adhd and rage

does anyone elses child have rage and throws fits hits and kicks when u get on to him my 6 yr old does and he is on meds it has been working for 3 weeks but now he is getting...



My 10 year old is a gifted child. We try to give him every opportunity to grow but also give him a normal childhood. However...... he suffers from anxiety. He's an...


Teaching with the Bible

I had a breakthrough last night with my almost 4-year-old. She was watching videos on the computer when I told her it was time for bed. Of course, she started whining about it....

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new to dyslexia

just found out at the end of this school year that my daughter age 7 has very mild dylsexia, she qualified for a speacial class next year that by law here in Texas they have to...


My son's behavior's

My son will be 7 years old this week. He has ADHD, ODD and PDD. His behaviors get so bad that he kicks, hits, pinches, bites, spits in your face or anywhere on you, punches...


In pain and need to vent!!!

I have alot of medical problems and they just seem to get worse every time i go to the dr. The list is so long it is exhausting just thinking about all of the problems and even...

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single mom needs help

i am a single mom to a wonderful 3 yr old son. i have always been a single mom because his dad has never really been in the picture except for the first 6 monsths of my sons...

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Fears (not a debate)

My daughter has recently developped a fear of flies. IT started when she would be afraid of fluff blowing around on the floor a few months ago, and I showed her that it was...

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Lack of sleep Or hangover???

I say i was tired but hubby swears hung over what do you think?? Last weekend I had a girls night at a friends house and had a number of drinks ( can't tell the number I ran out...

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How to......?!

My son will be entering Primary One next year. Being the only child to me & being first time parents, I'm anxious of how he will be able to do things by himself in school. Don't...

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Thoughts and opinions on ADHD

My daughters teachers are wanting me to have my daughter tested for ADHD. I have many concerns. Of them, are there any stigma or effects that follow a child after they have been...



My 3 year old son was born with Transverse of the great arteries. He had is first open heart surgery when he was 1 week old, and since then he has had 2 more. It's hard having a...


how can you stop a 15 month old from screaming?

My 15 month old daughter is a diva. whenever we go somewhere in the car or not, she will randomly start screaming at the top of her lung doing a high pitch scream and hitting...

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14 Month Old Activities

I am currently going to college and can't always spend tons of time with my son. However, when I do get a chance to I am looking for some good quality activities for him....

Started by Tiffany on 08/31/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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