Early Academics

I have been reluctant to discuss this topic as most posts I've read seem to support Baby Einstein and My Baby Can Read and I hate to cause too much controversey, but I run a...

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Toys dispute

We have a daughter(7year old orphan) who says I should buy her whatever toy I buy for my 21 months old son. How should I handle this?


Pregnancy Pacts in High Schools

It saddens me SO MUCH that there are teens STILL in High School trying to get pregnant. Its not right at all! I guess what makes me the most upset is that I did try to prevent...


HELP...she's leaving me.

My 17 year old daughter just received her acceptance from Unity College in Maine. I am not ready for her to leave the nest. She is a good girl and an even better student but...


Temper Tantrum

When I found out I was pregnant with my son. My Future sister in law ruin my pregnancy experience. We gotten into so many arguments and my stress level would go up I got...

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anyone else homeschooling?

I homeschool my 10 year old. I also have two smaller children in Christian school. What's everyone else's story?

Started by Lisa on 11/13/2008 in Stay At Home Moms

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fighting sisters

i have two beautiful daughters 5 and 3 and are constently fighting about anything and everything some times they can get physical with one another i am at my wits end so if any...



Hi, I though I would create this group so we have a base to start from for locals. I am expecting our first (29 weeks down) and have so much to learn, so if you have stories,...


Red Envelope Day March 31st

We are going to try this again. Mail Obama a red envelope on March 31st. This will represent an aborted child. We want him to get flooded with them. See the details below....


Food fights!

I have a huge problem. I am a really laid back mom and pretty calm about everything, but the one thing that really gets me annoyed is this. My daughter drops any food she...


advice? first time mommy!

my daughter will be 8 months in about 2 weeks. she eats good and sleeps like an angle, but im worried with her learning. she sits up pretty good she tips over every once and a...

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Kids at School

I know kids are apt to pick up bad habits from other kids. Mine come home with some pretty strange ideas but I never knew how bad it could be until today. Our daughter is 8...

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How to get 22 Month old to share her toys?

I stay home with my 6 month old and 22 month old. My 6 month old is just getting mobile and wants to play with all the toys. My daughter, 22 month old, takes everything away...


potty training

My 2yr old is afraid of the potty. My husband & I also his big brother have tried to help & show him its ok your a big boy, but no luck. any suggestions, tips?? anything thanx

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Home for the Holidays

This Thanksgiving is the first since my Daughter left for College that she is home. Usually she is staying in Kentucky and we talk on the phone, I have missed her helping out...