im so lonely!

Hi, I have 12 month old twins-a girl and a boy whome i love dearly! We went through 8 years of tryin and 2 attempts at ivf to get them! My husband works really long and...

Started by NATALIE on 07/22/2010 in Twins

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Mom of Bipolar teen

I want to get to know other moms with children who are bipolar.He was dx 3 yrs ago but we knew there were some major concerns before that. I would love to know how others...


Unhelpful partner?

How do I tell my fiance that I feel he is not helpful when it comes to our now 4 day old child? I seem to be the only one doing anything with her (other than her grandparents)...

Started by Robin on 01/31/2010 in Christian Moms

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Very delicate family situation

This is the first time im posting in this forum. Ive had this problem for just over a year. I have a 1 and 4 months year old baby. My brother has 2 boys, one is 7 and the...


sister needs help getting teenage niece inline

My sister has done everything poosible that she thinks to help my niece listen. My niece is 14 with avery bad attitude and is very disrespectful, she gets into fights at school...

Started by Jennifer on 02/14/2010 in School-Age Kids

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Need advice for my 5 year old

My daughter is 5. She knew her father for almost 2 years on and off while we were married. He was abusive verbally and emotionally and I decided it was beest for me and the...


Unashamed Bipolar mum of 3

I have suffered from clincal depression since i was 15/16 years old. spent time in a mental health ward on my mum's b'day. didn't i feel like crap..... I am now 27 and last...