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Being Induced Before Due Date

My OB told me yesterday at my appointment that next Friday we will be discussing when and how our baby girl will be born and that she isn't going to let me go to the due date....

Started by Alexandria on 04/23/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 05/22/2010 by Sarh


chances of being induced?

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and last week i had an ultrasound to see how big the baby is so far, and they measured him at 8lbs 3ozs. This makes me very nervous seeing as how my mom...

Started by Brittney on 03/31/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 04/01/2010 by Allison



ok so i know i probably NOT the only mom who feels this way but is tinking HATE my body now. i hate it. My arms and jeggs are jiggly. My tummy... its jiggly too. Gravity has...

Started by Carrissa on 03/19/2010 in Want To Vent?

Last update on 04/23/2010 by Tanya



I'm a 27 year old mum with a 21/2 yr old daughter and I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. It isn't a very comfortable time, this pregnancy has been a bit more difficult...

Started by Belinda on 01/28/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 02/02/2009 by Kelly


due 1-1-10 and miserable!!!!

so we're due on january 1st. i've been having contractions for two weeks now, i'm dilated to 3 centimeters and 60% efaced. i am so done with being pregnant now. for me my nausea...


What to do about him?

My boyfriend kinda had a planned slash oops pregnancy but when we found out he was excited and he said that he couldn't wait and he spent alot of time with my daughter when she...


Not looking for a fight

I am looking for some advice. I have been a smoker for many many years, I have tried to quit many times with many methods. Before I got pregnant I was looking into chantex, now...


Fitness advice for a single mother

I'm a single, working, breastfeeding mother of a beautiful 15 week old baby girl. I've been forturnate enough to have dropped ALL (30lbs) of my pregnancy weight, but now I want...

Started by Brandie on 02/22/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 08/27/2014 by Jerry


Crazy mother-in-law

my soon to be husban's mother is really hard to understand. she says the fact that i am whit doesn't bother her, but I think it does. She went to a lawer before my son was bon...


back pain? normal after 6 months?

i am having lower back pain 6 months after giving birth,it feels like i really need to bend forward and just stay there,have been to docs and they say its common back pain after...

Started by Anna on 01/14/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/07/2014 by Madeline


only 30 weeks and already uncomfortable!?

With my son I never had back pain or stomach cramps and I didnt get swollen ankles until the day before I gave birth. Now I'm only 30 weeks pregnant with my daughter and my...

Started by Maria on 07/20/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 07/21/2010 by PETA


Not a Debate -- What's Your Routine?

Someone had posted a question about routines over in another forum, and I thought, "Huh...I'd love to find out the different routines that the lovely ladies of DM have." I know...

Started by Krista on 03/10/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 07/17/2016 by Nellynunes148


Do anyone else have stretchmarks on their arms?

After my first pregnancy, I not only developed stretch marks on my stomach but my arms too. I hate it so much because I cant expose my arms without feeling uncomfortable.

Started by Lakeisha on 07/15/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 07/16/2009 by Dominique

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