Healthcare Debacle continues to get worse......

http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_147... While most of the purported benefits of health-care insurance reform are years away, it took only a few days for a serious,...

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help please

hi im new on here, my baby is 9 weeks old and he wont feed off ofmy left breast. he screams until i give in and put him on the other one. also he wont feed at all in public. i...


what is fair?

my husband has two children from previous relationships. we have three together. we do not quite agree on what is fair when it comes to gifts for all five children. here is my...

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how do i know if my husband is cheating

my husband works out of town so he is in hotels alot. what r some signs that he is cheating..one reason i think he is he is a horndog i mean he wants sex all the time....plz help


QUESTION please read

Hello Iam joining this group becouse my son is adhd and a severe cognitive disability we just a couple weeks ago went through a 4 hour test and they concluded that he was mild...


Young Love

My 17 yr old has been dating the same girl for almost a year now. She is a wonderful girl and a joy to all of us in our family to have around, but lately ive been hearing...

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Herniated Disc during Pregnancy.

Well after months of horrible back pain I finally went to see a back specialist and he told me that I have a herniated disc around my L4/L5 maybe even S1. The pain has been...

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Her dad won't make her go.

I'm potty training my 2 1/2 year old daughter. The teacher at her her daycare helps me, and so does my mother. She does a good job with the potty very rarely does she have an...

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Looking for custody advice

I'm a single mother of a 2 year old. Her father and I have been split up since she was about 6 months old. He hasn't given me any child support since we've been split up and up...


need desperate advice regarding custody battle in UK

My ex has recently got himself a new girlfriend (no I don't hate her etc) they've been together 2 days, met each other for the first time 3 days ago and only spoke via facebook...

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How can I motivate a VERY lazy husband?

My husband is 39, works a full time job, and doesn't think he should do anything to help out at home. INCLUDING spending time with our son. He is 2 1/2, potty trained, reads and...

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My twin Baby Girlz

Hello.. My Name is Jenny and I gave birth to twin girls on October 3,2008 They were born @ 34wks & 5 Days. These Are my 1st Children. They are my whole worls and i would love...

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