need input on daughters 1st bday party

I need your input on a couple of things about my daughters 1st birthday party planned for this Saturday. First is food. We have about 50 people coming and are doing an outside...


is it my place to say anything?

I am at a loss here. I am a mother of 3 kids ages 15, 12 and 9. I have been a single mother since day one.Until my boyfriend moved in with me 2 months ago. He has visitation...



How many moms had their child early and has problems.. How do you deal with it.. Are you and the father still together? Does he help with the special needs of your child? I have...

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how to make him understand??!!!!

i have 2 daughters and a bf, and am completely dedicated to them, keeping them happy and fulfilling they're needs. i keep trying to keep MY unhappiness and unfufilled needs in...

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how do i make him understand??!!

hell, i feel exactly the same way!!!! i have 2 daughters and a bf, and am completely dedicated to them, keeping them happy and fulfilling they're needs. i keep try to keep my...


young children and fears

I have a 5 year old step daughter who lives with my husband and I 50% of the time. I know that most little kids get a upset when things frighten them but her reactions seem to...


3 1/2 year old only wants to poop in a pull up

I know that a lot of kids are like this, what I want to know is how do you handle it? She used to poop on the toilet, then one day decided she only wanted pull ups. She'll even...

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have no idea what to do!!!

my son is 2 years 9 months.. he knows when he needs to go to the toilet he tells me and he goes and hides somewhere to go to the toilet but there is no way i can get him to sit...


Anyone at Ft Carson???

We are at the end of our 3rd deployment and we will be PCS'ing to Ft Carson when the kids go on summer break. We are E5. Where are the best places around to live? We need 4...


Pregnant with 2nd child...

I am at the end of my second pregnancy (36 weeks) and am wondering how I am going to get my first baby to adjust to sharing my attention with another one. I have heard some...


Out of Control Toddler!

My daughter is almost 3 years old and she is about out of control. She is constantly hitting me and the dogs, I cannot get her dressed or change her diapers without a fight and...

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Problems with biomom!

Let me start by saying that we have a wonderful blended family! I have a 5yo son from a previous marriage, a 4yo stepdaughter from hubby's previous marriage, and a 1 1/2 yo of...

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plane trip.

Im going to chicago in may of 2011 for a wedding my son will be 2 years and 3 months old..it will be about a 3 hour plane ride and the only time still open was 830pm to...


aggressive 2 year old

I just had to remove my 2 year old son from daycare because he was being too aggressive. He was hitting, scratching other children for no apparent reason. I'm not sure how to...

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