Bed time

My two almost three year old fights sleep. She won't lay in her bed when its time to go to sleep. We start at 8:30 to get her to sleep and its 10:30 before she finally gives in....

Started by Misty on 05/10/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Help we have Disrespectful teen

I have a 16 year old boy who is very disrespectful and defiant. I have raised or helped raise 6 teenagers and have never had to deal with anything this bad. when he is given a...

Started by Carol on 05/20/2010 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Night-time potty training?

I have a almost 3 year old little biy that does good during the day on using the big potty but am not too sure how to work with the night-time part of the potty training for...



My daughter Alyssa, 1, was just diagnosed today with TSC. So far we know here symptoms are seizures as they previously told us she had epilepsy. She is currently taking...


young mommy

Hello, my name is jeniece mckinney 25, i have two beautiful daughters named, Jaelyn 6 and Olivia 2. It is hard being a young mother at times but its great at the same time. We...


IPV and other vaccines, multiple or no

Hi My husband and I both have some serious auto-immune diseases in our family histories and our daughter was a real miracle after he had surgery and chemotherapy for cancer and...



I am soon going to attend a meeting at my son's school to iniciate an IEP (individualized education plan) for him. I can request they do certain things for him, for example;...


anger management

My 11 year old son is very sensitive, he gets very angry and upset when things aren't going is way.He often lashes out.At the moment this is easily controlled but what about as...



Last night my 4 week old started screaming after he nursed and didnt stop all night. He never cried, ever, before this. He was crying like he was in pain. I took him to the...

Started by Krystal on 06/03/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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What to do with my 16 yr old girl

I have a 16 year old that no matter what I do (take tv away, phone,bed 8:oo pm,no friends over,it seems nothing works.I am very fustrated.For instance went to the bathroom this...

Started by Brenda on 11/02/2009 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Connecting with boyfriend's 18-yo daughter?

Boyfriend has 2 kids, 18-yo daughter in college, 15 year old son. I have 17-yo and 15 yo sons. Any advice on how to connect with this 18-yo daughter would be MUCH appreciated....

Started by Cindy on 11/09/2009 in Christian Mommies

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