. My daughter just started Kindergarten and I joined the Parent-Teacher...

Started by Kyra on 10/08/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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Older twins

Hello, I have 8 year old fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. They were the center of all of the attention until our younger children were born. (We also have a 3 year old and...

Started by Karey on 06/03/2009 in Twins

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I just turned 19 and I feel that I have grown up a lot by getting married and having a baby and keeping a steady job but it just kind of hit me that this is my last teenage year...


Is this normal? And if so...what should/can I do???

I have 2 1/2 year old (32 months) twin girls. Potty training has by far been the absolute hardest thing for me since the birth of my twins. I had one of my girls 90% potty...

Started by Khadijah on 10/09/2011 in Twins

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My heart is breaking... any advice????

My 7 y/o is in 2nd grade. When I asked him if he is making new friends he said no. (I have noticed over the last couple of years he really doesn't have many friends he speaks...


graveyard shift working mom

just started a graveyard shift as my hubby is working the usual 9-5 job... am left with my 2 yr old daughter for the whole day and she won't allow me to sleep. so i have to...

Started by Leah on 04/28/2011 in Working Moms

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Hate leaving your kid(s)?!

My son is 10 months old and I absolutely hate leaving him! I only work until 12:30 and most of the time I go straight to get him from grandma's. When I'm not working I spend...

Started by Ashley on 11/06/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Work,school, and kids,and me time?

I work 40 hours a week and i go to school 14 hours a week. My husbands an exclent father who works part time and our "shifts" over lap so we never have much tme together. we...

Started by Koree on 04/03/2010 in Working Moms

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Any potty training suggestions?

I have a 25 month old son and we are getting ready to start potty training. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Thanks, Jamie

Started by Jamie on 11/18/2008 in Children Of 2006

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