A new mom to the group

Hello everyone, my name is Kenyatta and I gave birth to a little girl at 23wks weighing 450grams (1lb). Due to sever pre-eclampsia and HELLP. She stayed in the NICU for 5...


My 2 yr old son is very stubborn, i need help

He doesnt listen, talks back and throws things. His dad and i have tried everything youcould think of to try and get him to listen but still no luck. Does anyone have an idea...

Started by Brandee on 02/28/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Does any one have any good tips on helping me and my son with his Teething! Its driving me up the wall ive tried bonjela and at the moment im using teething powder but nothing...


15 month old throwing things.

My 15 month old son has started throwing things when he does not want them anymore (food, bottle, toys, sippy cups, etc) We will set him in his highchair for mealtimes and if it...



ok here goes... after me and hubby first got together we were living with his mom... (they live in an old remodeled two story school house from the 1800's) his older brother...


Potty training

I am a mom of two toddlers a 2 and 1/2 and a 3 and 1/2 year old. They are both boys. I am having a terrible time potty training. With my oldest, I have tried stickers,...


My son is 16 months old.....

I want to start taking his binkey away. It is hard because he is SUPER attached. I would like to at least weaning him off, I kno just taking away the binkey wouldn't fly so, any...


Helpful hints on Stranger anxiety...PLEASE!

DD is 9 months old this week and starts screaming anytime someone she doesnt see everyday comes around. In stores and such she is fine but at home it's awful. Even her uncles...

Started by Stef on 02/20/2012 in May 2011 Babies

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Don't know what to do!!!! CIO????

I have a 3 month old daughter!! She can only fall asleep with her pacifier! I heard babies like sucking on things to help soothe them and its s natural instinct. My daughter...



My son is starting to throw temper tantrums how do i handle them?

Started by Lachelle on 01/11/2010 in October 2007 Babies

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advice needed

my son harvey is 18 months old and has tuberous sclerosis complex, west syndrome, wolff-parkinson-white syndrome and chronic epilepsy. he can't crawl, walk, talk or feed...



I am just curious for your opinion. I want you to just visualize who I am. I'm 26 year. I work part time, I go to school fulltime. I am a single mom for 4 1/2 yearold and 3 year...


Auckland Marathon 2009

Hi Are there any other NZ mums on here who have signed up for the Auckland Marathon in November? I'm starting my 16 week schedule on Monday and it would be great to...

Started by Karen on 07/02/2009 in Running Moms

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