I have lil bit of an issue, My son turned 1 at the end of august, Ok where to start...lol, Well he has wic and they are no longer gonna supply him of formula.He totaly refuses...

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People butting in to other people

I was at the store and my 3 1/2 year old dautghter was in a bad mood and she was whining about wanting stuff, she was standing up in the buggy and grabing stuff. I told her...

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help please!!!!!!

im new to exclusive bfing w my 4th child and she is 6w4d old! She is very very gassy/fussy @ night! Im not really drinking milk but can anyone give me an example of healthy...


2 yrs old n Lying???????????

Is it common for a 2 yr old to flat out lie??? I know that my own 2 yr old will fib about having an accident in her panties, or that shes not tired when shes rubbing her eyes....


My daughters fear of washing her hair!

My daughter will be 4 in May and is terrified of washing her hair. She is fine in the bathtub and enjoys playing in the water but when it comes time to wash her hair she...

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4 year old going to bed?

My husband has recently been switched to the night shift and my 2 girls go to sleep just fine but my 4 year old son has recently started crying whenever it's time for him to go...

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My son is 3 in December, and he listens to absolutely everyone apart from me! I can't take him out without his pushchair by myself. He knows how to get to me and he is a master...

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[No Subject]

i have a 2 year old and she is abit nawty throws herself on the floor when she doesn't get what she wants and when we say NO its even worse, we cant take her anywhere cos she...


Middle Child Syndrome!??

HI Everyone, My name is Tracy and I am new to COM.. I have really enjoyed reading some of the posts from the community, I relate to a lot of things that I read. I am looking to...


from bottle to cup

hi, i'm just wondering if anyone has any tips me, i'm trying to get my 13 month old to drink from a cup in the day and only have a bottle of milk before she goes to bed but so...



I am soooo torn between two beautiful names, and when I had the 3D ultrasound, I cried and called her by name...because I couldnt remember the other name...is it going to be the...


Is she getting enough sleep?

My almost 9 month old Daughter only sleeps for 15-30 minutes during the day. I have her in full time Daycare and when we get home at 5/5:30 she has dinner, bath and is asleep in...