Really Bad Terrible 2's

So my daughter is 2 1/2 years old and boy does she drive me insane. She is very smart and picks up on everything. One day i was at my Grandparents and she was in the other room...

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Hi Everyone. I am mommy to two boys. My first is now 7 and my second was born on the 01/01/2009, so he has just turned 2 months old. Since my second son was born, my first...

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ppd to adoption

So, I have had two boys and love them deeply, but I want a girl sooooo badly and cannot wait to have this bond. I am a girly girl and both of my boys are just like their dad...


8 month old still getting up to nurse

My daughter is 8 months old and she is still getting up twice a night to nurse! How do I get her to break this habit? I'm assuming at this point it's a habit and not that she...

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good weight loss advice

http://www.circleofmoms.com/group.php?entity_id=11520&entity_type=Y i just made a new community for weight loss I really need to loose my baby weight just like every one...


How to handle 7 year old bullies?

My daughter was on the bus yesterday and 2-7 year old girls held her face and hands and proceeded to lift her dress..I chased her bus and screamed at the bus monitor and told...


stroller for twins + toddler & twin/preemie books

Hi everyoone I'm 28 weeks pregnant inpatient with mono/mono twins. I also have a 21/2 year old daughter. I was wondering if anyone knows if they make a stroller with 2 click in...

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Organ trafficking. What would you for an organ?

The following link is to a great story done a little over a year ago about the epidemic of human organ trafficking, what was once though to be an urban myth is now a reality....

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Favoring parents

Hello All, New here and wanted some advice. My 14month old has been "favoring" her daddy lately, wants him for everything and I am having a really hard time with this. I stayed...

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problems with my babys dad.

my son and i are pretty much alone all the time. i take care of him and his dad works during the day but when he gets home he ignores us and doesnt even try to help with the...