Boulder area

Are there any mom's in the boulder area (Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, etc.) looking to start a play group!!??

Started by Ashley on 04/06/2009 in Colorado Moms

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Safer for your home and family

Have you thought about what you are using in your home that might add to the symptoms of asthma and other health related issues? If you are interested in learning more about...


Your wonderful child!

Why is your child wonderful? Tell me what you like most about him or her or share a cute story. Let's brag on our children!

Started by Good Day! on 11/30/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Potty Training Conflict

We have recently started potty training our son. He does really well going pee and we even put him underwear last weekend and he only had one accident all day. But his...


Taking a bottle

My son is 15 weeks old and was maybe getting a bottle once a week when I wasn't home to nurse him. All of a sudden, he won't take the bottle. Does anyone have any good...


Is my baby too small?

I have a nine month old little boy. We just had his 9 month checkup and he weighs 18 lbs .2 oz and 27 inches long. His doctor said that he is in the 10 percentile for height and...

Started by Kaila on 02/03/2009 in Moms Of BOYS

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Potty Training.

Savannah will be 2 on the 5th pf April. She seems very interested in the potty. She has gone potty on the toliet once already. When do you introduce it firmly. Dawn

Started by Dawn on 02/11/2009 in April 2007 Babies

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Great places to visit

Let's start off this new local community by sharing some great places to take the kids. Suggest parks, museums, etc. that have kid-friendly exhibits and/or prices!


I need a high calorie healthy recipe.

My 11 year old is underweight and we need ideas to fatten her up. But I hate the idea of using heavy cream and tons of butter or fried stuff. I want her to gain... not me! LOL!

Started by Amber on 06/18/2009 in LDS Moms

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Anyone in the Wichita, KS area

If there is anyone in the Wichita area who would like to get together and scrap I attend a monthly "craft night" with some other ladies, but I would love to get another night...

Started by Ashley on 08/08/2009 in Scrapbooking Moms

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Having trouble pumping....

I am having some trouble with pumping. Whenever I pump, the most that I can get is around 2 ounces. I have tried smaller/larger shields, longer session, massaging etc, but...


Fort Bragg moms?

We just got to Ft Bragg and my husband got deployed. We werent prepared for this. We have a four year old daughter here with us and two kids 13 and 11 that live with their dad...



I'm so excited that we're now at 31 members! Please feel free to share anything relevant to church/parenting/support/questions; and let's get some conversations started. Glad...