How to deal with custody issues?

My son is 19 months old and I just recently broke up with his father we were not married. My issue is if he tries to tell me that he wants our son half with him half with me. I...


7 months and a mommy's girl

My little girl is turning 7 months today, which is just amazing. Incredible how time has flown I must say. Our daughter Emma is home with me as I quit my job to be a stay at...


Toilet Training

My son is 3yrs 5months. We've had trouble for a year with toilet training. We tried heaps of different things, potties, toddler seats and steps for the toilet, taking him every...

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child Anxiety

Does anyone have any experience with a child that is petrified to be alone? My almost 8 year old comes into my room almost every night, would sleep with me if allowed. She is...

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I have an 11yr old son who was diagnosed with nocturnal focal epilepsy affecting the left temporal lobe. He's been on Epilim for a couple of years now. I feel he is socially...


Mystery Illness in Leroy NY. What do you think is causing it?

I haven't seen anything on here about what's been happening in the small town of LeRoy NY (situated halfway between Rochester and Buffalo) to about 16 high school girls. But I...

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does anybody else keep getting told NO by there toddler, my lad is getting a bit disobediant (cant spell sorry) he tells people NO a lot and doesnt not listen. he wont keep...

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RAST testing

My baby has a lot of tummy issues. We believe that she is allergic to milk (so I have avoided milk and milk products for the past 4+ months sicne I am breastfeeding) and soy....

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Ok, so here's the deal... I have a 8 year old boy who loves his 2 month old sister. He gets so excited every time he's around and finds out she's awake. He will come into what...


I'm new

I have twins, a boy named Cody and a girl named Nevaeh. They will be 1 year old in October.. My husband and I just moved back into my parents house cause times are real hard...


Baby Sleeps A Lot?

Hello Moms, My daughter is 11 days old and breastfeeding. She seems to sleep a lot lately. Sometimes around 3 hours between feedings, and then she nurses for 15 minutes, and...