Breastfeeding again?

I'm really unsure right now (At almost 8 months pregnant) if I want to breastfeed again or not. I loved the bonding time I got with my older daughter, but my husband thought of...

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parents separateing

Well me and my sons father weer engaged and now Ive called that off because we just constantly fight so right now we are separated. Its only been 3 day i know it hasn't been...

Started by Kristin on 03/29/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Why does she fight me?

My daughter isn't potty trained yet, but that's coming shortly. Olivia is 2 1/2 and she's the absolute joy of our lives.... HOWEVER..... when I change her diaper, she puts up...


Should I let child go to father

Dad lives in TX. I live in Louisiana. He moved there in 2007. We split in 2005, Kayleigh was 3yrs. We do have joint custody, only because I let him have it. He's suppose to send...

Started by Amanda on 12/07/2009 in Divorced Moms

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Take a look at this website for a min and read the article, I know it's a little outdated from December of 2005, but I did look up todays standard practices and nothing has...

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need to decide

there is a decision that really bothers me.... i have two kids, a girl ages 4years 11 ,omths. and a boy ages 2years 3motnhs... and i am planning to go abroad to work( as a...


need advice

I need Help My Hubby was active duity when we were dating. Then he got out of the army then he went back in the resvers unit 314. and i love it cause if we want to go out i have...


Clingy 13 month old

My daughter is so clingy! She was hysterical the other day when i went to the toilet! and she was in the lounge with her dad. She wants to be picked up alot and cries if i dont....

Started by Jessica on 03/14/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Going back to work, and pumping problems

Hello, I'm in the Air force and had my baby 5 weeks ago now. I go back to work in just over a week, so we need to start bottle feeding and getting him used to me not being...

Started by Leighann on 07/27/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Who's tired??

Welcome to the special club of nurse's who are also Mommies!! I worked last evening 3-11, came home made 2 school lunches and packed 3 school bags. 7am came bright and early...


How to deal with a mamas boy????

My fiancé has to be the worst mamas boy out there. He is 22 years old we have a almost 1yr old and are looking for a house and trying to plan a wedding. He says we should live...

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Before I bring baby home what do I do?

I am due in about two weeks and I feel so unprepared! What last minute things do I need to take care of before I bring Lilly home? Especially mentally... I am terrified that I...

Started by Vanessa on 04/02/2009 in Babies And Infants

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Conductor's wife

My husband works with the railroad as a train conductor. He is home one to two days a week. Sometimes not even that. He is always on call so when he is home he is either...


Potty Training a STUBBORN boy!!!!

My noah is going to be four and is STILL not potty trained. I've tried everything, rewards (example stickers, tempery tatoos, candy) Turning it into a game (pee on the cheerios)...