sometimes it is a mess...

I have five children and i am 41. my children ages are 26,24,22,19 and 6yrs of age. I also have two grandson's both ages 3. Now here is the thing, my oldest son who is 26,...

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My daughter at 22 months says no words?

My DD is 22 months and she does not say anything at all. She does not say mamma or papa. All she does say is Da and it is for everything. When I tell her "Look that's a flower,...

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Decisions being made without me!

I am a Step-mom. My husbands ex-wife is a prescription drug addict and we now have custody of his 10 year old. I am feeling let down today. My step son has allergy induced...


Baby is a scratcher. Need help!

My kiddo is almost 5 months. He scratches his face and scalp to the point that he bleeds. He's so strong, he's a tank! He looks like he's been in a fight with a cat. I keep...



OK, I admit it. I am in this predicament entirely of my own fault. My daughter is now 8 months old and I have been feeding her almost exclusively on my right side for probably...

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Pregnant and Breastfeeding

I have a 13 month who is still breastfeeding in the morning and right before bed. I found out I'm pregnant (don't know how far along) and am just wondering if there have been...


toilet training an older child

I have a 6 year old sone who was day time toilet trained just before school started this past September. In February his father and I were having marital trouble...I thought we...


need advice!

My baby is 4 and a half months. I just found out that some time last winter my boyfriend cheated on me twice, with the same girl! Im not sure what I should do. Should I leave?...

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What age does a boy grow out of his baby ways?

At what age does a young boy decide that it's time to jump in and do chores that's assigned to him? My son has to be told 1,000 times to do his chores. I stay on him so he won't...

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Serve braxton hicks contractions???

Hey I am 24 weeks and this is my second child, I have noticed that every time that I clean my home or when I work I get this serve cramping in my lower pelvic area. Sometimes...

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i live on my ssi and support my daughter as well. ive never had a job and didnt finish school. my daughter is going to be three next month. she was in foster care for a year and...



So I went in for an ultrasound yesterday due to moderate cramping that I have been having for a few days. We saw our little bean.. =) Saw the heartbeat... Heard the little...

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