my lil monkey an his big brother

im 26 years old. i got married for the 2nd time april 5, 2008 and i have 2 lil boys. jakob is 5 1/2 he is sassy as can be like most boys that age, he is also from my first...

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climbing out of crib

tonight my son tried to swing his leg over the crib and climb out. Thankfully he got stuck on top of the rail and started crying. He then screamed for 20 minutes because we...

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Eating and Drinking :(

My daughter is about to be one in a week and her appetite has really decreased :( I read articles saying your baby "should" be having three meals a day with their cups of...



Dear Been there done that.. Since my daughter climbed out of her crib a week after her 2nd birthday and made the big leap to the big bed I've had to lay down with her til she...


Anybody else's LO with major sleep issues?

I posted last week that we struggle with a picky eater. But that is nothing in comparison to how much we struggle with sleep. Zoe has never been a "good" sleeper. We did gradual...

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advice needed

I have a toddler boy that craves attention.... He demands all eyes on him. I am currently pregnant again. Has anybody had to go throught that??? how did you handle it??? how do...


How do I get my 3yr old to sleep in his own bed?

I made the mistake of allowing my 3yr old son to sleep in my bed when he was a baby. I was eventually able to get him to go to sleep in his own bed in his own room, as long as I...

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He just laughs at me!

My beautiful 21 month old son has started getting into mischeif, everytime i try and tell him off though he thinks its funny and laughs, he then turns everything into a game,...


Dad's new girlfriend

I have a problem I sure could use some advice on...And that's my kids dad has a girlfriend that I would just love to beat...Ok here is the story...My ex husband moved a woman in...


seizure at school

My 16 yo son just had first tonic clonic seizure at school. He also has Asperger's Syndrome. Someone videoed it on their phone and told a teacher they did it and asked if they...