5 year old behaviors?

(Background) I have a lovely 5 y.o. SD who lives with my husband and I primarily. BM has her half the time (week on week off) in the summer, and during school she has every...

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twins in August 2006?

Anyone have twins born in Aug.,'06? I have twin boys born on Aug.4,2006. Trying potty training now. They're having trouble understanding no and stop.


charley horse while preggers, help?

for the past couple days I keep getting woken up by a lovely charley horse, but only on my right side, and in the same spot (my calf, right under my knee). any suggestions for...


What is your 6 month old doing???

My daughter is 6 months old (she was born 11-25-09) and i think she may be behind developmentally. She cant sit up, crawl, hold her bottle, and rarely grasps toys. She also...

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temp. of the baby

So I keep reading all this stuff about how babies can't hold their own temperature at first. There is also alot out there about don't let the baby get too hot or too cold. How...


Not talking yet!

I have a 23 month old who was born at 29 weeks weighing at 2.15 pounds. Mentaly he is at about 29 months when it comes to fine moter skills, puzzles, games, figuring things out....


Night Terrors!

My son is 3 in December, and last night was the first night that he woke up screaming and crying! He refused to go back to his bed (and ours) to go back to sleep. What can I do...

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scared to do it alone

My daughters father and I split up because he was very abusive physicaly and mentaly to me. He was an alcoholic. he loved the bottle more than he loved being a dad. When I broke...


Need HELP? whats the 411 with daycares?

question for all the mommies with kids in daycare. how much time should you give your child to adjust to a new daycare? one week? two weeks? Should a parent stay with their...



My son is 2 years old and he sometimes have bad attitude/behavior. IDK where he has learned this from b/c everyone in my family has postive attitude around him. When he dosent...

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