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expressing not a debate

I cant get much milk off one side when expressing Im worried it will dry up , I will be away for 7 night, my baby is going on 8 months on march 22nd. I leave this friday...

Started by Mel on 03/12/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 03/16/2011 by Cyndel



i managed to stop smoking while i was pregnant with both my kids, i stopped at 6 months pregnant with my 1st and within a week of finding out about my second, but with my 1st i...


How often do you breastfeed?

My baby girl just turned the big 1, but she still nurses very often (every 3 hrs at the most) during the day, and she wakes up a couple times a night and nurses (we co sleep so...

Started by Melissa on 10/09/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 10/27/2010 by Marilyn


nighttime sleep at 10 wks

My LO is 10 weeks and still is eating every 4 hours. So that means not a lot of sleep at night maybe 2-3 hours between each feed. How much sleep is your LO getting at night?


How Often Are You Asked...Are they twins?!?!?

I was just wondering how many times you have been asked in town if your twins were twins. I am asked almost everytime I go to town if my two boys are twins and most of the time...

Started by Christina on 12/15/2009 in Twins

Last update on 12/28/2009 by Lorrie


low sex drive help !!!!

iave 4 children 5yr 3yr nearly 2yr an nearly 1yr ive now got a rewally low /non existent sex drive my partner thinks its him but i just dont want it at all please help if any...

Started by Helen on 10/07/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 10/14/2012 by Leah


How often do you have sex?

i'm 25 and my husband is 29. Our daughter turned 1 on March 20th. I can count the number of times we've had sex in the last two years on one hand. And it's not me. He's been...

Started by Sarah-Anne on 03/27/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 04/02/2010 by Brandy


Breastfeeding and your period!

Hi moms! My daughter Mia Bella will be 5 months on the 16th and is exclusively breastfeeding! ( no bottle or pacifier what so ever)! Being said I haven't had my period for 4...


Non Oral Birth Control- Mirena?

I am due in 2 months with our second baby, but I'm starting to think about birth controls that don't have to be taken orally. I will have 2 children under two and we don't want...

Started by Tara on 09/06/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 09/15/2010 by Lina


"leaking" question :)

Hey ladies, Im probably just worried about nothing, but I figured I'd ask around and see what you all thought. Im 35 weeks pg now with my first baby, 5 weeks to go, and I...


Hii, plese help

Hi, this is my 2nd baby and I went to the midwife for a routine check yesterday and she said I was measuring 35/36 weeks when in fact I am only 32 weeks tomorrow. I have been...

Started by Emma on 01/26/2010 in March 2010 Babies

Last update on 02/01/2010 by Emma


Belly's getting hard to lug around...

My gosh, my belly is getting mighty hard to switch sides in bed with or even just have hanging there while I walk. I can't believe I have 2 months of growth before my body gets...


Is anyone else THIS paranoid?

My son Corey just turned 6 weeks old. I was induced 2 weeks early because I didnt have enough fluid. He weighed 4lb 10oz. He weighs almost 7 now! Anyways, I have been feeling...


I'm in Pre Term Labor! Help!!

Im 28weeks and i went in to the dr yesterday and the nurse said im dialated 2cm. so they sent me to the hospital where they are trying to stop the contractions, and they gave me...



So im due in three weeks, my doctor says i may have to have a c section at the last minute cuz its my first baby and i have anemia and other complications. She said i may be...

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