Lost in Motherhood

im jus courious to kno have some of u felt like u hav lost urself in the mist of being a parent to your childeren? well i have me n my daughter's father are not 2gether rite...


ex wants me there

So my kids' father has asked to have some time with the kids. It's the first time since idk, like june, that he's done anything with them but walk them to school. Of course by...


The Conflict

http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/roiphe/2012/04/elisabeth_badinter_s_book_the_conflict_argues_that_modern_motherhood_enslaves_us_.html "If you have ever experienced a...

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Advice for a 1st move?

My husband has been through several military moves, but this is my first one. I have two boys, 3 1/2 and 2. We are moving from Georgia to Kentucky. Does anyone have tips or...


Terrible Tantrums! Please Help!!

Hi there. I've known since my son was about 18 months old that he wasn't like most other toddlers. He was exceptionally busy and would throw terrible tantrums when he didn't get...


Sister in law issues

My sister in law(oldest sister) was never a stable person according to her mom, sister and my husband. When I started dating my now husband, they all warned me what kind of ppl...


BF myth: Health and Wellness for Mom

Breastfeeding myths are not limited to milk and the baby. There are tons of myths about mom. Some moms are told that they have to be very careful about what they eat, they must...

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Emotional damage in daycare

The nanny post reminded me of this. At the time it came out three of my friends were putting there nine month olds into day nurseries because they" didn't want baby loving or...

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overwhelemed mom

hi im 21 and i have a 20 month old and and another on the way in dec. lately ive been feeling trapped like i cant go or do anything without my son. im a stay at home mom while...


Whippin it out!

So I'm comfortable breastfeeding in public to an extent, I'm discreet and if we're in the presence of kiddos like at the park or something I'll drape a blanket over the majority...

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Hi Everyone (young mom STILL in school)

Hey ladies. First off congrats on your babies :) Im 17 years old and am still in high school. Fortunately I was able to finish my last two credits online so I could still take...

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Kids and Ghost

Ok I thought this could be a strange subject and I obviously haven't gotten to this stage yet. And kids do have amazing imaginations..but also it can get the best of them too I...


Where do you find good digiscrap tutorials?

I'm the Tutorial Editor for Digishoptalk.com's Insider magazine, and am looking to build a stable of good tut writers I can call on when necessary. Who's tuts do you like and...

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How to handle the Silent Treatment?

This issue came about during her toddler years until now, age of 6. The beginning was not that bad. Even now, this is not a horrific matter. I am just concerned is all. It comes...

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