Nose piercing?

Hi I am 16 years old and have been wanting a nose piercing for so long!! I've brought it up to my mom many times and she has always said no. I will go months without asking her...


Taking Visitation Rights

Hubby and Me feel really uneasy when child is sent off with her birth mom. We feel much safer, when Stepdaughter is with her Aunt instead of her mother. Her mother has had 2...


Step-parenting and depression

I'm seeking the most help that i can. As background, I've suffered from severe depression since I was a small child. In my teen and college years, it got worse and I played...

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He hates the car

My four month old sleeps in his ergo by day, in my arms by night. He is nutured in a continuum style way and we are all very happy with this. I also parented my nearly four year...


The newest saga with the unreal BM

At this point most of you know that my SS hasn't seen his mother since May after a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. To date, she has not discussed anything with my SS,...

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feeling guilty because of me time....

So I went out with my friends for lunch today, it was my second proper me time in like...17 months. By proper I mean something that I actually organised, not something that I...

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Oh my God my 12 year old has a boyfriend!

I looked in my 12 year olds phone and tablet. She has been talking to this little boy in her school and they have been talking about sex even though she told him wait until she...

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Mixed signals!!!

I am a SAHM going on three years now it was a decision that me and my husband made before my oldest was born. He was the main one pushing it I really loved the job I had! Now I...

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how to improve my relationship?

I made a post already but i am not sure if i did it right the first time My Boyfriend and i hae been together for 6 years we have to children. i love him to death but our...

Started by Holleigh on 06/09/2011 in Moms Under 30

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