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I am a 35yr old mother of 5. I have been in a relationship with a man that is very good to my children. The problem was he was not good to me. For 7yrs I was FAITHFUL TO HIM....


Adopted baby refuses to use manners

My 2 year old is adopted from Cyprus and she refuses to say please. She also speaks Greek and so we tried using Greek to get her to say please but she will not. She just looks...


Polyhydramnios Anyone???

So my doc told me I have excessive amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios) and it could be due to gestational diabetes...my score wasn't awful (150) though so it could be something...

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Father's Day

i was just wondering how you all handle Father's Day? Does your child's teacher know about you situation? Do you do any special things/traditions on that day to remember and...

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boy problems with my 13 yr daughter

My 13 yr daughter is "convinced" she is "in love" with this 16 yr little punk. I caught her kissing him and now she is grounded for like.... life... I don't know what to do....


Night terror

I have twin girls (almost 3 now), and for the past month or so they (mostly the one) have been getting night terror. They don't wake up, just cry / scream inconsolably and it's...

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What to saymto my son aout dad's carelessness?

my son doesn't have his father in his life he provides childsupport but no emotional support for his son at all he doesn't even bother to call. It doesn't really bother me that...

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Married young with small Children

The father of my children has a new girlfriend and we have only been separated for almost two months...My children want to see their father, but because she lives 45 minutes...



I have been a mom for less than a year and I have already seen my friends drifting. We have less in common and they can't seem to understand why I can't go out every saturday...

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Motivating my teenage son....

Any suggestions for a positive way to motivate teenage boys would be greatly appreciated. I am totally done with arguing and grounding. It seems to not have any affect at all....

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Very confused and hurt!!

My daughter is 15 and her father and I have been divorced for many years...she had been living with him for several years with his wife until about a year ago when they went...

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sending teen to boarding school

I have a 17 1/2 year old daughter who is in a downward spiral. She started dating a boy 7 months ago and it has been turmoil ever since. It has come to my attention (by her 22...

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What would you do?

I need a little bit of advice. What would you in the following situation. You are one of 3 Children your mom lives with you. She is 60. She never sees the other 2 kids in a...

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comfort nursing

My little one has been kind of fussy today. She keeps acting like she is hungry, but when I put her on, she just comfort sucks, she doesn't do long draws to eat. Has anyone else...