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Hi, I have a son that just turned 4 last month. He didn't talk until about a year ago. I've had him in a early childhood developmental delay program for the last 2 years....


A Father's Bond With His Son

I am a single teenage mother (19). I work 35-40 hours a week and attend a community college full time (online classes and a 3 hour weekend class). Because I breastfeed I feel I...


Where's the line?

We go to church every week. My kids get the rules part of religion. My goal, though, is for them to get the spiritual relationship with Our Father. Keep prayin, please.

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hi everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself. Im a single mother of one baby girl born 6.7.08. I am enjoying motherhood, and am feeling good about creating a healthy and fun environmennt...

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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Has anyone tried pyradoxine i have been told by someone that it helped with her daughters seizues even though she hasn't got a vitamin deficiency and have also read that it can...


new to greenville area

hey everyone, i just moved up to greenville/taylors area and have 3 young children and 2 older step children. im a stay at home mom right now hoping to go back to work. but i am...



I have have two completely natural water births and i think they are the most wonderful and peaceful way to give birth!! I enjoyed every minute of it!!! (let make that 99% of it...

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Mixed race kids

I think no matter what race they are mixed, we moms are always proud that they are our child and no matter how others may see them, we just don't have to bother. Those who are...


Hello - I'm new!

Hello everyone. Hope you are all OK. I just wanted to find out if anyone else is due on 26th? Only 1 week to go now but getting fed up!! Have acupuncture booked for Friday...


My 20 month old baby girl

I have a 20 month old baby girl. We have been trying to get her introduced to the potty for 3 months now. Everyone says we are trying to potty train her too soon. She has...


Any San Diego moms out there?

Are there any San Diego moms with little kiddos born in '06? I'm looking to start or join a playgroup with kids close to the same age as my little girl. I also have a...

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Thumb sucking

So our daughter made her first trip to the dentist last week. She sucks her thumb for Happy Nappy & at nighttime...mainly just to put herself to sleep. The dentist told us to...


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Hi! I am so happy to find other Obama Mamas. My first child, a baby girl, Georgia, was born in December. Throughout my pregnancy I was elated at the progression of our world...

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