Depressed mom

My husband and I just moved into a 5th wheel and we have a 2 year old son who seema to have more energy than I can handle. He works full time and I stay at home with our son. I...

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Tantrums?? What do you do to stop them?

I belong to Mops and we had a meeting this morning my daughter is way to smart for her own good she threw a huge fit saying she didn't want to go that she wanted to go to the...


pls help

Hi my name is sonya I have an 8 month daughter long story short I left her father when he got someone pregnant while I was pregnant I let him see her everyday once I left him...

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I'm at my whits end!

My son is just about to turn 6. I've been having so many issues with him lying, torturing our cat, no interest in his school work, destroying things, and now wetting his pants...

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Ok im a stay at home mom and my husband works at a boys home. im having problems when it comes to punishing our 2 year old son. he is just starting to get into his terriable 2s...

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hi i'm new.

hi,i'm a mum of 3 kids a7 yr old,almost 4 yr old and a 10 mo old.i have suffered PND with all 3 and am only now feeling like i might actually be getting better.my youngest has a...

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stressed out mom please help......

I had my son who is now 8 at 33 weeks he was 7 weeks early my daughter was 5 weeks early now I'm pregnant with my 3rd and have complications like highblood presure and...

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Childhood Cancer

Hello everyone my name is Nikole I am a single mother of 5 beautiful children aged 13,11,7,23 months and 3months. On August 17th 2009 my 1yr old was diagnosed with Leukemia. I...


Why do moms take advice so hard?

Just a reminder that when you come across an opinion or method that differs from yours, take it easy. If it worked for your kid, great, if it's not something you're comfortable...


19 Weeks Preg with identical twins,

hi im carlyn im 19 weeks pregnant with identical twins, since i found out i was pregnant ive had scans nearly every 2nd week, one twin has always been smaller, last week at my...

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Baby milk

What kind of milk best for my one month old baby

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I was just curious if anyone know the answer to this question? My fiance' and I are getting married in 5 months. He has joint legal custody. But she is the "custodial parent"....