Treatment for excema?

HI i was wondering if anyone knows a good way to treat excema. my bestfriends boy who is 16month has it pretty much from head to toe and she doesn't know what to do. She has...


poor little man

hello my son logan who is days away from turning one has just found out he is allergic to peas peanut and eggs..he also has sever atopic dermitites...so anyone else in the same...


7 weeks of itchyness- not dry skin

Hi Moms, Not sure where else to turn. 7 weeks ago I experienced salmonella after eating shrimp. Shortly after that I developed a rash around my ankles and lower legs. I went to...



I'm wondering how other people feel about parents/gardians smoking inside or in a car with children. It's illegal to do it where I live yet people who disagree with the rule...

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Smoker's need not apply

Is this within the rights of the employer who is probably paying their health insurance or does it violate the employee's right to privacy?...

Started by Sara on 12/23/2010 in Debating Mums!

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So, I wanted to HEAR what others do or think. I love animals, dont get me wrong -- but I have my limitations of what I would allow in my home. I have a bird, and had two others...

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anaphylactic reaction

My daughter had an anaphylactic reaction, not to food. Any thoughts? Any where that I can find info on this? I can only find info related to food.