Teacher fired for Receiving Fertility Treatment

http://gma.yahoo.com/teacher-fired-receiving-fertility-treatments-211311476--abc-news-topstories.html I heard about this story this morning on GMA and given the recent debates...

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Are fertility treatments irresponsible.......

the "china's one child policy" and some of the comments on the "#19- Dugars" threads got me thinking today, if tohelp preserve our planet we need to limit the number of children...

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People who use In Vitro Fertilization

I have watched shows like kate and jone plus eight,quints by suprise, and so. Why are there so many shows about these people. Have anyone ever wondered why? Anways all these...

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Saving fertility with kids who have cancer

Strollerderby 9-year-old Dylan Hanlon has cancer. A lump in his chest turned out to be Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare cancer, fortunately caught early. The prescribed nine months...

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Frozen Embryos

Here is a great article on those 'left-over' frozen embryos that we were discussing on another thread a week or so ago. It has things in it that I had never even considered and...


Wrong Embryo

I saw this on a news video yesterday and thought about posting it but decided against it 'cause I have such issues with links. Short story, woman with fertility issues was...

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Stem Cell Research Funding Halted

A federal judge has issued a temporary halt on the U.S. funding of stem cell research, citing legal restrictions on the destruction of human embryos. Read more:...


"Plan B"

What are your thoughts on the 'morning after pill'? We obviously have the right to purchase it even without perscription now but where do you stand morally. Wrong or right?

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Stem Cell Research

So, I'm curious, what are you thoughts on this topic? I believe it's ok (& necessary!) to use embryonic stem cells to make scientific advances and save or better the lives of...


Pregnancy at 44, is there a chance

Hello out there, wanting to hear from any mothers who are 43-45 and have successfully gotten pregnant with their own eggs either first child or 2nd any good news would be great....



Hi! My name is Kylee and I am a mother of twin boys who are 3 next month. I am also a full time college student. For one of my courses i am writing a paper on multiple births....

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At what age did you concieve your twins?

I was just wondering at what age did you guys get pregnant with your twins. Was it natural? I am 21 and currently 11 weeks pregnant with twins and they are natural. They are my...

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Vaccine = Autism????

Parents, just wondering how you feel about vaccines and your kids? and Autism? Just found out my 2 year old has mild autism. and my 4 year old is getting his shots tomorrow one...


Can you conceive natrually after 40?

Should we stop trusting our bodies to conceive naturally after 40? An often heart-breaking journey, filled with hope. I had given up on getting pregnant with my own eggs...

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