Need a at home job!!

I just had my daughter about 4 months ago. i could of gone back to work but i chose not to for my new daughter. i would rather spend as much time as possible with my daughter...

Started by Shannon on 07/19/2009 in Work At Home Moms

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SAHMs - What do you do all day?

My baby is walking and knows she wants me around now. I end up fencing her in with the TV most of the day because I just don't know what to do with her. We play some and read a...


So pissed off right now!!!

My son just came home from school with texta all over his face. I asked him did you do that in the class room and he said yes. Where is the supervision of my child. This is...


Counseling update and my Challenge to every SM here

So the ex, his wife, DH and I had our first counseling session this morning. (See my other post for more info). After our intros to the conselor and a little bit of background...

Started by Dailey on 10/15/2009 in Step Moms

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Making homemade baby food

I am thinking about attempting to make homemade baby food. I was wondering what has worked/hasn't worked for other moms. ie, type of blender, types of fruits/veggies, storage.

Started by Noelle on 11/09/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Nap Time

Ok so my daughter is 8 months and of course sleeps better during her nap when im next to her but it seems lately every attempt putting her in her crib she wakes right back up....

Started by Ashley on 11/18/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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My Mom

We went over Mom's house to have a playdate with the neighboor kids;they where fine most of the time except a few grabs and pushe's they where 3 boys, the ages wher 5, 4, 3. My...

Started by Sharon on 01/29/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Teenagers drinking energy drinks.

For as long as I can remember my son has always wanted to try energy drinks. You know because they look interesting and he's seen other people drinking them. But I've always...

Started by Christina on 03/16/2010 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Lack of breastfeeding support at home

My son is one month old and I have been breastfeeding, but have had thrush and now mastitis and thrush is back. I am in school so I have pumped and given him a bottle during the...

Started by Annette on 03/18/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I have an honest to goodness question about this. See, I have a friend that is VERY feminist. To the point where she told me it would damage my daughter if I painted her room...

Started by Aura on 05/15/2010 in Moms Under 30

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gestational diabetes: what's it all about?

I'm 36 weeks. Because of a series of small problems and a little forgetfulness, I didn't do my 1 hour glucose test until two days ago (I know, I know! big mistake!) My one-hour...

Started by Anita-Natasha on 07/22/2010 in Moms Under 30

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grandparent rights

hiya my mum and i have just had a disagrement and now she has theartend to take me to court 4 grandad parent right the thing is she has a recored of drugs and assault and her...

Started by Stacey on 07/26/2010 in Single Moms

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Holding it in?!? Totally frustrated please help.

I'm due to have my 4th baby in April and all my boys are close in age. I have a 3.5 yr old, 2.5 yr old, and a 10 month old right now. My 3.5 yr old is about 75% potty trained...

Started by Adrienne on 02/03/2011 in Potty Training

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