Hi Moms. I am a SAHM/work-from home mom of a one year old little boy. I have been home with him since he was born. About a week ago, I started him in daycare part time (2-3...

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Deployment and a toddler

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to help my 2 1/2 yr old deal with a deployment. We have made a lot of changes in the past few weeks; we moved, DH left, and I am...


Health and safety recommendations

So the american academy of family physicians says that weaning a child from the breast before two years of age puts the child at increased risk of illness. And the world health...

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Interesting Birth stories!

Hello Ladies! I posted this in another group and didn't get any responses so I figured I would try this group. I am trying to give us mom's some fun stuff to write about, so I...

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Am I doing this right?

I started signing with my daughter a couple months ago and stuck to a few signs: milk, more, eat, finished/all done, mommy and daddy Anytime we say any of those words to her we...


Drive or fly?

OK, I am TERRIFIED to fly! I have panic attacks and even thinking about flying makes me anxious. I'm planning on going to Boston in a couple of weeks which is a 15 hour drive...



Ok, I am going crazy and about to check myself in to a crazy house soon. All I hear lately from DS is "Me Do It", but then he wont do it, or it takes 1 hour to do it. And if...



Last night, my oldest child ame home around 10:30 P.M. from a school event, and asked me if she could talk to me alone? I was thinking she was going to say something about a...

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what do i do?

my ex and i had a son togeather (obviously) and he doesnt help me w/ him at all.. and never calls to see how he is doing.. the only reason why he calls is to make himself look...

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Abusive father to tween daughters

Please help me my girls' father is physically and emotionally to our daughters. He chases them down and then will pin them to the floor. He broke the door down and grabbed my...

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