Conflict of opinions

Hey girls, Our 3 year old occasionally says that she does not like either of us (my Husband or myself) my Husbands response to this is telling her, then get out of here if...

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How to handle a lying father

I, obviously, am going through a very contentious divorce. I found out today that the woman that my soon to be ex-husband has introduced as his sister to my childrens daycare is...

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Christian School vs Public School

I know this is an age old debate but my 14 year old made the comment the other day that public school has gotten ridiculous with its teachings and that he wants to go to a...

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Should I continue to feed my baby if he acts hungry?


Birth control methods...

I kno that the Bible says to be fruitful and multiply the earth but financially, three kids is enough... i dont agree with a lot of the birth control method.. but i was doing...

Started by Autumn on 03/16/2010 in Christian Mommies

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Not sure please help recommended!!!!

Smartie pants, bumginous and FuzziBunz We tried the pre folds on my daughter and that gave her a bit of a rash again. I am trying them out before our next is born in March...


Step Daughter Attitude

I have a 11 year old step daughter (goes back and fort with her mom 50/50 custody between the ex and my husband) my husband and I have been married for a 3 years. In January my...


Travelling with a toddler

My 2 yr old son and I will be travelling soon for a long trip. Any good tips for travelling with a toddler? Thanks.

Started by Mariellaneries on 11/24/2010 in Toddlers

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