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Measuring large

I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow to see why I am measuring large (40 cm at 37 weeks). My doc said it could be that the baby is large or that there is too much amniotic fluid....



How about if everyone who hasn't already introduced themselves, go ahead & tell everyone a bit about themselves? My name is Sonia & I'm 36. We had to go through IVF because...


Traumatized by NICU?

Hello everyone, I'm a first time Mom with a premature daughter. She was born at 33w6d weighing 3lbs 10oz. I had the perfect pregnancy up until 30 weeks gestation. I went in for...

Started by Aubrey on 05/20/2011 in Moms Of Preemies

Last update on 05/29/2011 by Nicole


What am I doing wrong?

Okay so my baby is 4mths and a week old. And she's doing really well BF. She is EBF and has more than doubled her weight. She has plenty of poopy diapers and wet diapers....

Started by Margot on 03/12/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 03/13/2009 by Allison


Tighten the stomach

i gave birth not to long ago, does anyone know of a way or how to get the stomach to tighten up more/faster. ive been doing sit ups and crunches a lot and for a while now and...


Back Pain???

So this is my first baby. I'm 25 weeks pregnant (due March 20th). When I first got pregnant I weighed 98 lbs... now I'm already at 113 which my doctor says is really good cuz...

Started by Amanda on 12/04/2008 in March 2009 Babies

Last update on 01/07/2014 by Ashley


35 weeks pregnant, & horrible toothache!!!

My dentist refuses to fix my fillings that previous dentist botched. Needless to say, Im miserable!! I havent been able to chew on the left side of my mouth since November, &...

Started by Patrice on 04/29/2009 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 04/29/2009 by Richain



I am 6 weeks now, last night I worked at one of my jobs and I worked my normal area on the dock, I didn't lift anything heavy, just pulled alot of heavy cages nothing out of the...


still breastfeeding?

Hi I'm Danelle and my daughter was born Nov 22 2008 which makes her not quite 15 months old and she still nurses in addition to eating solids, drinking some cow's milk, juice,...


ways of inducing labor naturally?

hi..im 38 weeks pregnant with my second child..my first child(my daughter) was born at 37 weeks and she weighed 6 lbs 03 oz..she was and is a healthy girl..i thought my son...

Started by Alexis on 01/02/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 01/05/2010 by Danielle


How do i know when i have tried enough??

Hi again ladies. So our newest thing is that not only is she not taking the right side she is not refusing to breast feed at all! Does this mean she has weined herself off of...

Started by Alejandramair on 02/16/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 02/21/2011 by Bernadette


Need advice/help!

I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby. However, this will only be my 2nd child. After the 3rd miscarriage we found out I have an incompotant cervix. My stitch was taken out a...


Our Story

I found out I was pregnant on June 27, 2007. I was scared to death because I knew my husband was scheduled to deploy to Iraq in December of 2007 and I wasn't sure how I could...


mother to mother dilemma!

My friend and I had our babys 3 weeks apart, her first, then me, both boys, both our first kids. Weve had fun sharing stories and tips and what not, but the problem comes in...


Ever get over feeling like a failure?

While I was pregnant (and before I even got pregnant) I wanted nothing more than to breastfeed my baby. I wanted to give my baby the best I could - I didn't want to have to use...

Started by Nikki on 03/10/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 02/20/2011 by Vanessa

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