Okay Ladies I need Advise

Okay Ladies I need advise on this one...2 years ago my husband and I split up but never divorced,I met another guy that was also my boss at the time and I must say I thought he...


needing advice

My childs father is a real piece. my daughter is 11 months old and he has come to pick her up once bc i made him. his mother has come every time. He doesnt even spend his...



So I am completely freaked out that I am going to give birth to a world record holding baby. I joke about it, but it truely does freak me out. My little monster weighed 1 lb...

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Why do People/Moms Suffer?

Over the years I often wondered why people suffer. Why did I suffer the loss of my twin girls Olivia and Abby? Why did I have to grieve for 4 years straight? Why did God allow...

Started by Rebecca on 01/31/2010 in StillBorn Moms

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Is there something I can do about it???

My daughter is 15 months...she is very naughty but with us only, when she see someone else she is become miss touch me not...even if that's the person she knows. I understand...


Single mother of twins feeling down

I'm a single mother of bb 15 month old twin boys (single because I don't deserve to be lied to and cheated on.) I'm 22 years old(23 next month) and I currently attend school,...


need info...

i hv two daughters...very beatiful :) But,little problms comes lately...d'old one always try to make a war..if we ask her to do something ( like: take a bath,eat,etc). And the...

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House is a Mess! OVER WHELMING!!

My dh is always complaining what a mess our house is? He says he can't stand it but doesn't much about it? I'd try to do something but it takes 2? We have a 7 yr. old in school,...

Started by Sharon on 05/22/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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won't sleep in bassinet

I can't get my 4 wk old to sleep in his bassinet. I have swaddled him and put other blankets on him. He likes to be warm. what else can I do?



I need help on getting my almost year old daughter to eat veggies. She tries things so I'm lucky but she immediately spits them out. I know it takes like 15 tries to say a kid...


Help! She pinches!

Piper, my 3 mo. old, has learned how to pinch and will not stop pinching my breast while she nurses.Any suggestions? Also she is rather finicky... she will latch on fine, suk a...