puerto rican

hi im new my daughter is 10mnts and she is half tongan and im half white and puerto rican my dad is full puerto rican but he wasnt really around when i was younger so i didnt...

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Yes ladies I did it!

Okay ladies, I'm doing it because this subject is frustrating the hell out of me. I see so many post up on COM about breast feeding VS formula feeding a baby. I hear so often...

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I am being told that it is the best option for me but i am not convinced. I live over an hour away from the hospital they want me to give birth in ( there is a closer hospital...

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Contraception for the horses not people!

During a month in which the anti-choice Republican and Tea Party majority in Congress and in many states have made it their priority mission to eliminate access to contraception...

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How to postivily discipline my daughter ??

So this might be kind of long .... My daughter is 2.5 years old and so stubborn it makes me crazy ...she throws tantrums when people are around like when we are in the store and...

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Court tomorrow and so scared

I have court tomorrow for a custody hearing. It's silly really, but im still nervous. My sons father was not around the entire pregnancy, showed up (sometimes) for my son's...


Earlier Riser

I have 2 boys 1 15months (Almost 16months), 1 - 4months. My 15month old goes to bed at 7pm every night but always wakes between 5 - 5:30am, i cant get him to sleep in any...

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15 months and no sechedule?

is there any other moms who stay at home and didn't really have their child on a schedule? Im beginning to think i might have to put him on one but dont want it to be like by...

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febuary 2nd bday ideas

hi its my little boys bday in a couple of weeks he is a feb baby. and am still at home with my mum and have nt gt loads of money and i need some ideas of what i can do for his...


What should be my next step?

I have been married for almost 8 years and together with him for 14 years. We are nearing separation and I am unsure what God wants me to do. My story starts from the beginning...

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I'm up and down like an yo-yo. I would like to take of the weight and leave it off for 2009 on, help.


Reflux, Terrible Sleeper

Hi all, I live in Cape Town, I have a 3 and a half month old boy who has been a terrible sleeper since he was born, the nurses in the hospital couldn't understand why this...