did anybody hear

about europe (i think its europe)wanting to make people who are going to be getting a dog take a test to see if there even able to care for that dog, when i heard that it struck...


7 year old STILL wetting the bed

I was just wondering how to stop bed wetting. My step daughters grandparents have told her that its ok that she wets the bed and makes excuses for her like oh she was cold and...



I am a SAHM of 3 while my husband is a contracter. My husband works different hours....some days are long, some days are just a few hours, and other days he may not have any...

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Anyone resort to Ferber/CIO?

My dd is 13 mo. Almost 14 months. Before about 9 months, she was a miracle child who slept for 6 hour stretches. I had committed to not letting her CIO at night. For...


need some advice

Hello everybody, I am a single mother and I go to school full time and work part sometimes full time. When I am at work and school her father and my mother watch her for me. I...

Started by Danielle on 01/26/2010 in Student Moms

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How far should parenting really go?

I am a mother of a 17 year old male and an 8 year old female. Obama being elected President has brought about a new hope in America for many African American's as well as other...

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Constipation with a breastfeeding baby....

Sorry for asking so many questions...lol. But for some reason I have more with my second baby than my first one!!! My baby girl is 10 months old, and still breastfeeding. I have...


building friendships for my toddler

dear all, im new on this circle and am glad to be here.... i have a warm husband and one child: a two and a half year old daughter - lovely, full of zest, pretty extroverted...

Started by Nitya on 01/31/2010 in June 2007 Babies

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dating a single dad? HELP!

I am going nuts! in a nut shell, just left my ex/baby daddy 7months ago(not the father of my first) and just as i left that relationship, the person I have had a huge crush on...


Wondering about organics?

Just curious, a lot of the posters I have read here have talked about food allergies being the cause of their eczema problems and I am wondering if any of you have tried...


I think I've spoilt him tooooooooooooo much!

My almost 8month old boy Jaxon will not let me put him down.He's fine if he's on our bed but other than that he continually screams until I weaken and pick him up.I've let him...

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Sleeping through the night

My son is just about 11 months and he wakes up twice at night for a bottle. I think its just a comfort thing though that started when he started teething. He doesnt take a...

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How to get a 2 year old to sleep?

I am looking for advice for my daughter actually. My grandson has been sleeping in his toddler bed for nearly a month and every night it is a fight to get him to go to sleep. He...

Started by Donna on 12/03/2009 in Christian Moms

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Twins on the way!

This is my first pregnancy/children and I'm almost 20 weeks with twins. A boy and a girl. Me and my husband are terribly excited and I just wanted some feedback. What can I...


My first child

Hello my name is Jessica I am 23 years old and this will be my first child. As many other first time mothers, I'm scared to death. My nipples are sore, I'm hungry all the time...