Christmas Around The Corner

We haven't been married long only about 2 years now. Yet it seems so hard to buy him presents, that I can surprise him with. I usually do the same thing either something with...



Hi yall, I'm a 26 yr old step mom from Texas. I've been a step-mom for 9 years now, to 2 girls. I love them like they are my own, but as all of yall I'm sure know, that...

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hi, i am 20 yrs old with a 4 yr old. i just wanted to start a conversation where hopefully fellow teen mom's can tell their story and ask for advice if they need to; and not be...


Intellectually Disabled Son

Does anyone know how doctors figure out how far a child with Intellectual Disbility will mature to. Mentally, maturity, academically? My son is 8, his I.Q. is 65, He has had...



hi im a mum of 17month old lil girl. my lil girl still wont sleep in her own bed nor sleep all night through. she will only sleep in my bed. her sleep pattern is all over the...


Just needing advise

Ok.. my names secora..kinda a single mum..i have 3 boys..and i have meet some one he has kids in his 20's all left home..when i meet him he was going through a divorce tbh..his...


Time to stop?

First a little history... I BF my 2 eldest children until around 9-10 months and stopped when my nipples were ragged and I was in pain when feeding. I'm sure they latched on...


parents separateing

Well me and my sons father weer engaged and now Ive called that off because we just constantly fight so right now we are separated. Its only been 3 day i know it hasn't been...

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Tantrums??? Does it EVER end??

My 3.5yr daughter, stresses me out to no end...doesnt get her way throws herself on the ground and screams/crys/stomp her feet... but yet they have never seen her do this at...

Started by Linda on 04/08/2009 in June 2005 Babies

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Hi everyone! I take care of two children in my home along with my 16month old DD. The 20month old boy keeps biting her and I don't know how to stop it. He doesn't bite the 2...