My son still won't talk.

My son will be 2 yrs old in Jan. He REFUSES to talk. (he's said MAMA DADA up supper yucky grandma "i did that" and blue) but when you ask him to say something he just screams...

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Need help loosing the baby weight!!!!

I need help, and suggestions on how to loose the baby weight.... im trying to work on it, and my daughter is gonna be two on the 3rd.... I've been in school full time and...

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The last time I flew with my son, he was just over a year old. He's now 2 and we will be moving back to Hawaii (from SC, so at least a 16 hr flight). He's probably going to be...


Toddler bed help

My daughter is 17 months old (35 inches) and asked for a toddler bed, we tried it a few days ago (no night light or mesh net to keep her from falling out of bed) with no...

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Hi im Vikki, mum to jason who is now 1 year and 3 months old, hes been suffering with eczema since he was four month old and hes still battling now. He has his good and bad days...



how do i get my 16month little boy in a routine ? hes has hes dinner then a play then a bath and once i get him dressed for bed and hes had a bottle of milk he just wont go to...

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Weaning @ 21 months

I'm done. I can not take it anymore. Nothing I do stops her biting, she giggles lots while nursing and it hurts like crazy, and she is starting to ask for it more, not less....

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Help with weaning

To my dismay I have to wean my 7 month old daughter. I have Lupus, and now rheumatoid arthritis and really can't go without taking my medication. My doctor told me I'm going to...


WHEN do I put my son on a schd?

My son is 3 months old.... am I suppose to have him on a schedule yet?? Basically I just feed him every 4 ounces and if he wants to fall asleep I let him? Im not sure how to do...


under the weather???

hi. my 6 month old daughter had been a little off the last few days due to teething. her first teeth are coming.. the 2 top ones.. they are right there ready to cut through he...


New Life!!

Well... i knew being a new mom would be different but this is nothing i ever expected!! No more sleep at all!! everything is just totally different! dont get me wrong i love...

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Save my Sleep!!

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get an 11 month old to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time OTHER THAN controlled crying?

Started by Roslyn on 07/26/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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my son won't eat fruits n meat at all

my son won't eat fruits n meat at all,he just want eat cookies,ice cream,candies or bread..can someone tell me is it okay for healthy or not???

Started by Oka on 07/30/2009 in Children Of 2006

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PLEASE HELP my baby is colic what should i do? im breastfeeding is that some things i should stay away from? please help i dont want my baby to hurt or cry so much.

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Why won't he stay in bed?

I am so frustrated it's 11:00 and I don't know how to get my 3 year old to stay in bed! It ends up with me mad and frustrated and him crying himself to sleep! I feel...