3 year old temper tantrums

I'm expecting our second child in 6 days and my patience is gone with my 3 year old who is constantly testing me with his temper tantrums. They get SO ugly,that I have NO idea...



It's pretty obvious really and I'm sure many of you do it already. I have 3 girls (6,4,2) and have kept the well kept clothes to pass onto the next child. If you don't have two...

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how do I get my 10 year old to be easier to get along with

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Hi, My name is caroline and I have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys, my oldest son was born 10th july 1998 and he'll be starting secondary school in september. I thought I'd start...



Just looking for other moms with children(I have a daughter with ADHD) that deal with the stressors of mood swing and entering into puberty! What am I in for in the next few...


about sleep&eat

how 2 make a child can sleep tight and make her not 2 b picky eater,please i need d answer ASAP,tq moms

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pleasant day to all the moms out there...

I have so many questions regarding the behaviour of my baby.She seems to be always wanting my attention to the pont that if she don't get whtat she wants she scratch my...

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When is your kid ready for potty training?

How can you tell if your kid is ready to be potty-trained? Are there signs or actions to watch out for? My 16-mos. old daughter recenlty learned to tell me that she pee'd or...

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Welcome to Pet Care Professionals!

This forum is for people who work with animals of all species. Here we can share information, ask another professional for advice, even advertise your services. Debates are...


I'm trying to potty train my son.

He does great some day and horrible the next. He always tries to go at daycare, but lately at home he's been on a potty strike. He's ready because he started asking to go when...

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new mom

hi, i am a new mom of a girl 51/2 months, she likes talking and shouting at me when i dont do as she wants, and she bribes me with a smile at time but at the end of it all, she...



hey people how r u guys? will iam haveing a hard time to potty train my son joshua he is 2 almost 3 in january.eny recommendations?? potty training nightmare lol>>> thanks


Sleep and pillows

Does anyone know when it's okay to let kids start using pillows? OUr son seems to be begging to have one since he's realized we use pillows.

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