Hi Everyone!

My name is Tina and I have a special needs son who is 10 and is non verbal and has autism, would love to chat with others as this is my saving grace, a few moments to myself. I...


need glasses?

How do you know when your child needs glasses? My 8 yr old got sent to the nurse today with a bad headache and had to lie there for 10 minutes for it to clear up, then went to...


Tips on raising bilingual children

I live in Puerto Rico and we speak Spanish only in my house, I am bilingual but not always want to speak English to my daughter. Besides the TV shows and movies, what other tips...

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My son is 16 years old and in 11th grade. He is in all honors and AP classes. He is normally a straight A student, but this year he is refusing to keep up with his schoolwork...


hello! introducing myself

Hello, I am 21 yr old mother of a beautiful 6 month old girl. And I am proud to say she has never had a drop of formula! I laughed very hard when i saw the name of this group,...



Our son turned 2 in april @ his check up his Ped. said he should have a 50 word vocabulary and maybe he needs speech. I don't want to pressure him with speech just yet or even @...

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Breast Preference?

My 3 1/2 month old son won't take my left side lately. I start him on the left because it's much smaller than the right, and produces less, so I'm trying to get him to balance...


First-time Moms click here

Hey Everybody! I'm Erin and I'm a first-time mom. 20 yrs old. Just trying to kick off some conversation. Anyone in Virginia? Also, were you in school when you found out? How...


Past Due?

Ok, some of you lovely ladies have gave me wonderful suggestions for helping induce labor but nothing has happened yet. So i've decided to just be patient and wait til she is...



My 6 week old has colic every 1am and lasts till 4am... what do i do to stop this?


7 Yr old daughter with acid reflux

I am very concerned about my daughters acid reflux. She has had it since she was born and it seemed like it was getting better then the past 2 years she has been vomiting,...


do I ignore "baby talk"

My oldest son is 21 and has a 9 month old daughter, my baby (Emily) has started acting real out of character (for her) she has always been independent and eager to learn and be...

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My son is MEAN

hey everyone, im wondering if any one else has this problem my son is almost 2 1/2 and i also have a 9 month old my oldest Jayden is mean he is always beating people up hitting...


What about a Twin Homebirth?

I am 23 weeks pregnant with our first, and was all set to do a home water birth, when we discovered we have twins on the way. So, now I am trying to do some research on twin...

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Interracial marriages/relationships…..

My oldest son is engaged to be married to the love of his life I have noticed that people always give them a second look and such mostly because my son (Who is white) Is engaged...

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