Ten researchers from the CDC's National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease (NCIRD) released the ridiculous paper, entitled Inhibitory effect of breast milk on...

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Fying with 11 week old daughter

Hi everyone. I am a new mom to a beautiful 11 week old girl. This Friday I am flying with her for a short weekend trip to see family. I am very nervous about this, scared she...

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New cancer screening feeds overdiagnosis debate

Cancer was on Gritley Henry's mind when Dr. Jonathan Aviv treated her for a cough that had bested other doctors for a decade. "But I was too nervous to mention it," says the...

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Old baby clothes

I've sold or donated all of my daughter's baby clothes that were in good condition, but some had holes or stains or a lot of memories attached to them... there's got to be a...

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Hello from a mum of 5

Hello, I have just joined the circle of mums after an invite from my cousin. My Hubby ( David ) & I have 5 children. Our children are the most important things in our life,...


Divorce as a threat

Keeping marriage forever is a tall order in this day and age of willy nilly divorce. How do you deal with the threat of divorce at every opportunity that arises just because it...


Terrible Threes?

So here's the deal, ladies. This is similar to another post, but different, so I decided to post it seperately. My daughter, Maddy, was an angel until about age 2. She...

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My son is being really defiant, destructive and just plain mean. He hits, kicks, throws things, spits and anything you can think of. He is starting to color all over things even...


Need a at home job!!

I just had my daughter about 4 months ago. i could of gone back to work but i chose not to for my new daughter. i would rather spend as much time as possible with my daughter...

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SAHMs - What do you do all day?

My baby is walking and knows she wants me around now. I end up fencing her in with the TV most of the day because I just don't know what to do with her. We play some and read a...


So pissed off right now!!!

My son just came home from school with texta all over his face. I asked him did you do that in the class room and he said yes. Where is the supervision of my child. This is...


Counseling update and my Challenge to every SM here

So the ex, his wife, DH and I had our first counseling session this morning. (See my other post for more info). After our intros to the conselor and a little bit of background...

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Making homemade baby food

I am thinking about attempting to make homemade baby food. I was wondering what has worked/hasn't worked for other moms. ie, type of blender, types of fruits/veggies, storage.

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