Aches and pains of 32 weeks

I really just needed to vent.....LOL This is my 4th baby (in 4 years), I am 32 weeks today. I know this isn't my first rodeo and as my fiance tells me being pregnant should be...

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my baby vomits after feedings sometimes?

My 5 week old will vomit after feedings. (This is not spit-up it is projectile vomiting.) I have supplemented with soy formula a few times, maybe three times a week. Recently...


am i feeding my baby 2 much?

my baby boy is 12 and half wks old he has always been a hungry baby, i had 2 put him on milk 4 hungry babies at 2 wks at the min he is drinking 5 eight ounz bottles, im finding...


Baby with acid reflux??

I have a three month old that is having trouble with acid reflux. Therefore it is hard for him to get to sleep...and then to stay asleep.Any Suggustions?? Already...

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Hi guys, im a first time mum with a 3 week old baby and i think he has colic... He seems very windy which can make him very unsettled and he has been throwing quite abit of his...


Any reason to start giving water?

I have had some ppl ( mother, grandmas, in-laws) tell me that you should start babies on small amounts of water at six months. BF is going great, is there any reasons to add any...

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Work and taking care of a baby!?!?

So my daughter is 4 months old. I work 5- 6 hours a day 4-5 days a week. My daughter and I get up about 9 AM...I go to work...Come home and we seem to be up till about 11. But...


Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner!!!

So my daughter is 13 1/2 months old and here lately she is wanting to eat except certain foods.. Snacks are a easy way to get her to eat she loves em...Oatmeal,grits and cereal...

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my son used to have a perfect bedtime rountine bed at 6pm and wake up 7am now however since putting him in a big boy bed he just wont go to sleep he screams and screams and i...

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Can you boost fertility while breastfeeding?

I have a nine month old daughter who nurses only a few times a day now and my husband and I would like to have another child close in age, but still haven't got my menstrual...

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constipation relief with tea?

my mom says that they usually used rosebud petals to relieve constipation...my daughter is 4 months adjusted age since she was a preemie and all she really is 6 months anyway i...

Started by Nancy on 02/23/2011 in Herbalist Moms

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About to give up!

I had my second child 3 weeks ago, with my first I only breastfed for a week, with my second I wanted to go as long as I could but I feel like giving up already! She hasn't been...


Just need opinions

Ok my son is almost 3 (October) and he has a speech therapist an OT, behaviorlist, nutritionist ,and he goes to a feeding group ...so he has a ton of rituals, does not like...