Am I in the wrong??

Please let me know if this would bother you? My daughter has Facebook. She is 13. Her Dad, my Ex has a young Girlfriend (dating a year) who also has Facebook. When they started...


Need help with my highly gifted son

My 14 year old son is profoundly gifted but he doesn't talk to people. He has no friends in school and says that it is because he can't relate with others due to the fact that...


Deciding on having a 3rd child??

Hi everyone. I am new to circle of moms, well I read lots of posts on here, but this is my first post. I am a working mother of 2 children, one girl and one boy, ages 6 and 4,...



My one year old does not listen. I will tell her no a thousand times and move her from things and distract her but nothing works. And I can't turn my back for a second before...


My selfish 19 year old.

So for Mother's day...I get NOTHING. Not even a phone call from my 19 year old. Am I asking too much? I seriously think my 19 year old is just a self centered 15 year old. He...

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home school

after a lot of research I have made a decision to stay home and home school my children. im not looking for any objections but for people to help me with this process like what...

Started by Kandace on 08/05/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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My 8 yr old

My youngest daughter, Caroline who is 8 just started a new school earlier this year and is feeling "stupid". Her older, sister, my 11 year old daughter is a model student and is...


Nursing to sleep

I have to say, hands down, nursing is an amazing experience. My baby boy and I enjoy the connection and I am so proud of how healthy he has been feeding solely on breast milk....

Started by Rebecca on 12/07/2013 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Sleep training twins.. when? and how?

My twin boys are three months soon... They are up every 2.5-3 hours to eat. I've been noticing that they eat very little every other feeding and I think they are ready to be...

Started by Shiratwena on 01/04/2014 in Twins

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3 yr old boy

My 3 yr old seems to always run off. Im scared to let go of his hand whenever we go anywhere. He just takes off and is so fast I cant even catch him half the time. How do I get...

Started by Jennifer on 03/26/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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Switched from Adderall to Strattera

I have an 8 yr old boy who has been diagnosed w/ADHD since he was 5. He was on 5mg of Adderall for about 2 yrs. The adderall was working great for him up until this year which...


SS having surgery May 27th

So onto a topic of concern for me..... BM went a head and scheduled for SS to undergo surgery in the next few weeks. Said she wouldn't do so if it affected 3 things....school,...

Started by Catrina on 05/12/2009 in Step Moms

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Adhd, Odd, & seizures

My 13 yr. old son is going through a rough time and its taking a toll on myself & his younger siblings. From talking back, refusing to do anything-costant battle, refusing to...


sad I wont be a saty at home mom anymore

I been a stay at home mom to my 5 month old daughter and thought I would have been for at least 2 years. My fiance' and I are planning a wedding and eventually want to buy a...

Started by Tracy on 01/26/2010 in Working Moms

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