Am I overreacting?

Okay, so as many of you know, my hubby and I have our oldest daughter (Sasha - 7 years old) 90% of the time. Her bio mom gets her for 2 weeks every 3 months, plus every other...

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How to handle your kids?

My husband was sentanced to 24mo prison in October. I have 3 kids. Destiny 6, Makaila 3, and Trevor 18mo. So far we decided to tell them that Daddy had a chance to go to...


Autistic son with school issue help!

My son school is giving me a hard time because I stop giving my son meds. For ADHD. He hates how the meds makes him feel and refuse to take them in the summer he was fine...


Custody fears

Hi, I am a single mom who was never married to the father. I left him when I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. I left because of anger issues, drug use, lack of responsibility and he...


Feeling like a loser mum!!

My son is driving me to the brink with his attitude.. I have his best friend staying here too because his mum moved away..hes 19, both out of work, both sleeping all day, lazing...



my boyfriend and i have a 9 month old baby together,things has going great so far,i am a stay at home mom,we r looking for a bigger place,he is a loving father to his...



Hi - first time at this. My son might have or be ADHD. we go see his doctor on the 25th. The school did a test and the numbers they gave me were high. Does anyone have any...


I'm 5 months pregnant, hurt and confused.

My boyfriend and I of 2 years broke up before I knew I was pregnant, things ended pretty badly. A week later I find out I am about 3 weeks. I called him to let him know and he...

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weight loss

does anyone have some advice on losing weight and getting fit at home without buying dvds or anything like that. i go for a walk nearly every day but i need some excercises to...


I am terrified!!!!!!

I am 23 and I have a four-year old daughter who has been the number one in my life since she was born. I am currently on bedrest for baby #2 (a boy) with a much better man than...