Terrible 2's already???

My daughter Olivia is going to be 18 months and I swear she is going through the terrible 2s already. She is throwing fits already if she doesn't get her way. I put her in time...

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Hello there!

My son was born at 30 weeks 5 days and has recently been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. He is now ten months old. He has reached all of his milestones and does not seem to be...


pregnat and breastfeeding

Hi all I am breastfeeding my 11 month old daughter and am 16 weeks pregnant and my breasts are super sensitive and sometimes my daughter wants to nurse non stop and it feels so...

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Weaning a Toddler

My baby is 18-months old. I'm interested in weaning him because I have a stubborn case of Thrush that I've been dealing with for 6 months. Nothing will make it go away. I've...

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Very gassy 2 week old

My son is 2.5 weeks old and has been very gassy and seems to be in such inconsolable discomfort trying to poop. Is this normal for breasted babies? I can't decide if I should...

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I need healp please

She was born at 8IB 6ounces and I only breastfeed her exclusively for 2weeks then I started supplementing with formula. She takes 4.5oz every 4hours at 4months.I have tried...


My 4 Month Old Has Started Teething!! Help!

My 4 month old baby boy has started teething and it seems like the ONLY thing he has any interest chewing on are his hands. Both of his hands are red and rough. I feel so bad...

Started by Audrey on 09/02/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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wow im a firm believer of suckys but are they ever hard to get rid of..... my dentist says its ok till my daughter is three but wow it is so hard anyone have any little tips?

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I have tried to get my daughter chloe to sleep in her cot but she likes to be close so she ends up beside me.. I have tried to feed her put her straight back in the cot but she...

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Christmas in Heaven

Hello ladies, this poem was shared with me just recently as it's our first Christmas without our sweet baby Miranda. I just wanted to pass it on to you and hope you all find a...


at wits end. need advice

im totally at my wits end with my stepdaughter and partner, im just sick and tired of the arrogance, rudeness and dam right pig headedness of them both. cant take it anymore and...

Started by Lolly_loulou on 03/05/2009 in Newly Single Mums

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My daughter just turned a year on the 31st. She's been eating baby jar food (stage 2) just fine and we'd give her some regular food here and there. Well I bought her some stage...


Tips/Advice for mom weaning??

Ok, so I'm finding lots of info online about weaning your baby. That's not the issue. My little man, who is 7months, has been wonderful going from breast to bottle and back the...