.Our daughter was born with a cleft of the soft palate on March 12, she was 6.13lbs today at almost 3 months she only weighs 8.3lbs. I am pumping and giving her my milk but it...


Organic Foods

I have heard that possibly switching your child to organic foods might help with eczema. Have any of you tried this, and has it made a difference? I am switching so I will let...



i was just wondering what a reasonable age to start trying to take the dummy away from a child?? and if anyone has done it already how did you do it?? :D thanks xx

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My cute step daughter...

My step daughter is almost four and says some funny things. Last night she played with one of her dolls for hours, dressing it and stuff. She usually never plays with dolls so...

Started by Betty on 08/26/2009 in Step Moms

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Does anyone have other children?

I have a now 3 year old along with my newborn and I was wondering how everybody elses children are coaping with haveing a new baby in the house? Emma (3 yrs) is okay most of...

Started by Serena on 03/12/2012 in Feb. 2012

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My kids dont throw the bottles away. Help !

Hi, My daughter is 31/2 and son is 26 months old. They are so handfull. My biggets issue with them is they still wear diapers and having hard time to throw their milk bottles. I...

Started by Simone on 12/09/2009 in Toddlers

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Am I being paranoid?

I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice... I got Mirena in June and never had any problems with it. I've always gotten some kind of period (even if it was very light)....


loose confidence

hi my question is that i know most moms got stretch marks after baby and i have stretch marks on breasts and legs and i feel so ugly i can never ever want my husband to see them...


About becoming a Surrogate Mother?

I have two wonderful Boys one is 6years old and the other 11weeks both was C-Sections, Of course I would wait about 18month until My body healed, Does anyone have any advice?...


Reshaping Helmet

Looking for mothers who also have their child wearing a reshaping helmet just to talk about it with someone who understands

Started by Amanda on 03/29/2009 in April 2008 Babies

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Ok so I know this is grose but if your child decides to take of there diaper and play with the contents when there suposed to be sleeping I have a great way to clean it up. For...