Child care

Good morning mothers . I am 20 years old who still attends college and works part time. O was confused on wether to take off for a year or finish school. My son was going to...

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drama wth MIL and GMIL... please help

okay so all day yesterday i had to work and my MIL wanted to take my daughter kayson out... and i didnt see a problem but then i found out that she took kayson to the zoo for...

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"child stealer"

We have been together for a little over three years, over two of which I spent tolerating the presence of his hypochondriac sociopath hooker ex girlfriend who lived with us...

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I am dealing with postpardum and trying to figure out a way to get through it without medicating myself..anyone have any help they can offer?


I lost my youngest to Sids

My baby was born Nov.19,2012 and on February 20,2015 we laid down to sleep only for me to wake at 930 am the next morning to find her dead body beside me....I tried so hard to...


Any ideas would be very helpful

Hi im new to this site and was hoping some of you ladies might be able to help my little girl of 3 months has eczema quite badly its all over her body but the worst is on her...


how many diapers do you go through?

I'm thinking of switching to cloth diapers and have a few question about diapers. How many diaper covers/pocket diapers do you go through in a day? do you use inserts? if...


don't trust husband

I have a busy 1 year old, and she is better than a vacuum. She finds things I can't see picks it up and in her mouth it goes. Then has been times when I am trying to cook and...

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I'm 21 and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 14. I tried various methods of treatment for the pain and lack of energy such as exercise, physical therapy,...


"Practice Saved Sex" Did u know....

that many of the commonly used birth control methods are potential abortifacients? That the IUD is 100% abortifacient? That the pill is silently effecting the health of many...

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