a day like today

the kids are asleep and its late and when most moms are happy to have their days come to an end breathing a sigh of relief. i am sitting here fighting back the tears because i...

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When your child is bullied

I posted this in a local board, but wanted to see what advice you smart ladies have. Okay Moms, what would you do? We attend a small church and we are all like family. Eliza...


Stop feeling guilty about not breastfeeding!

From The Stir Read any post about breastfeeding and it's likely a mom who didn't breastfeed will get offended. Even if the words are chosen carefully, even if it's not saying...

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i'm new here

my name is Linda. A deaf SAHM to almost 3 years old boy named Dezmond and another boy on the way, Zion, Sept 4th via c section!! I enjoy being around Dezmond. He makes my life...

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Just want to encourage!

I know all of us have had our moments of despair......just want to let all you lovely ladies that God chose you to take care of his special children and that God can strengthen...


Please help

Im just in need of very good advice befor I make the wrong choice. I was with my ex for almost a year, there was constant severe emotional abuse an at times physical abuse. I...


2nd time pregnancy

I have a 5year old daughter and i am now 18weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and since we have found out that the baby is fine and ok we showed my daughter the scan pic and from...


As a mum what is your worst fear?

I have been surviving on deaths door for so long that fear no longer lived in my home. Then last year after 20 years my hubby and I got pregnant. It was a miracle and now we...

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he's gone

Rheagen spent 3weeks in the hospital before he let go of all the pain and made his journey to heaven. The pain was so severe that we couldnt manage it at home anylonger so on...


going to sound dumb....

Lately my son (who is 2, hence going to sound dumb) is driving me crazy. He used to be so well behaved and somewhat listen to instructions and when I would tell him "no" or "no...

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Sleep Striking Baby

Hi everyone. My daughter is almost 17 months old and we have MAJOR issues with her sleeping through the night. She never officially slept through the night, not one day since...

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hi there all, im new to this group

Hi, my name is dorothy 41 in may,married for the second time. I have three kids two boys- 14 and 11 and a lovely daughter 2and half. I live in the north east. luv to hear from...

Started by Dorothy on 03/05/2009 in Moms Over 40

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My 6 week old hates car rides!

Hello everyone. My sweet boy seems to hate his car seat and car rides. We went to the grocery store and on the way back he screamed and cried for 15 min straight! I thought he...

Started by Melissa on 07/15/2012 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Is Your Child's Dad a Deadbeat? How to explain it?

My daughter's dad doesn't want anything to do with her. He barely pays support. My daughter found out from her sister that he took that sister & brother to Disney for a week but...

Started by Teresa on 08/15/2011 in Working Moms

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