Weaning my 8 1/2 month old... I am TIRED>....

My son is 37 weeks old, and has been exclusively breastfed since day one. He sleeps with me at night (I have gotten him to sleep in his crib only a couple of times, and I had to...

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21 month old refusing naps!!!

Help! my 21 month old is starting to refuse naps, it takes her forever to fall aseelp, up to an hour or more. If your suggestion is to cry it out, do not offer it. we do not let...


Autistic niece wont eat.

My niece is 6yrs old & Autistic. She only will drink water from a clear cup water bottle or bubbler & knows the difference if there is even a drop of anything else. She will...


Redbook Breastfeeding Advice?

Redbook has been nice enough to share breastfeeding advice in their magazines to help new mothers. But, is this really out of the concern for breastfeeding mothers??? Or is it...

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Any suggestions?

My baby just turned four months old. She was sleeping through the night since she was two months. She is exclusively breastfed and pretty plump. Within the last week she has...

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Baptism on a budget

My daughter is getting baptized in 2 months, and I need some help with how to plan on a limited budget! I already have to sacrifice a baptismal gown for just a pretty dress,...

Started by Cynthia on 03/15/2010 in Working Moms

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Early riser

My Jan 07 boy Indyanna has been in a big bed for about 10 months as he could climb out of his cot at 15months, he has always been able to climb out of bed himself and was...

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Overbearing grandmother, what to do?

I have three children 9, 7, and 5 and we live less than five minutes away from my biological father and my step-mom. My step-mom is administrative assistant and feels like she...


Drawing boobs

Eric is 2, he hasn't weaned himself yet and recently he has told me that his drawings are boobs. He really can only color circles so that's why I think it looks like boobs to...


For Gyl Das: Breastfeeding Problems

Originally posted in another thread by Gyl Das I'm having the same problems Celeste talks about with her twins - mine are 11 days old, boy and girl, and the little girl,...

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