40 Days of Praying God's Word Over Our Children

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php#!/event.php?eid=132199546824838 This is a Big Shout Out To All Of My FaceBook Ladies, Holy Ghost Girls & All Women Who Love The Lord &...

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Need a little advice

I definitely need some women to give me some words of encouragement and even some advice. My husband and I have been separated for a year now. Our story has been rough and we...

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having another??

My daughter is 13 months (almost). She's a joy of a child but also a complete handfull. My friends are begining to ask when baby #2 is going to be on the way. I do want more...


*sigh* anyone develop gestational diabetes? advice?

I went to the doctor today. I'm expecting identical twin boys. I'm 25 weeks and 5 days right now. I did the one hour glucose test today and failed. :/ It's been very upsetting....

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Toddler not talking much at all!!!

My daughter just turned 2 july 8th. Well she dont talk very much or say anything I can understand for that matter, She says simple words like, No, bye, mom, dad, bite, baby,...

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Tired of a lot (rant)

Sorry ladies I seem to rant a lot these days but I do it here because if I did it on something hubby could see I would probably piss him off more. Between him and my mom I feel...

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What do you think of women over 40 giving birth?

I had my latest at 42, with no problems, but I do wonder how it would have been different if I'd had my kids in my 20s. Would I have more energy? Would they somehow be better...

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I know that older siblings can become jealous of new babies and i can deal with that. What i'm having trouble with is the jealousy from my hubby towards our new baby. I bottle...


How do i get him to drink his sippy cup again?

My son is 15 months old. He was drinking his sippy cup for quite some time and i even got him to forget about his bottle at night a few times. Then he got a nasty cold and as...

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feeding my 21 month

okay athena doesnt really like me feeding her anymore, she likes to do it herself but in the end she just plays with the food and makes a mess.My partner says i should just...

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Need some ideas

Hello all~ I am new here and have not responded to any posts yet mainly cuz Im having issues with my kids too! lol Our situation goes like this: My husbands ex wife passed...

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Need advice

Okay a little background, my daughter is 3 months old. I have an open adoption with weekly emails and pictures whenever the adoptive mom feels like uploading (which she has...


Breatsfeeding and when to wean?

I was wondering if you breastfed your twins how long did you breastfeed them for? My girls are 6 months and my goal was at least 6 months so I'm totally thrilled I was able to...

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How will I do this???

So when I got prego my baby daddy and I were just friends and had gotten carried away one night drinking and I ended up prego....Then as I got closer to my due date we became a...

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very hyper kids

hi, i would like some input on my 4 year old son. he learns very well, but he is very hyper. he cannot look me in the eyes for more than 2 seconds when trying to talk to him. i...