Hello, I'm Katie and I just started posting here. I have an 11 month old son whom I am still breastfeeding. We had a home birth last April and don't vax- we're a bit on the...

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HELP she's playing with pooh!

does anyone have a problem with their toddler picking at there nappy to play with their pooh? my 18 month old does a pooh every time she goes to bed just so she can play with...

Started by Sam on 12/07/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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getting rid of the bottle

my son is 26 months and loves his bottle mostly it's just for when he sleeps but at night he still goes through at least 3. I tell myself i have to practice tough love and let...


Question blended family disrespect

I have a 18yr old daughter, my boyfriend and I were arguing and she called him a loser. He then kicked her out and won't let her come home. This is my daughter and it is ripping...


10 1/2 month old that will not eat enough

My daughter only wants to nurse and only when it is quiet. I work and she will only drink 1-3 oz (fresh not frozen breast milk) when I am away from her. She doesn't like baby...

Started by Amanda on 12/21/2013 in Toddler Moms

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My youngest has RSV

She is only 7 weeks old and I am worried about her. when she coughs she coughs so hard her face turns red and her eyes bug out and she cries. I know it hurts but I have asked my...


I am a super Mommy!!

Thought I would get something light on the message board today!! Last night I felt like Super Mommy because my little man (19 months old) was whimpering in his sleep,...


Cloth vs. Disposable...

Does anybody use cloth diapers? What has been your experience with them and what brand/type do you use? What do you like and dislike about them? Any input would be helpful,...


Struggling...with my relationship

I have posted before and me thinking my boyfriend of 7 years, and the father of my two daughters was cheating on me. Well, the other night I talked to her. She told me they did...


im married but doing it alone

i dont know what to do my husben is not there for me or my son we dont live together bc the place that he lives in is not sutable for anyone to live in let alone a baby so i...


Stereotypes of Single moms

Hi there, I live in a small, conservative city where the two parent family is the norm. Just wondering if anyone out there also experiences (or feels) that single moms or...

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Bladder exstrophy/spina bifida

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and learned from last u/s that the baby has bladder exstrophy,possible developemental delay to left leg,and the heart is lower in chest due to...


History of Preeclampsia?

I am 32 weeks and pregnant with my second baby. During my first pregnancy I noticed my blood pressure was often high and I knew that I had gained quite a bit of weight but I...


first christmas alone

I seperated from my 8 years old's father after 10 years of marriage, our divorce is pending. The guy I am seeing now is amazing, he has truly stepped in and been everything that...