"Irish Twins"

I just want to get advice, words of wisdom about dealing with "Irish Twins". My second child is due Feb 27th(I still dont know when this day of conception happened...lol) My...


My 15 month old & his screaming fits?

My son has been having uncontrolable screaming fits for about the last three weeks. These are not what I would consider a tantrum. There is seemingly no reason for these...

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my son is four and anti social, what to do?

my four year old is starting kindergarden in september and i want him to no how to play (socialize) with other kids. i dont want him to be the lonely boy in the corner by...

Started by Marangelly on 04/14/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Announcing a pregnancy

Earlier this year my 2-year-old niece die unexpectedly. The cause of death is still unknown. She was the first, and, so far, only child of my brother and his wife. We are all...


Should they be allowed to do this?

There's a couple in Australia who have three sons and have undergone IVF for another child in hopes to have a girl as they lost their daughter soon after birth. To their...

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Is my toddler too much of a mamas boy?

My son just turned 2 and he still sleeps with me at night but for naps he will sleep in his room or on the couch. I have to hold him or lay next to him to put him to sleep(nap...

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Vater syndrome; Colostomy issues!

My youngest child was Born with Vater syndrome. He has had 5 surgeries in total including, Trachea esphogial repair, perforated anus repair, colostomy bag, colostomy reversal...



Hi everyone, I thought that I would start a group, mostly because I didn't see one that I could go into and talk about this issue. So if anyone joins and has feelings and...


The Hard to Love Future Step-Son - HELP!

My fiance & I have a great relationship. However, we have issues with his 3 year old son. I've operated child care centers & never have had a child as bad as him! He speaks...

Started by Renee on 05/14/2009 in Step Moms

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any help with this question?

I have 3 wonderful step daughters. We got custody of them 3 yrs ago on a loooong and tuff time with the court system,but thats another story another time. One of the girls is 11...

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help...nervous....placenta previa concerns

hey everyone... so i guess its pretty common for placenta previa to go away after 2nd tri..but it still makes me nervous.. hubby keeps leaving on little ops..hes a marine...and...

Started by Martha on 02/07/2011 in May 2011 Babies

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A HUGE change in my life

I dont really know where to start, i am kinda nervous bout havein this baby. I cant wait but i am still kinda nervous. The father of the baby and i are no longer together, it...


Can I have my say?

I recentlly collected my son from his fathers house. Knowing that they had a Karoke night planned; I asked if they'd had many people round, to which the ex replied some of the...

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