My 2-yr-old refuses to eat

My son was very chubby till he was 12- 17 months but now since he is 2 he refuses to eat. I try feeding him different things he only wants milk therefore he has lost lot of...

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Hi everybody I am at my wits end. My son is 7 and he still wets the bed every single night. whats more it doesnt bother him that he does it. It's like its just routine for hime...

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Take some personal time

Refresh yourself everyday by taking some personal time. I often shut myself up in my office while the twins are sleeping and go networking or work on a current study as a...


wow thats crazy!!

so are they killing both Izzie and George i know that George wanted off the show and i am not sure about Izzie what is your opinion



Hello everyone, my daughter is 19 months and she still wakes up 2-3 times at night so she can be fed some milk. Is that normal? I just don't know what 2 do anymore. I sometimes...


Bed Wetting

My son who is 7 still wets the bed occasionally. Any suggestions? I don't let him drink before bed and he goes potty right before going to bed.

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being separated

Me and my husband are both in the military, he is currently deployed but will be back in a month and half. He left when our daughter was 2 months she'll be nine months when he...

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Former Breastfed Toddlers

I breastfed my son until he was about a year and a half. It was what I wanted, a way to feel close to him. But now, at almost 3 years old, he is obsessed with my breasts! He...

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Our children dating

Although your child is Biracial, is there a particular race you want them to date or not date when they get older, or you don’t care?? Personally I don’t care, but my SO...


Bright spot in the day

So for the first time in weeks there will be no construction in our house for a few days. This means the kids, dog, and I are not trapped in the living room all day (pretty...

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Bad ex husband

Hope to hear any suggestions on how to handle an abusive ex husband. This is my daughter I am so worried about. They also share 2 beautiful young daughters 4 and 6. I think the...



I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old daughter (birthday 1/31). Does anyone have any good ways to wean her? She doesn't nurse alot, mainly at night and for comfort. She may...



I never expected this to happen. It took us 2 years to get pregnant with our 3rd child that we lost 12 weeks ago. And now we just found out we are expecting again...due in...


so many choices?

Im trying to decide which diapers to get for my first born child. I know im having a boy if that makes a difference to the diapers you choose. I have been looking at the all in...



How do you get rid of a pacifier. My daughter screams until she gets it. She doesn't use it during the day, but when she's about to go to sleep is when she really thinks she...

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Mama por que lloras?? O_o*

So are you a sensitive mother?? Yes! Me too, lol So have you been crying more often now that you are a mother? why dont you share your most Akward crying moments..and who saw...

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