What do you think?

I work for a small catering company and going in to this company my boss told me I needed to have a fire in my belly about somthing to give to the company. So this is my fire...

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Quick question. Help please!

I know it's too early to be thinking about school for my 3mnth old baby but I'd still like to know. When is the perfect age to put her in school? My mom put me in way too early...

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Just found out the news

Hello My mane is Enedina and i have 2 wonderful kids but today i found out that my 3 month old son has metopic synostosis. It was kind of hard to hear that there's something...


Worried about reflux again :(

My oldest son had acid reflux as an infant and was on liquid zantac (which was a nightmare to try to give him) from 2.5 to 7 months. My newborn son who is 2 weeks old is doing...


Why do you think...

Doctors are doing so many c-sections. Many moms say its not done for good enough reasons from reading some posts.. and doctors are taking the experience of Naturally...


Switching Daycares

I am thinking about switching my 3 year old daughter's daycare and I feel absolutely sick about it. I have had her in a St. Albert daycare for the last 2 years and over the past...


Drunk or Divorced?

My husband has been struggling with alcohol abuse nearly his entire adult life. I didn't realize how bad it was until after our daughter was in school and was missing school...

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Sleeping routine

I moved house with my 2 and a half year old son in the summer and ever since then his routine has went to pot. He sleeps in beside me and goes to sleep when he feels like it. He...

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Starting Preschool

Okay.....I have a 4 yr old son who is wanting to go to preschool EXTREMELY bad.....I mean, he is with me 24/7 since I am a stay at home mom (who can blame him). But I just don't...

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Re: IEP headaches

I have two children that are in special ed. Both are high functioning in verbal vocabulary but they are both at different academic levels. They are now in middle school, but the...


Making playground friends

My son is first grade and is having problems at recess. He tries to play soccer with the other boys at recess, but from what he tells me is that they pull him off the field and...


i need help with potty training

i have been trying very hard to potty train my 4 year old son he was scared really bad about the potty by some of my not so nice family members and now he wont use the potty...

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Break the habit of hitting.. HELP PLEASE

MY little girl is 16 months will be 17 months on the 2nd. Anyway, She has started hitting and snatching toys, especially with this new little boy who moved in. He is only 14...

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Jealous older children

Does anyone else have to deal with uncles or cousins or brothers or sisters that are mean and spiteful to your child just because they're jealous? I mean I get so irritated with...