learning the alphabet

What is the best way to teach a 4 year old how to learn the alphabet and recognize the letters in her name and be able to spell and write her own name?

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My daughter is so frustrating, She won't sound words with out me doing it to. She hate's ready books if i haven't read them first. But then she memorizes it and she won't even...


Reading and Potty Training

Mya loves books. Most of the time you find her sitting in a chair in her room looking them over. I thought it would be a wonderful gift to teach her to read. We started out...


1,2,3 ... A, B, C

Hey! My oldest son just turned 3 in January.. We got him potty trained, thank the Lord! but now we're having problems with counting and the abc's... he can count to 5, and...

Started by Melissa on 04/12/2009 in Children Of 2006

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Teaching techniques needed!!!

Hi I am a mother of three and my 4 1/2 year old daughter is in kindergarten this year and I am finding it very difficult and frustrating trying to teach her how to recognize her...


4 year old who wont write

I have a 4 year old boy who isn't interested in writing or even learning letters or numbers. Any tips on what I could do do get him interested in this before he starts school?

Started by Lisa on 08/05/2009 in Christian Mommies

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name some educational dvd's for toddlers?

i bought my baby a complete set of "your baby can read" when he was still 12 months old and he has learned so much on that video..now,i'm wanting to buy more educational dvd's...

Started by Apple on 04/24/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Educational Toys

Can anyone recommend good educational toys? I have a 3 month YO who has incredible attention span and great focus. Apart from me reading & playing with/to her, I would like to...


Can she read?!?

My 2 1/2 year old is so frustrating me with reading. Today we went to this new farmer's market and I was looking at some organic Omega 3 supplements but not finding what I need....


Help with alphabet and counting

My son lives with his father and he does not get the attention that he needs over there. They do not put in the time or effort to teach him the basic requirements for...


Your baby can read?

I am thinking about purchasing the your baby can read set for my 16 month old daughter but before I buy anything, I would like feedback from other moms who may have used it and...

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25 all time favorite Mom Confessions

http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/122847/25_alltime_favorite_mommy_confessions Here are some of my favorite mommy confessions. (With one of my very own.) Can you relate? 1. I'm...

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Kindergarten Curriculum

My oldest son is in first grade this year, and I have always used ABeka curriculum with him. However, my second son will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and I don't know...

Started by Amanda on 01/13/2009 in Homeschooling Moms

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