Yucky diaper rash....

My ds has a nasty rash that looks like open sores. Fortunately, it's not everywhere but it's been bothering me. Two of the three are sort of healing with creams and disposables...


sleep hours??

ok so i am not complaining but my little one sleeps thru the night and has been since dec 1. (he turned 4 months on dec 27.) we run on a baby lead schedule and he is breastfed....

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breast feeding in public uk what to wear

hi, i'm very uncomfortable with the thought of feeding my 1month old in public as i don't have a clue what to wear to be very very discreet. i prefer pulling my top down rather...

Started by Emma on 01/20/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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had to go back...

Due to financial issues I had to go back to work this week. Right now it is only 2 days a week for 9 hours a day but it is 2nd shift type hours which means I am gone 90% of my...

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3 year olds and tantrums

I have a three and a half year old who starts acting out in the morning stating he does not want to go to school (Preschool/daycare) and fights me tooth and nail getting ready....

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I love to scrapbook.

I am trying to make one for my mom for her birthday. I think that it would be a great and personal gift for her.

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sleep pattern

My 5-month-old son has developed this habit of waking up anywhere from 10-45 mins after he first goes to sleep. I can usually get him back to sleep within minutes by rocking him...


Vaccination Research

Hi everyone! I don't know whether this is the place for this, but I thought that I would give it a shot. I do not have kids, but this question is definitely related to kids. I...


About me

Hello. My name is Angela (hi, Angela) and I have a 13 month old son, Hunter, that is into EVERYTHING!!! I'm 30 years old and this is my first child. I thoroughly enjoy being...


spiting and throwing up

Hey I wanted to know if there are any other moms having this problem still. My daughter turned 18 weeks on Tuesday and is still spiting up about a tablespoon to throwing up...


what to do

My son's dad was once in his life and for the last year he has slowly withdrew from his life it has now came to he is not taking him anymore. My three year old keeps asking me...

Started by Natasha on 08/31/2009 in Single Moms

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Adverse Effects of Adderall XR

My 10 yr old son has ADHD. His "meltdowns" are getting worse again & lately when he escalates, he threatens to hurt himself. Each time seems to be more intense. I don't know...